My Mom’s Journey: How She Became a College Student at an Older Age

My mother is currently enrolled in college.

My Mother Is A College Student

My Mother Is A College Student is a powerful story about the struggles and successes of a single mother in America. By drawing on experiences from her own life as a college student, author Saba Kheradmand reveals how the journey to educational achievement can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. In this book, she shares her honest and inspiring story and encourages all mothers with similar dreams to persist in their pursuits. She tells readers that they too can succeed in their goals if they remain resilient despite any obstacles they might face along the way. My Mother Is A College Student is an inspiring story that celebrates the strength of spirit and determination it takes to pursue one’s dreams no matter gender, age, or circumstances.

My Mother Is A College Student

My mother is a college student, and it has been a great journey to witness her continuing her education. I am proud of her for making this decision, and I know that it has brought great rewards for the entire family.


My mother had to consider many different aspects of education when making the decision to go back to school. She had to decide which courses of study she wanted to pursue, what type of institution she wanted to attend, and how she would fit college into her life as a working mother. She also had to take into account the financial costs of attending school. In the end, my mother decided that going back to school was worth all of these considerations and chose a course of study that would help her achieve her long-term goals.


The decision my mother made was not only beneficial for her, but also for our family as a whole. By pursuing higher education, my mother will be able to provide us with greater financial stability in the future. Additionally, having an educated parent around has been incredibly beneficial in terms of emotional growth for myself and my siblings. We have learned so much from watching our mom juggle work and school while continuing to be an amazing parent.

Becoming A Student

My mother had some difficulty adjusting at first when she decided to become a student again after so many years away from the classroom. One thing that helped her get over this hurdle was talking with other adult students about their experiences in college and getting advice on how best to approach classes while balancing work and family responsibilities. With time, however, my mother adjusted well and is now thriving as a college student.

Behaving Like One

Making sure that my mom behaves like an ideal college student is something we all try hard at home in order to support her efforts towards success in school. We try our best not to disturb her studying time or make too much noise so that she can focus on completing assignments without any distractions. My siblings also give up their free time in order for our mom to have more time for studying or attending lectures without any worry about babysitting duties or household errands .

Course Decisions

When deciding which courses she should take, my mother took into account several factors such as affordability, scheduling availability ,and relevance of each course towards achieving her long-term goals . After researching various options available at different institutions , my mom chose courses which were within our budget and also allowed us enough flexibility with regards to timing . Furthermore , these courses were also tailored according to her career aspirations .

Benefits Of Higher Education

Attending college has brought several benefits for us as a family , including increased financial stability due increased earning potential , improved job prospects , intellectual stimulation , personal growth opportunities etc . My mom’s decision has enabled us all access better educational opportunities down the line as well . Additionally , we all feel emotionally uplifted due enhanced sense of security provided by having an educated parent around .

Tasks/Activities at Home and School Life Balance

My mother is a college student who has to juggle many responsibilities. Balancing home life and school life is one of the biggest challenges she faces. One of the ways she manages this balance is by setting goals at home and school. She establishes daily, weekly, and monthly goals for both home and school activities, so that she can stay on top of all her tasks.

Time management and productivity are also key components to maintaining this balance. My mother ensures that she dedicates certain times throughout the day for each activity so that nothing gets neglected. She sets aside time to do school work, take care of household duties, spend quality time with family members, and even make time for leisure activities such as reading or listening to music. This helps her stay focused on all her tasks without feeling overwhelmed by them all at once.

Challenges Faced by Mother as a College Student

The biggest challenge my mother faces as a college student is academic pressure. She has to juggle classes while still taking care of her children and supporting her partners career aspirations. This can be very stressful at times, but she manages it by prioritizing everything in order of importance and delegating tasks whenever possible.

Combining the roles of student, parent, and partner can also be very difficult for my mother as a college student. She has to find ways to manage everything without sacrificing any area too much or neglecting any role too much either. To keep things in check she makes sure that she communicates openly with each role in order to ensure that everyones needs are being met while still managing her own workload efficiently.

Technology & Resources to Help a College Student

To help alleviate some of the pressures my mother faces as a college student, she takes advantage of modern technology such as smartphones and laptops which allow her to stay connected with all her responsibilities no matter where she is located. With just one device she can access notes from class or important work documents from home which makes it easier for her to keep up with both aspects simultaneously without having to carry around multiple devices or papers everywhere with her.

She also takes advantage of online resources available such as digital libraries which provide endless amounts of helpful information regarding college classes or research topics for projects that are due soon; this allows her to complete assignments faster than before since the information is readily available with just one click away instead of having to search through multiple sources manually every time something needs research done.

Professional Associations for College Students

My mother also takes advantage of professional associations specifically designed for college students such as local networking events or student clubs which help connect like-minded individuals who share similar interests in their chosen field; this allows them not only build their professional network but also gain access to helpful resources such as internship opportunities or job postings not easily found elsewhere which can lead them closer towards their career goals in the future after graduation . These associations also allow students help each other out within their groups when needed since everyone within these circles understands what its like trying to balance all aspects while attending school full-time plus working part-time jobs if needed too; this mutual understanding helps build strong friendships within these communities which last long after graduation day comes around too!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is my mother’s educational background?
A: My mother has a high school diploma or equivalent. She is currently enrolled in college courses and working towards completing her degree.

Q: What courses is my mother taking in college?
A: My mother is taking a variety of classes to complete her degree, including general education classes, electives, and major-related classes.

Q: How does my mother balance school life and tasks at home?
A: My mother sets goals for herself both at home and in school. She strives to make sure that she has enough time for both schoolwork and household responsibilities. She also uses time-management techniques to help her stay on track with her studies and manage her day-to-day tasks.

Q: What resources are available to help my mother as a college student?
A: My mother uses mobile devices such as phones or tablets to keep up with assignments and stay connected with classmates. She also takes advantage of online notes and other resources, such as tutoring services, that can provide extra support when needed.

Q: Are there any professional associations that can help my mother as a college student?
A: Yes! Professional associations can be a great resource for students like my mother. These organizations provide networking opportunities with professionals in the field, along with mutual help within the group itself.

In conclusion, although it might seem unusual for a mother to be a college student, it is not an impossible feat. With the right attitude and support system, it can be done. It is inspiring to see mothers take on such a challenge and should serve as an example to everyone that age should not limit our dreams and goals.

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