Comparing Rawlings R9 and GG Elite: Which Baseball Glove Is Best for You?

Rawlings R9 is a good-quality, mid-level glove, while GG Elite is a high-end, professional model.

Rawlings R9 Vs Gg Elite

The Rawlings R9 versus the GG Elite baseball gloves, two of the most popular gloves on the market, is an interesting comparison. Both gloves offer excellent protection and superior comfort, but there are some significant differences in their design and features that make them suitable for certain tasks. The R9 is made with soft, lightweight leather for maximum comfort and dexterity while the GG Elite is constructed with a heavier duty traditional leather construction and consists of a larger pocket to provide additional support when catching a ball. In addition, the GG Elite also features ShockShield padding in its backhand to reduce impact on catch plays. When it comes to weight, the R9 has a slightly lighter feel than the GG Elite and is designed for quicker break-in times while still offering outstanding durability and protection.

Rawlings R9 Vs Gg Elite

When it comes to choosing the right batting glove for your game, the Rawlings R9 and GG Elite are two of the most popular options on the market. Both gloves offer superior comfort, fit, and durability, making them great choices for any hitter. But how do they compare when it comes to weight and balance? Let’s take a closer look at each glove to find out.


The Rawlings R9 is a lightweight batting glove designed for comfort and flexibility. It features a lightweight leather palm for maximum breathability and added grip, while the spandex backing provides an optimal fit that won’t restrict movement when swinging. The GG Elite is slightly heavier, with a thicker leather palm that gives extra protection and durability. It also has a tighter fit that helps with control while swinging.


The Rawlings R9 has a traditional design with an extended wrist strap for added stability during swings. It also has reinforced seams on the backhand which provide extra durability. The GG Elite has an updated design that features an adjustable wrist strap for more personalization. It also has strategically placed padding in key areas to provide extra protection from impact during swings.


When it comes to durability, both the Rawlings R9 and GG Elite are top-notch options. The R9 features reinforced seams on the backhand and thumb which help prevent wear-and-tear over time, while the GG Elites thicker leather palm offers additional protection from impact during swings. Both gloves should last several seasons if cared for properly.

Weight & Balance

The Rawlings R9 is designed to be lightweight yet still provide optimal support during swings. Its lightweight leather palm allows for maximum breathability without sacrificing grip or control during swings. The GG Elite is slightly heavier but still provides excellent balance due to its adjustable wrist strap and strategically placed padding in key areas of the gloves design.

Comfort & Fit

When it comes to comfort and fit, both gloves excel in their own ways. The Rawlings R9 provides a snug yet comfortable fit due to its spandex backing, allowing hitters to swing freely without feeling restricted by the gloves material or construction. The GG Elite also offers an outstanding fit thanks to its adjustable wrist strap as well as its strategic padding which helps minimize impact on hands during swings without compromising control or grip on the bat handle.

Rawlings R9 Price Range

The Rawlings R9 is a mid-range glove that offers good value for money. It is generally priced at around $50, making it an attractive option for players looking to save some money without sacrificing quality. The materials used in the construction of the glove are of high quality, and it is designed to last. It is also available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing players to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Gg Elite Price Range

The Gg Elite is more expensive than the Rawlings R9, with prices ranging from $90 to $120 depending on the model. The higher cost reflects the quality of materials used in its construction. The glove features a full leather shell, as well as reinforced lacing and padding in critical areas for increased durability and performance. In addition, the Gg Elite has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable fit while still allowing for maximum grip and control.

Rawlings R9 Construction Quality

The Rawlings R9 features a lightweight design with a full leather shell that offers good protection against wear and tear. The lacing and padding are also reinforced in key areas, providing additional strength and support when needed. Additionally, the palm lining is designed to provide comfort during play and help prevent blisters or other skin irritation. All in all, the construction of this glove offers good value for money at its price point.

Gg Elite Construction Quality

The Gg Elite stands out from other gloves in its class due to its superior construction quality. It has a full leather shell with reinforced lacing and padding in key areas that makes it more durable than many other gloves on the market. Furthermore, its ergonomic design provides increased comfort while still allowing for maximum grip and control when playing catch or fielding ground balls. This makes it an ideal choice for serious players who demand top performance from their equipment.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the profile of Rawlings R9?
A: The Rawlings R9 has a full-grain leather shell for superior durability and performance over time. It also features Tru-Shell Technology, which gives it a slightly deeper pocket and improved break-in.

Q: What design features does the GG Elite have?
A: The GG Elite has an ultra-thin leather shell for maximum feel and control. It also has a unique arch bridge design for optimal support and stability. Additionally, it features Dri-lex lining to keep your hands dry and cool during play.

Q: How durable is the Rawlings R9?
A: The Rawlings R9 is highly durable due to its full-grain leather shell construction. This material provides superior performance over time and keeps its shape even after extensive use.

Q: What is the weight and balance of the GG Elite?
A: The GG Elite has an ultra-lightweight design with a balanced weight distribution. This ensures that you have optimal control when playing with this glove, while still providing excellent protection from impact injuries.

Q: How comfortable is the Rawlings R9 in terms of fit?
A: The Rawlings R9 offers a snug fit that conforms to your hand for maximum comfort. It also has a unique arch bridge design that helps provide additional support while playing with this glove.

The Rawlings R9 and the GG Elite are both excellent gloves that offer different levels of performance and features. The R9 is a more affordable option that has a great feel and is suitable for beginning players, while the GG Elite is a step up in quality with superior leather and a higher price point. Ultimately, the decision between these two gloves should come down to budget, desired features, and playing level.

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