Not Dead Yet: Discover the Thrilling Story of Megalo Box!

The stunning mecha/boxing anime series ‘Megalo Box’ is a testament to the power of the human spirit, proving that no matter what life throws at you, you can still stand up and fight.

Not Dead Yet Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet Megalo Box is an action-packed shonen anime series with a ton of heart. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Junk Dog embarks on his journey to become a fighter in Megalo Boxa form of underground boxing where combatants wear metal frames called Gear to enhance their physical abilities. With the help of mysterious warrior Nanbu, they aim to make it to the top and face the reigning champion of Megalonia. As they progress in their journey, Junk Dog discovers more about his place in this world and what it takes to not only survive but truly live. Perplexing and thrilling at the same time, Not Dead Yet Megalo Box is an electrifying ride full of interesting characters and captivating battles that will leave you wanting for more.


Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is a Japanese animated television series produced by TMS Entertainment and MAPPA. It is based on the manga Megalo Box written by You Morimoto and illustrated by Ryohei Yamamoto. The series aired from April 6, 2018 to June 29, 2018 on Tokyo MX, MBS, TVA, AT-X, and BS11.

Awards & Accolades

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box has garnered much critical acclaim for its unique style of animation and direction. It was nominated for several awards including the Seiun Award for Best Long Form Animation of 2018 and Best Animation at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2019. In addition, it was nominated for the 2019 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

Plot of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

The plot of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box follows a young fighter named Junk Dog as he embarks on a journey to become world champion in the underground sport of Megalo Boxing where fighters wear mechanical exoskeletons to increase their power and speed. Along the way he meets Gansaku Nanbu, an old boxing trainer who takes him under his wing as a pupil. As Junk Dog fights his way up in the ranks, he soon discovers that he is not alone in this journey and that he may be fighting for more than just himself.


The main characters in Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box are Junk Dog (also known as JD), Gansaku Nanbu (also known as Gearless Joe), Yuri, Sachio, Yuki Shirai (also known as Champ), Mikio Shirai (also known as The Champs Brother), Tatsumi Fujio (also known as Mr. Fujio or Fujio-san) and Nina Alexander (also known as Nina-chan). Each character has their own unique personality and motivations that drive them through their journey in achieving their goals.

Style of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box features a unique style of animation that combines 3D computer graphics with traditional 2D hand drawn animation techniques to create an immersive visual experience. The direction also uses different camera angles to capture intense action sequences which helps add more depth to the scenes. The music used throughout the series also helps set the mood for each scene with its upbeat tempo that captures both energy and emotion at the same time. The sound effects used throughout add even more realism to each scene by adding life like sounds that help bring out each character’s personality even further such as punches landing or objects crashing into each other during fight scenes which helps provide a sense of excitement during these sequences.

Reception and Popularity of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike with many praising its unique style of animation which is rarely seen nowadays in anime series combined with its intense action sequences that make it stand out from other shows within its genre. Fans have also been highly engaged with discussion about each episode online through social media platforms such as Twitter where it has gained a following due to its overall entertaining story arc with likable characters who have interesting backstories that are gradually revealed throughout the series along with its exciting soundtrack which makes it all come together nicely creating an enjoyable viewing experience overall.

Production of Not Dead Nowt: Megalox

The production team behind Not Dead Nowt consists of directors Ai Yoshimura & Yo Moriyama along with writer Katsuhiko Manabe who are all veterans in their respective fields having worked on various projects together before such as Samurai 7 & Hamatora The Animation which gives them plenty experience when it comes to creating anime series like this one so they know how to make something truly special when working together along with their talented staff members who help bring everything together from concept art & design to sound editing & music composition which helps enhance everything further making this show something truly unique & special compared to other anime series currently airing today.

Easter Eggs in Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is a 2018 anime series that follows the story of a young boxer, Junk Dog, as he struggles to make it in the world of underground boxing. As such, it contains many references and nods to classic boxing films such as Rocky and Muhammad Ali, as well as nods to various other works. One of the most prominent Easter Eggs found within the series are its connections to previous works by the same creators. For example, one of the main characters in Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box shares his name with one of the characters from an earlier work by the same animation studio, Ashita no Joe. Similarly, there are references made throughout to previous manga works by writer/illustrator Morio Hatano, including Zetman and Number Five.

