Comparing OSRS Osmumten’s Fang vs Rapier: Which is the Best Weapon for You?

The Osrs Osmumten’s Fang is best suited for slashing and cutting, while the Rapier is best suited for thrusting and piercing.

Osrs Osmumten’S Fang Vs Rapier

Osrs Osman’tens Fang and Rapier are two weapons that are popular among players of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Osman’ten’s Fang is a one-handed crush weapon that has relatively cheap attack requirements and an effective special attack to help you gain an advantage in combat. On the other hand, the rapier is a one-handed stab weapon which trades off higher attack requirements for a defensive stance mode with increased defensive bonuses. In most cases, it comes down personal preference as to which is better – neither one stands out as particularly better than the other in all scenarios. For general combat, many players prefer Osman’ten’s Fang due to its cheaper attack requirements and special attack bonuses. However, for players who value defensive bonuses more than raw statistical power, the rapier may be preferable.

Osrs Osmumten’s Fang Vs Rapier

When it comes to choosing a weapon, two of the most popular options are the Osrs Osmumten’s Fang and the Rapier. Both weapons have their own pros and cons, as well as cost considerations. To make sure you get the weapon that best fits your needs, lets take a look at what each has to offer.


The Osrs Osmumten’s Fang is a two-handed slashing weapon with stats of +58 attack and +50 strength. It also has an accuracy of +50. The Rapier is a one-handed stabbing weapon with stats of +82 attack and +25 strength. Its accuracy is also +25.

Damage per Second

The Osrs Osmumten’s Fang offers a damage per second (DPS) of 8.6 while the Rapier offers a DPS of 10.5. This means that the Rapier can do more damage in a shorter amount of time than its counterpart, making it more efficient when it comes to killing monsters or players in PvP situations.

Pros & Cons of Osrs Osmumten’s Fang

Advantages: The Osrs Osmumtens Fang has higher stats than the Rapier, making it more powerful when it comes to dealing damage. It also offers more accuracy which can be beneficial when trying to hit moving targets in PvP situations or while using special attacks on monsters and bosses in PvE scenarios. Additionally, due to its two-handed nature, it provides more defensive bonuses than its one-handed counterpart such as increased armour rating and prayer bonus for praying against magic attacks.
Disadvantages: The downsides of using this weapon include its slower speed and lower DPS compared to Rapiers, which makes it less efficient for killing enemies quickly or in fast-paced PvP scenarios such as Castle Wars or Bounty Hunter duels. Additionally, due to its slower speed, it can be difficult for users who need fast reaction times when playing certain minigames or boss fights where timing is key.

Pros & Cons of Rapier

Advantages: The primary advantage that comes with using a rapier is its increased speed compared to other weapons such as the Osrs Osmumtens Fang or even other one-handed slashing weapons like scimitars or longswords. This makes them ideal for PvE scenarios where players need to kill multiple monsters quickly or in PvP scenarios where reaction times are key such as Barrows duels or castle wars matches. Additionally, due to their one-handed nature, they offer defensive bonuses like increased armour rating and prayer bonus for praying against magic attacks which can be beneficial during PvE situations where healing items may not be available or during PvP battles where players need increased protection from magical attacks from opponents using Ancient Magicks spells such as Ice Barrage or Fire Wave .
Disadvantages: Despite their advantages, rapiers do have some drawbacks compared to other weapons including lower base stats than two-handed weapons like battleaxes and maces as well as lower accuracy compared to two-handed swords like rune swords and dragon swords due to their lack of special attack abilities which provide accuracy bonuses when used correctly in combat situations . Additionally , they offer less defence against slashing type attacks which can be problematic if fighting monsters that use these types of attacks regularly such as rock crabs on Waterbirth Island , dust devils in the Smoke Dungeon ,or dark beasts at Tarn’s Lair .

Cost Comparison Of Osrs Osmumtens Fang & Rapier

When considering cost , both weapons are relatively similar with OSRS Omens’ Fang costing around 1 million coins while rapiers typically sell for around 900k coins . However , since rapiers are often used by low level players due to their low requirements for use , they tend to be cheaper than OSRS Omens’ Fanglespecially when considering high alchemy prices . Additionally , since there are no special attack costs associated with rapiers , they may end up being cheaper overall if used frequently enough due to their lack of additional run energy costs associated with using special attack abilities .

Osrs Osmumten’s Fang & Rapier Requirements

In order to wield the Osrs Osmumten’s fang and rapier, players must have a minimum of level 60 Attack and level 60 Strength. The fang requires an Attack level of 55 to wield, while the rapier requires an Attack level of 60. Both weapons require a Strength level of 60 in order to be used effectively. Additionally, players must have completed the quest ‘The Depths of Despair’ in order to access the weapon shop where these weapons can be purchased.

Attack Range

The Osrs Osmumten’s fang has an attack range of 1 square while the rapier has an attack range of 2 squares. The fang requires two-handed wielding, while the rapier can be wielded in either one or two hands. When wielded in one hand, the rapier does slightly more damage than when it is wielded in two hands.

Classes Free to Wield Osrs Osmumten’s Fang & Rapier

The Osrs Osmumten’s fang and rapier are available to any player who meets the required levels and has completed the appropriate quests. All classes are free to wield either weapon regardless of whether they prefer a melee or ranged combat style.

Repair Information for Osrs Osmumtenss Fang & Rapier

The Osrs Osmumten’s fang and rapier are both highly durable weapons that require very little maintenance. However, if they do become damaged or worn out over time they can be repaired at any general store by speaking with a shopkeeper about repairs. The cost for repair will depend on how badly damaged the weapon is and how much repair work is needed but it is usually relatively inexpensive compared to other repair services offered by shops throughout Gielinor.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the stats of Osrs Osmumten’s Fang?
A: Osrs Osmumten’s Fang is a two-handed sword with an attack speed of 4 and a strength bonus of +72. It requires level 75 Attack to use and has a damage per second of 13.

Q: What are the stats of Rapier?
A: Rapier is a one-handed sword with an attack speed of 4 and a strength bonus of +68. It requires level 75 Attack to use and has a damage per second of 12.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Osrs Osmumten’s Fang?
A: The advantages of Osrs Osmumten’s Fang include higher damage per second, higher strength bonus, and being two-handed which allows for better control over the weapon. The disadvantage is that it requires level 75 Attack to use which may limit its usage in certain areas.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Rapier?
A: The advantage of Rapier is that it is one-handed which makes it easier to wield than two-handed weapons. The disadvantage is that it has lower damage per second and strength bonus than Osrs Osmumten’s Fang.

Q: What are the cost comparison, requirements, attack range, classes free to wield Osrs Osmumtens Fang & Rapier?
A: Osrs Osmumtens Fang costs around 2,000,000 coins while Rapier costs around 1,500,000 coins. Both require level 75 Attack to wield and have an attack range of 1 square. Classes free to wield both weapons include Warriors, Rangers, Mages, Druids and Paladins.

Osrs Osmumten’s Fang and the Rapier are both viable weapons in Old School Runescape. However, the Rapier is significantly better than the Osmumten’s Fang in terms of attack speed and damage output. The Rapier has a faster attack speed and higher max hit, making it the ideal weapon for PvM combat. In addition, it is also more cost-effective due to its lower cost compared to the Osmumten’s Fang. Therefore, for PvM combat, it is recommended to use the Rapier over the Osmumten’s Fang.

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