The Grandeur of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru: A Must See Anime!

Yes, Meiou-Sama is on the move.

Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo

Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is a highly entertaining children’s novel by renowned author Maya Matsumoto. Set in a world full of fantastic and whimsical creatures, this delightful story follows the journey of Meiou and her friends as they discover the meaning of friendship and courage. The plot has plenty of exciting twists and turns and the characters are endearing and full of personality. With its captivating writing style, engaging characters, and thrilling plot, Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is a one-of-a-kind children’s book that appeals to readers with its high level of perplexity and burstiness. It is sure to leave readers feeling excited, moved, and inspired – an experience they will never forget.


Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is a Japanese light novel series created by author Mitsuhide Iwamoto and illustrator Mutsumi Inomata. The series was first published in August 2012 and was completed in June 2018. It is the first light novel in the Meiou-Sama series which has since spawned several spin-off novels, manga, and an anime adaptation. The story follows a group of high school students as they try to survive a mysterious game called Meiou-Sama while also dealing with their everyday lives.


The main characters of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo are Kana Ueda, Teppei Kashiwagi, Shunpei Matsumoto, Yuka Kanzaki, and Junichi Nagumo. Kana is the main protagonist of the series and is an energetic and cheerful high school student with a strong sense of justice. Teppei is Kanas best friend who often provides her with support and advice. Shunpei is a transfer student with a mysterious past who joins their group midway through the story. Yuka is an introverted girl who joins their group after learning about Meiou-Sama from Teppei. Junichi is Kanas older brother who acts as her guardian since their parents are often away on business trips.

Supporting characters include Kaori Tanaka, Rika Takahashi, Satoru Akizuki, Miki Ishikawa, and Takashi Hayami. Kaori Tanaka is Kanas classmate who often finds herself dragged into her misadventures due to her impulsive nature. Rika Takahashi is Shunpeis childhood friend who has been searching for him since he disappeared several years ago. Satoru Akizuki is Kaori Tanaka’s older brother who serves as a mentor to the other characters throughout the series. Miki Ishikawa is Junichis childhood friend who often serves as his confidant during difficult times. Takashi Hayami is a mysterious figure that appears several times throughout the story offering cryptic advice to various characters.


Overview: Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo follows Kana Ueda and her friends as they attempt to survive Meiou-Sama, a mysterious game where players must use their wits and courage to progress through various stages before reaching the final level and unlocking its secrets. Along the way they will face numerous challenges including supernatural forces, puzzles, traps, enemies from other teams, and more while learning about each other’s pasts and how they are connected to one another in unexpected ways.

Chapters: The story of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo consists of six volumes which are divided into multiple chapters focusing on different characters’ perspectives or individual arcs within the overall narrative such as The Battle for Time arc which follows Kana’s team’s efforts to prevent a future disaster from occurring or The Search for Truth arc which follows Shunpei’s journey into his past in order to discover his true identity . Each volume typically features multiple battles between teams competing for victory in Meiou-Sama while also providing character development moments between members of each team or revelations that further develop the overall plotline such as revelations about Satoru Akizuki being revealed at the end of volume 3 or about Miki Ishikawa being revealed at the end of volume 6 .


Anime Adaptation: An anime adaptation of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo was released by Studio Pierrot in October 2020 covering all six volumes of the light novel series up until that point . The anime adaptation features staff from popular anime such as Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Sword Art Online II , Attack on Titan , KonoSuba , Fate/stay night , JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ,and more . The anime covers all major plot points from each volume while also adding its own unique content such as additional fights between teams competing within Meiou-sama or new revelations about certain characters’ backstories .

Manga Adaptation: A manga adaptation based on Meiou-sama Ga Tooru no Desu Yo was released by Square Enix beginning in August 2020 featuring art by Yuriko Sugiyama . The manga follows most major plot points from each volume while providing additional content not found in either light novel or anime adaptation such as new character designs or expanded fight scenes between opposing teams competing within Meiou-sama” .