In addition to these connections to previous works, Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box also contains several other Easter Eggs that fans can find throughout its run. These range from references within the series itself, such as nods to classic Japanese folklore or shout outs to various popular music artists. There are also various hidden details scattered throughout the shows visuals that only eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot. All in all, Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is full of Easter Eggs for fans to discover and enjoy.

Theme of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

The main theme of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is that of overcoming personal limitations and breaking through conventions. This is embodied in the character of Junk Dog himself who strives to become a better fighter despite his limited resources and lack of formal training. The show also touches on themes such as personal identity and self-discovery as Junk Dog meets new people during his journey and gains a greater understanding of who he is and what he wants out of life.

The show also contains a strong message about overcoming societal conventions in order to achieve success on one’s own terms; this is especially evident in how Junk Dog breaks down existing barriers between rankers and non-rankers through his own skill and determination. These themes come together into an inspiring message about pushing oneself beyond expectations while still respecting those around them – something that resonates strongly with viewers regardless of their background or experience level.

Influences on Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box draws heavily upon several elements from pop culture for inspiration including classic boxing films like Rocky or Muhammad Ali biopics like The Greatest (1977). In addition, there are numerous references made throughout the shows run which draw upon various historical influences including Japanese folklore tales such as Momotaro or Kintaro stories. In particular, Junk Dogs journey can be seen as analogous with Momotaros journey towards becoming a hero – both characters face difficult odds but ultimately persevere through hard work and determination towards achieving their goals.

The show also takes inspiration from various music genres including hip hop which can be heard prominently during fight scenes or when Junk Dog is training with his mentor Nanbu Yoshio; this gives the show an added layer of energy which helps set it apart from other sports anime titles currently airing at the time. Lastly, there are various visual elements taken from comic book art which add further depth and texture to each scene; these range from dynamic camera angles during fights scenes or exaggerated character designs which give certain characters more impactful presence on screen than others – all adding up into one cohesive package that helps make Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box stand out even among its peers today!

Legacy Of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box

Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box has had a lasting impact on both fans and industry professionals alike since its release back in 2018; it has received numerous awards for its animation style and storytelling while being praised for its strong themes about overcoming personal limitations and breaking through conventions – something which resonates strongly with audiences regardless of age or background. The show has also been credited with helping reinvigorate interest in sports anime titles amongst industry professionals as well as providing fresh new perspectives for fans looking for something unique yet familiar at once – something which was lacking in many other similar shows airing at that time period.

Perhaps most importantly though, Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box has left an indelible imprint on fans around the world who have come together over their shared love for this unique series; it has become widely popular amongst cosplayers due to its recognizable designs while fan art depicting Junk Dog’s journey has spread far beyond Japan thanks largely due social media outlets such as twitter or tumblr where fan creations can easily be shared around different countries across continents! All these elements help create a lasting legacy that will continue long after this series ends – proving once again that when done right sports anime titles can still stand tall despite all odds!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box?
A: Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is a 2018 anime series produced by TMS Entertainment. It tells the story of Junk Dog, a down-and-out fighter who decides to enter Megalonia, an underground fighting tournament set in a dystopian future.

Q: Who is the main character in Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box?
A: The main character of Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box is Junk Dog, also known as “JD”. He is an aspiring boxer who dreams of becoming the best in his sport. He joins Megalonia in order to prove his worth and gain recognition for his skill.

Q: What style of animation does Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box use?
A: Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box uses a unique cel-shading animation style that pays homage to classic boxing manga from the 80s and 90s. The series also makes use of slow-motion effects to emphasize important moments during fights.

Q: What themes are explored in Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box?
A: Not Dead Yet: Megalo Box explores themes of personal growth and breaking through conventions. It encourages viewers to push past their own boundaries and strive for greatness despite any obstacles they may face along the way.

Q: How has Not Dead Yet been received by fans and critics?
A: Not Dead Yet has been met with both critical acclaim and fan engagement since its release. Critics praise the series for its unique animation style, engaging characters, and emotionally charged story arcs. Fans have embraced it for its innovative approach to storytelling and its intense fight scenes.

In conclusion, the anime series Not Dead Yet Megalo Box is an enjoyable and unique take on the classic boxing genre. It offers an entertaining story with a great soundtrack and animation. It also has some interesting characters and a strong message of perseverance that resonates with viewers. All in all, it is a great show that should not be missed by fans of the genre.

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