The Epic Battle Between Saitama and Phoenix Man: One Punch Man Ch 154 Review

One Punch Man Chapter 154 sees Saitama finally face off against a new enemy, the monstrous Garou.

One Punch Man Ch 154

One Punch Man Chapter 154 follows the story of Saitama, the world’s strongest hero, who is driven to find an opponent who can take more than one punch. In this chapter, Saitama continues his search for a strong opponent by creating challenging obstacles for his peers and rivals in the Hero Association. He tests the limit of their strength and forces them to fight powerful monsters and increasingly difficult challenges. Meanwhile, evil forces are also gathering in secret in order to defeat Saitama and anyone close to him. As the epic battle continues in One Punch Man Chapter 154 between heroes and villains alike, will Saitama be able to overcome it all with his seemingly never-ending power? Find out in this must-read installment!

One Punch Man Ch 154

Narration Recap

The narrator recaps the events from the last chapter. It is revealed that Genos was confronted by a mysterious man who he suspects is an enemy of Saitama. Genos decides to face this mysterious man alone in order to protect Saitama from harm.

A Shadowy Appearance

A shadowy figure suddenly appears in the sky, and it is revealed to be the mysterious man. He hovers above Genos and begins to speak to him. The mysterious man reveals that he has a figurine of Saitama, which he claims will increase his power level. He then challenges Genos to fight him in order for him to prove his power.

Description of Mystery Figurine

The mysterious man reveals that the figurine is a special item that can increase Saitamas power level if he uses it correctly. He explains that it was made with a combination of dark and light energy, which will give Saitama an immense boost in strength. He claims that if Saitama uses it correctly, he will become even stronger than he already is.

Meeting between Genos and the Mysterious Man

Genos immediately refuses the challenge and decides to protect Saitama from harm instead. However, the mysterious man insists on fighting Genos and reveals his true identity; Garou, The Human Monster! Garou attacks Genos with a powerful punch but Genos manages to dodge it just in time. The battle between them begins!

Exchange between the Mysterious Man & Genos

Garou taunts Genos about how weak he is compared to him but Genos stands firm in his resolve to protect Saitama from harm no matter what happens. As they exchange blows, Garou reveals why he wants the figurine so badly; because if Saitama uses it correctly, then Garou can finally defeat him! This infuriates Genos even more and drives him into a furious rage!

Burst of Fierce Battle Begins

The battle between Garou and Genos continues as they exchange more blows with each other. Suddenly, Luckyman and Flashy Flash arrive on the scene in order to lend their assistance against Garou. However, before they can do anything Atomic Samurai and Flashy Flash intervene just in time! They join forces with Luckyman and together they face off against Garou!

Entrance of Luckyman & Garou

Luckyman joins forces with Atomic Samurai and Flashy Flash as they face off against Garou once again. They manage to hold their own against him for a while but eventually find themselves overwhelmed by his sheer strength and ferocity! However before they can be defeated completely, Luckyman manages to use his special technique; Lucky Darts on Garou which temporarily knocks him unconscious!

The Counterattack of Atomic Samurai & Flashy Flash

Atomic Samurai takes advantage of this opportunity by attacking Garou with all his might while Flashy Flash prepares for battle by releasing an intense burst of light energy towards their opponent as well! This combination attack proves too much for Garou as he falls unconscious onto the ground once again!

Hero Associations Thoughts Regarding Saitamas Power Level Increase

Afterwards, Hero Association members observe what had happened during this battle between all parties involved as well as their thoughts regarding how strong Saitama would become if he were able to use this figurine correctly – if it was even possible at all! They speculate that if such an event were indeed possible then not only would it be difficult for anyone else involved but also even more dangerous for everyone worldwide due its potential power increase on an individual scale!


One-Punch Man Ch. 154 starts with a confrontation between Saitama and the Monster King Orochi. Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association, has come to Earth to take over the world and enslave humanity. He has already destroyed many cities and killed countless people in his quest for power. Saitama is determined to stop him and protect those who are unable to defend themselves.

The chapter then follows Saitama as he prepares for battle by training and honing his skills, all while facing overwhelming odds against the powerful monster king. With the help of Genos and other allies, Saitama manages to put up a good fight against Orochi despite being outnumbered.


The main characters in this chapter are Saitama, Genos, Tatsumaki, Mumen Rider, King Orochi, and a variety of monsters from the Monster Association.

Saitama is as determined as ever to defeat King Orochi and protect humanity from destruction. He trains hard and uses all of his abilities to their fullest potential in order to stand a chance against such an overwhelming opponent. Genos supports Saitama throughout the fight by providing assistance with his advanced techonology and combat skills.

Tatsumaki also plays an important role in this chapter by using her psychic powers to create a powerful barrier that prevents many of the monsters from invading other parts of Japan while allowing Saitama and Genos time to fight Orochi without interruption. Finally, Mumen Rider arrives late in the chapter but still manages to provide aid by helping take out some of the lesser monsters from the Monster Association.


In conclusion, One-Punch Man Ch. 154 showcases Saitama’s determination as he takes on an unbeatable foe head-on despite being vastly outnumbered by both monsters from the Monster Association and King Orochi himself. With help from his fellow heroes like Genos, Tatsumaki, and Mumen Rider he is able manage to hold his own against such an intimidating force until reinforcements arrive at last minute that allow them get away safely while still managing to defeat some of their enemies in battle along way.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the synopsis of Chapter 154 of One Punch Man?
A: Chapter 154 of the One Punch Man manga series follows Genos and a mysterious man as they battle in a fierce exchange. The Hero Association have discussions about Saitama’s power level increase.

Q: Who are the characters featured in Chapter 154 of One Punch Man?
A: The main characters featured in Chapter 154 of One Punch Man are Genos, a mysterious man, Luckyman, Garou, Atomic Samurai, and Flashy Flash.

Q: What is the description of the mysterious figurine mentioned in Chapter 154?
A: The mysterious figurine mentioned in Chapter 154 is described as an evil looking creature with sharp claws and a tail that evaporates into smoke. It has an aura that radiates a tremendous amount of power.

Q: What is the exchange between Genos and the mysterious man in Chapter 154?
A: In their exchange, Genos questions why he is not able to detect the power level of his opponent. The mysterious man then reveals that he has been observing Saitamas power for some time and hints at having some grand scheme.

Q:What are Hero Association’s thoughts regarding Saitama’s power level increase in Chapter 154?
A:The Hero Association have discussions about Saitama’s power level increase and how it could be related to his mysterious opponent. They believe that Saitama may be stronger than they previously thought and could pose a greater threat than originally anticipated.

The conclusion of One Punch Man Chapter 154 is that Saitama has finally been victorious over the Monster Association. After a long and hard battle, Saitama was able to defeat the monsters and save the city from destruction. This victory marks another milestone in Saitama’s journey towards becoming a superhero and shows his true strength as a hero. Although his victory came at a high cost, with many of his allies losing their lives in the process, it will ultimately be worth it if it means saving many more lives in the future.

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