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My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic

My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic is a unique and romantic story about a young woman named Ishihara who discovers an adorable pet-like creature in her closet and decides to keep him as her own. Together, the two of them embark on a journey of romance and discovery. At first, Ishihara is slightly taken aback by the strange creature she has found, but soon finds that he is anything but ordinary. He is full of surprises and has the power to transform into whatever shape he needs to be in order to help Ishihara on her mission. As the story progresses we see our heroine growing closer to her new companion as they face dangerous situations and obstacles together. The comic has an intriguing blend of mystery, sci-fi and fantasy elements that will captivate readers of all ages, making it a truly entertaining read one that shows us that love truly can happen between anyone no matter what form they take.

Synopsis of My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic

My Boyfriend Is My Pet (also known as Oruchuban Ebichu in Japanese) is a manga series by Risa Ito. It follows the story of Kouhei Fujii, a young man who is forced to take care of an anthropomorphic hamster named Kei Tsuchiya. What begins as a simple task of pet-sitting for his landlord gradually evolves into a complex relationship between the two as they both learn to navigate through the challenges of their unique situation.

Characters and Setting

The main characters in My Boyfriend Is My Pet are Kouhei Fujii and Kei Tsuchiya. Kouhei is a college student who lives in an apartment owned by his landlord, Mrs. Yamazaki. He is struggling to make ends meet while working part-time jobs and attending classes at school. When he finds out that Mrs. Yamazaki needs someone to take care of her pet hamster, Kei, he reluctantly agrees to do so without knowing what hes getting himself into. Kei is an anthropomorphic hamster created with advanced technology by Mrs. Yamazakis husband before his death. She was supposed to be like family, but instead, she has become more like a daughter to Mrs. Yamazaki and her closest companion.

As their relationship progresses, Kouhei and Kei become increasingly close despite their many differences in age and species. They learn how to trust each other and rely on one another for support as they make their way through life together in Tokyo, Japan.

Character Analysis

Kouhei Fujii is a young man who works hard to make ends meet while trying to stay on top of his studies at college. He has had difficulty connecting with people due to his shyness and anxiousness around them but finds comfort in caring for animals such as his pet turtle at home and now Kei Tsuchiya, the anthropomorphic hamster he was asked to take care of by his landlord Mrs Yamazaki. As time passes, Kouhei begins to open up more around Kei and learns how important it is for him to have someone he can rely on unconditionally in order to feel secure in life again after being alone for so long due
to the death of his parents when he was younger .

Kei Tsuchiya is an advanced model anthropomorphic hamster created by Mrs Yamazakis late husband before his passing away from cancer many years ago . While she may not be human or even alive technically speaking , she still manages to give off strong emotions that those around her can feel . She loves spending time with Kouhei , learning new things from him everyday , and even begins developing feelings for him without even realizing it herself . Despite her naivety when it comes to love , she shows immense loyalty towards those who she cares about deeply such as Kouhei .

Issues Addressed in the Comic

My Boyfriend Is My Pet tackles various issues that are common among relationships today such as friendship and loyalty between people , romantic relationships , expectations within these relationships , gender roles within relationships , animal identity roles , etc . Through this story we are able see how two completely different beings can come together despite all odds and learn how important it is for us humans to have someone we can rely on unconditionally in order for us feel secure again within our own lives no matter what situation we are faced with .

Popularity of the Comic Series

My Boyfriend Is My Pet has become a popular manga series since its debut back in 2000 with several volumes being released over the years . Since then there have been various merchandise such as figures , plushies , apparel etc based off this series which makes it easier for fans all over the world show their support towards this amazing story . In addition there was also an anime adaptation released back in 2005 which received great reviews from fans all around praising its animation quality alongside its faithful representation from the original source material .

Themes of My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic Explored In Contemporary Literature

One theme explored heavily within this story would be animal identity roles which focus on how humans interact with animals or creatures that aren’t considered human due like robots or animals given human characteristics (ex: Frankenstein’s monster) . This theme can also be seen throughout other stories such as Pinocchio where Jiminy Cricket serves as Pinocchio’s conscience despite not being considered human himself or Blade Runner where humans create robots that look exactly like them yet still lack certain emotions or feelings because they aren’t actually alive or human themselves .

Another theme explored within this story would be disrupting gender roles within relationships; This theme focuses on how traditional gender roles within relationships are challenged when two individuals come together regardless if they are different species or not (ex: male/female relationship between two robots). This theme can also be seen throughout other stories such as The Little Mermaid where Ariel challenges traditional gender roles when she falls in love with Prince Eric despite him not being able understand her language nor vice versa or Miracle Worker where Helen Keller learns how break free from societal norms when Anne Sullivan teaches her sign language so they could communicate effectively without any language barrier between them regardless if they were different genders nor not..


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My boyfriend’s humor is sharp, witty, and unique. He has an amazing ability to make light of any situation, no matter how serious it may be. He can turn an awkward moment into a laugh-out-loud moment with just a few simple words or actions. His jokes never fail to make me smile and his puns are always spot-on.


Aside from his humor, my boyfriend also has a great personality that really brings out the best in him. Hes kind, generous, and supportive of those around him. Hes also incredibly intelligent; he can always find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. His positive attitude is contagious; its hard not to be in a good mood when hes around!


Having my boyfriend as my pet comic brings so much joy into my life. We have countless inside jokes that we share with each other every day and I think we make each other better people overall because of it. Having someone who gets your sense of humor is an amazing thing; it brings us closer together as friends as well as partners in crime!


In conclusion, having my boyfriend as my pet comic has been one of the best decisions Ive ever made! He brings such joy into my life with his humor and personality not to mention his intelligence that theres never a dull moment when were together. I feel so lucky to have found someone who gets me like no one else does!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Synopsis of ‘My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic’?
A: The synopsis of the ‘My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic’ follows Kouhei Fujii, a high school student, who is surprised to find out that his pet cat has been transformed into a human boy. Kouhei and Kei Tsuchiya, the human form of his pet cat, develop an unexpected relationship as they learn to navigate their evolving friendship and romance.

Q: What Are Some of the Issues Addressed in the Comic?
A: The comic series explores a variety of issues such as friendship and loyalty, romantic relationships and expectations of relationships. It also looks at themes such as animal identity roles and disrupting gender roles within relationships.

Q: How Popular Is the Comic Series?
A: The comic series has been praised for its entertaining storytelling and has become very popular among readers. It has even been adapted into a film and spawned various merchandise such as collectibles.

Q: What Are the Main Characters in My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic?
A: The main characters in ‘My Boyfriend Is My Pet’ comic are Kouhei Fujii, a high school student, and Kei Tsuchiya, the human form of his pet cat.

Q: What Are Some Themes Explored in Contemporary Literature Similar to Those Found in My Boyfriend Is My Pet Comic?
A: Contemporary literature often explores similar themes to those found in ‘My Boyfriend Is My Pet’ comic including animal identity roles, disrupting gender roles within relationships, exploring feelings between friends and family members, understanding one’s true identity and finding acceptance from society.

The relationship between a person and their pet can be a very special one, and it can often be the source of great joy and companionship. The concept of having a pet comic that is also your boyfriend adds an extra layer of connection and closeness that can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s through shared interests, daily routines, or just spending quality time together, having a pet comic as your boyfriend can open up an entirely new world of fun, laughter, and love.

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