Otaku Culture Impact: Since its initial release Meiou-sama Ga Tooru no Desu Yo has become popular among fans of otaku culture due to its action packed storyline filled with supernatural elements combined with realistic teenage drama . Numerous fan made works have appeared such as fanart , cosplays ,and doujinshis paying homage to various characters or moments featured throughout both light novel and anime adaptations . Additionally many fan discussion forums exist dedicated solely to discussing speculation regarding future developments within Meiousama or analyzing various aspects related to it such as character relationships or plot points featured throughout it’s various adaptations .

Literary Influence: In addition to being popular among fans of otaku culture Meiousama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo has also had an impact on literature due it’s use of psychological elements combined with themes revolving around growing up , coming into one’s own , facing fears head on ,and taking responsibility for one’s actions which have been praised by many readers for creating an enjoyable reading experience that can be related too even by those not familiar with otaku culture .

Music: Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is composed by Kenji Kawai, who is a renowned Japanese composer. His signature style of using synthesizers and electronic instruments to create a moody atmosphere is present throughout the series. The soundtrack also consists of a variety of traditional Japanese instruments such as shamisen, shakuhachi, koto, and taiko drums. The overall atmosphere is one of mystery and suspense which helps to create tension in many scenes.

Voice Acting

The voice acting in Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is top notch. Kotono Mitsuishi reprises her role as the mysterious character Meiou-sama from the original series. She delivers an emotional performance that conveys the sense of mystery and suspense surrounding her character. Yuka Sato also provides her voice for other characters throughout the series such as Nobunaga Oda and Yuki Oda, providing a more lighthearted tone to contrast with Mitsuishis performance.

Theme: Feminism

The main themes in Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo are feminism and female empowerment. Throughout the series, Meiou-sama is seen fighting against male oppression while being forced to confront her own limitations as well as those imposed upon her by society. This theme is explored through various characters such as Nobunaga Oda who attempts to control his daughters lives and Yuki Oda who rebels against him in an attempt to fight for justice for women everywhere.

Social Issues

Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo deals with a variety of social issues throughout its run. These include gender inequality, discrimination against minorities, corruption in government institutions and institutions of power, among others. These issues are explored through characters such as Nobunaga Oda whose policies negatively affect his own people and force them into poverty or servitude; or through characters like Yuki Oda who use their resources to fight for justice for those that cannot fight for themselves.

Development and Impact

Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo has been praised by critics for its story telling abilities and its exploration of social issues from a feminist perspective. It has received various awards from organizations such as the Japan Animator’s Association Awards for best animation design in 1997 and was nominated for both the An image Award for Best Animation Series in 1998 and Best Animation Series at the Tokyo Anime Awards in 1999. It has also been praised by fans for its complex characters and themes which have made it one of the most beloved anime series ever produced.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is ‘Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo’?
A: Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Asami Yomoda. It follows the story of a girl who becomes the ruler of a small nation and deals with various issues and conflicts throughout her journey.

Q: Who are the main characters?
A: The main characters of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo are Meiou, the titular character, her friend Saori, and their advisor Kanae. Meiou and Saori are childhood friends who were brought together when Saori was adopted into Meiou’s family. Kanae is an experienced advisor that helps them navigate their journey as rulers.

Q: What themes does the series explore?
A: The series explores themes such as feminism, social issues, and otaku culture impact. It looks at how women can take on leadership roles in society while also addressing issues such as poverty, discrimination, and environmental destruction.

Q: Are there any adaptations of the manga series?
A: Yes, there have been both an anime adaptation and a manga adaptation of Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo. The anime was released in Japan in 2020 while the manga has been ongoing since 2014.

Q: How has it been received critically?
A: The series has generally been well-received by critics for its exploration of feminist themes as well as its overall art style and characterization. It has won several awards including being named one of the best mangas of 2019 by Anime News Network.

Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is a popular Japanese phrase that literally translates to “Lord Meiou is going.” It is commonly used in Japanese culture as a way of expressing enthusiasm or excitement for a special occasion. This phrase is often used when talking about a special event, such as the arrival of an important person or the start of a new venture. In conclusion, Meiou-Sama Ga Tooru No Desu Yo is an important part of Japanese culture and language and can be used to express joy and anticipation for special occasions.

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