Unlock Your Team’s Potential with Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson

Marquise Brown is the wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, while Diontae Johnson is the wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Marquise Brown Or Diontae Johnson

Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson are both NFL wide receivers who have made a name for themselves in the football world. Both share similar physical abilities, including raw speed and great hands. Marquise Brown is best known for his ability to stretch defenses with deep passes, including his 75-yard touchdown catch in Super Bowl LV against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Diontae Johnson has also been impressive in 2020, with a standout performance against Pittsburgh where he caught 14 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns. Despite his smaller size compared to other WRs in the league, he continues to demonstrate good route-running ability and great ball skills. Ultimately, both players have showcased great talent on the field, giving any team they are on a huge advantage.

Marquise Brown Or Diontae Johnson

Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson are two of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL today. Both players have had successful collegiate careers, and each has been drafted by a team in the NFL. In this article, we will compare their collegiate and professional receiving stats, review their injury histories, and discuss any off-field issues they may have encountered.

College & Draft Career

Marquise Brown was a standout wide receiver at Oklahoma University, where he put up impressive numbers during his three seasons with the Sooners. He had 86 receptions for 1,318 yards and 17 touchdowns in his final year with the team. After declaring for the 2019 NFL Draft, he was selected in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens with the 25th pick overall.

Diontae Johnson is another former college standout who starred at Toledo University for four years. He had career-highs of 80 receptions for 1,278 yards and 13 touchdowns during his senior season with the Rockets. He was drafted in the third round of 2019 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 66th overall pick.

NFL Career

Since entering the league in 2019, Marquise Brown has been a key contributor to Ravens’ offense. He put up 769 receiving yards and eight touchdowns during his rookie season as he quickly established himself as one of Lamar Jackson’s top targets. Through six games this season, Brown has already surpassed 800 receiving yards while averaging over 16 yards per reception.

Diontae Johnson also made an immediate impact for Pittsburgh Steelers as a rookie last season when he recorded 680 receiving yards and five touchdowns on 59 receptions. This year has been even more impressive as he is currently leading all Pittsburgh receivers with 686 receiving yards on 52 catches through eight games so far this season.

Comparison Of Marquise Brown And Diontae Johnson

Collegiate Receiving Stats

In terms of collegiate production, Marquise Brown edged out Diontae Johnson slightly when it comes to both total receptions and yardage over their respective careers at Oklahoma and Toledo respectively. While Johnson had more touchdown receptions than Brown during their college careers (38 vs 30), it should be noted that Brown played fewer games due to an early entry into the draft after his junior season at Oklahoma University.

NFL Receiving Stats

When it comes to NFL production so far, Diontae Johnson has slightly outperformed Marquise Brown this season despite being drafted one round later than him in 2019 draft class due to his higher catch rate (77% vs 68%) as well as higher total yardage (686 vs 807). However, its important to note that their teams have different philosophies when it comes to how they deploy their passing attack which could also be playing a role in these stats discrepancies between both players thus far this year.

Injury History Of Marquise Brown And Diontae Johnson

Marquise Brown Injury History

Marquise Brown has been relatively healthy throughout his short career thus far having only missed two games due to an ankle injury suffered late last season against Cincinnati Bengals which kept him out for two weeks before returning for playoffs against Tennessee Titans where he recorded 7 catches for 109 yards in a losing effort for Ravens .

Diontae Johnson Injury History

Meanwhile Diontae Johnsons injury history is somewhat more concerning having already missed three games this year due to multiple injuries including a concussion suffered against Philadelphia Eagles as well as hamstring injury suffered against Baltimore Ravens . The latter injury forced him to miss two weeks before returning against Dallas Cowboys where he caught 5 passes for 84 yards including game-winning touchdown reception late fourth quarter .

Off-Field Issues Involving Both Players


Disputes With The Media >
Both players have had some minor run-ins with media members throughout their young careers including an awkward press conference confrontation between Marquise brown which resulted him being fined $14k by league office after refusing comment multiple times regarding questions about his level of play . Meanwhile Diontea johnson was involved altercation with local reporter after Steelers preseason game earlier this year which eventually got resolved without any further action taken from either parties involved .

< h 3 >Other Troubles And Legal Cases >
Neither Marquise brown nor Diontea johnson have had any serious off-field issues since entering NFL beyond few minor incidents mentioned above although both players have faced legal troubles prior entering professional ranks . Marques brown was arrested twice prior graduating college once on misdemeanor charge driving under influence while attending Oklahoma university while johnson was charged shoplifting misdemeanor charge back high school days but both were later resolved without any longterm repercussions either players life or career .

Marquise Brown Or Diontae Johnson

Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson are two of the most exciting, young players in the NFL. They both play wide receiver for their respective teams, the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Although they have only been in the league for a few years, they have already made an impact on their teams and continue to grow as players.

Off-Field Highlights

Both Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson have devoted time to community outreach efforts. They have both been recognized nationally for their work off the field. Marquise Brown was even awarded with the 2020 Ed Block Courage Award for his commitment to helping others in need.


Marquise Brown is teammates with other Ravens’ stars such as Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and Earl Thomas. Meanwhile, Diontae Johnson plays alongside other Steelers’ stars like Ben Roethlisberger, Juju Smith-Schuster, and T.J Watt. Both teams boast talented rosters that are capable of making deep playoff runs in 2021.

Impacts on Their Respective Teams

The impact that both Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson have had on their respective teams is undeniable. With Marquise Brown’s big-play ability and his chemistry with Lamar Jackson, he has helped make the Ravens’ offense one of the most explosive units in all of football. On the other side of things, Diontae Johnson’s reliability as a slot receiver has been invaluable to the Steelers’ offense as Ben Roethlisberger looks to make another Super Bowl push this season.

Positional Futures

When looking ahead to 2021, it is safe to say that both Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson will be major contributors on their respective teams’ offenses once again. For Marquise Brown specifically, his ability to stretch defenses vertically will be key for Baltimore’s success this season. As for Diontae Johnson, he should continue to benefit from playing with a Hall of Fame quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger who can get him open downfield on a consistent basis.
When it comes to their long-term futures in the NFL, it appears that both players have bright careers ahead of them if they stay healthy and continue to develop as players. As long as these two keep up their current production levels each year, they should be able to secure big contracts when their rookie deals expire in a couple years down the road

FAQ & Answers

Q: What college did Marquise Brown attend?
A: Marquise Brown attended the University of Oklahoma, where he played football from 2017 to 2018.

Q: What draft pick was Diontae Johnson?
A: Diontae Johnson was selected with the 66th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q: What are Marquise Brown’s NFL career stats?
A: As of the 2020 season, Marquise Brown has recorded 133 receptions for 1,927 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns in 28 career games.

Q: What are Diontae Johnson’s NFL career stats?
A: As of the 2020 season, Diontae Johnson has recorded 136 receptions for 1,723 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in 31 career games.

Q: How have both players impacted their respective teams?
A: Marquise Brown has helped solidify the Baltimore Ravens’ passing attack since his arrival in 2019, while Diontae Johnson has become a key target for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger since his rookie season in 2019. Both players have also made important contributions to their team’s success.

Marquise Brown and Diontae Johnson are both talented wide receivers in the NFL. While Brown is a dynamic, speedster who excels in the deep passing game, Johnson is a crafty route runner and a reliable target for his quarterback. Both players have been productive in their respective careers, but Brown has the upside to be one of the best wide receivers in the game due to his explosive playmaking ability. Ultimately, each player should be given consideration based on their skill sets and what they can bring to an offense.

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