Pathfinder 2E: What Items to Look for at Each Level

Pathfinder 2E Items By Level are items that vary in rarity and power depending on the character’s level.

Pathfinder 2E Items By Level

Pathfinder 2E Items By Level is an excellent resource for players who enjoy the Pathfinder game. It provides a comprehensive list of items available for a character’s level divided into weapons, armor, magical items, and more. By researching this list, both new and experienced players alike can make well-informed decisions regarding which items would help them on their adventures. Each item has also been evaluated with regard to cost, weight and other factors to make the selection process easier. Pathfinder 2E Items By Level also offers helpful tips on what items are most useful in a particular situation or game session. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive catalogs of items, this resource will help any player get the most out of their gaming experience!

Level 0 Items – Adventuring Gear

Level 0 items are the most basic equipment available to adventurers. This includes items such as backpacks, rations, torches, and other basic necessities. Adventuring gear like these help adventurers traverse the wilderness and complete their quests.

Artisan’s Tools are a type of Level 0 item that can be used to craft or repair a variety of items. These tools come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from simple hammers and saws to more specialized kits like locksmithing tools or smithing tools. Artisans can also use these tools to create works of art or even magical items.

Level 1 Items – Weapons

Level 1 weapons are relatively simple weapons that adventurers may use in their travels. These weapons include swords, daggers, bows, spears, axes, maces, and other common weapons. Some of these weapons may have special properties or be crafted with special materials such as adamantine or mithral that increase their effectiveness in combat.

Armor is also a type of Level 1 item that is used to protect characters from harm during battle. Armor ranges from light leather armor to heavier plate mail and even magical armor with special properties. Armor can help adventurers survive dangerous encounters with monsters or enemy combatants alike.

Level 2 Items – Consumables

Consumables are items that are consumed upon use and have various effects on characters or creatures within the game world. This includes healing potions that restore characters’ hit points after battle and alchemical items like acid vials which can be used to damage enemies in combat. Consumables can be found for sale at markets or crafted by skilled alchemists using alchemy recipes.

Alchemy Items are a type of Level 2 item that provide powerful effects when used properly by skilled alchemists. Alchemy items include elixirs which can grant temporary bonuses to stats; bombs which can deal massive area-of-effect damage; and oils which can grant temporary resistance against certain types of damage such as fire damage or ice damage. Alchemists must be careful when using these powerful alchemy items as some may have unexpected side effects if not used correctly!

Level 3 Items – Wondrous Items

Wondrous Items are magical artifacts with unique powers that adventurers may find while exploring the world. These items range from rings that grant extra spell slots each day to cloaks which allow characters to fly for short periods of time. Many wondrous items have limited uses before they need to be recharged through various means such as resting for a night or performing certain rituals depending on the item’s nature. Adventurers should always keep an eye out for these rare and powerful artifacts!

All-Purpose Tools are a type of Level 3 item which come in many shapes and sizes but all serve the same purpose: helping adventurers complete tasks quickly and efficiently without having to lug around multiple sets of tools for each job they might encounter during their travels! All-purpose tools come in handy when dealing with locks, traps, puzzles, engineering projects, etc., allowing players to solve problems quickly without having to carry multiple sets of specialized tools everywhere they go!

Level 4 Items – Magic Weapons & Armor

Magic Weapons & Armor are powerful artifacts crafted with ancient magics by skilled artisans using rare materials such as mithral or dragon scales. These weapons & armors typically grant extra bonuses when equipped by characters who specialize in their use (such as warriors & paladins) but can also provide protection against certain types of attacks (such as fire) depending on the enchantment imbued within them by their crafters!

Potions are a type of Level 4 item which provide powerful effects when consumed by characters during adventures! Potions come in many forms such as health potions which restore hit points after combat; speed potions which temporarily increase movement speed; strength potions which temporarily increase strength; etc., allowing adventurers access to a range of powerful abilities during their travels!

Level 0 Items

Pathfinder 2E includes a variety of items that can be used by characters of all levels. Level 0 items are those which can be accessed and utilized by players at any time, regardless of their character level. These items include simple tools, such as armor and weapons, as well as basic components used in crafting magic items. Additionally, some common alchemical items are also available for purchase at this level.

Level 1 Items

At level 1, characters have access to a wider range of items than those available at level 0. These include more powerful magical weapons and armor, as well as some rarer components needed for magical item creation. Additionally, alchemical items become more varied and powerful at this level.

Level 2 Items

At level 2, characters gain access to even more powerful magical weapons and armor, as well as the components for constructing more powerful magical items. Additionally, alchemical items become even more varied and powerful at this level.

Level 3 Items

Characters at level 3 gain access to a wide range of powerful magical weapons and armor, as well as components needed for creating even more powerful magical items. Additionally, alchemical items become even more varied and powerful at this level.

Level 4 Items

At level 4, characters gain access to a variety of special weapons and armor that have been imbued with unique magical properties. These types of item can be used to create spells or perform special attacks depending on the type of item in question. Additionally, alchemical formulae become available at this level that allow the creation of potions with useful effects.

Level 5 Items

Characters at level 5 are able to utilize scrolls containing spells or spellcasting focus items such as magic rings which can store spells in them ready for use when needed. Additionally they may also find rare wands or rods capable of casting abjuration or conjuration spells when wielded correctly by an experienced wielder.

Level 6 Items

At level 6 characters may find wands or rods that can cast divination magics when properly attuned to them by an experienced caster; these can be used to scry into distant places or gain insight into hidden knowledge or secrets held by others nearby. Additionally they may also find charms and talismans imbued with power from ancient sources which can offer protection from harm or grant temporary bonuses in certain situations depending on the exact nature of the enchantment placed upon them

Level 7 Items

At Level 7 characters gain access to transformation enchantments which can alter their physical form into something else; these enchantments are often used for personal or political gain depending on the exact circumstances in play when they are enacted upon an individual character or creature respectively. Moreover they may also find themselves in possession of metamagic scrolls which allow a spellcaster to alter the parameters under which certain types of magic work; these could potentially provide an advantage in certain situations if used correctly by an experienced caster

Level 8 Items

Finally at Level 8 characters will find themselves able to acquire cursed objects; these objects are imbued with dark magics that can cause harm either directly through their own power or indirectly through manipulating fate itself against those who carry them unknowingly; whatever their purpose it is always wise for adventurers to avoid such artifacts whenever possible!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the items available at Level 0?
A: At Level 0, items include Adventuring Gear and Artisan’s Tools.

Q: What weapons and armor are available at Level 1?
A: At Level 1, weapons and armor can be found.

Q: What consumables and alchemy items are available at Level 2?
A: At Level 2, consumables and alchemy items can be acquired.

Q: What wondrous items and all-purpose tools are available at Level 3?
A: At Level 3, wondrous items and all-purpose tools can be obtained.

Q: What magic weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, spellcasting focus items, magic rings, wands and rods of abjuration or conjuration spells, magic words of power, rods of divination magics charms or talismans transformation enchantments or metamagic scrolls or cursed objects are available at higher levels?
A: At higher levels (Levels 4-8), there are a variety of magical equipment that can be acquired such as magic weapons and armor, potions, scrolls and spellcasting focus items, magic rings, wands and rods of abjuration or conjuration spells, magic words of power, rods of divination magics charms or talismans transformation enchantments or metamagic scrolls or cursed objects.

In conclusion, the items available in Pathfinder 2E are varied and can be categorized by level. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, there is something for everyone. However, it is important to remember that the items available in each level range can change from one game to the next, so it is important to check with your GM before selecting any item for your character.

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