Explore the World of Route 23 with Pokemon Infinite Fusion!

Route 23 in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a route connecting Nimbasa City and Humilau City.

Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a unique and captivating adventure game. Set in an unknown region known as the R23, the player embarks on a quest to become the region’s champion! The game enables the players to fuse two different Pokemon species and create something entirely original. Players must explore every corner of the R23, discover new and powerful Fusions, battle powerful bosses, capture rare Pokemon, evolve them with powerful new moves, create their own teams, hatch eggs & ride new vehicle mounts. Along the way they will find exciting surprises around every turn as they strive to battle their way to become the region’s champion through intense battles along Route 23! With its stunning visuals and captivating music score, Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion offers players an unforgettable journey with endless possibilities.

Basic Information – Game Features

Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a single-player role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game is set in a fantasy world where players explore the region of Route 23 to capture, battle, and train Pokemon. Players can use their Pokemon to battle other trainers in the game’s various locations. The game also features an online component which allows players to join up with others in battles and trade items.

The game boasts a variety of features, including an open world, multiple regions, multiple gyms, many different types of Pokemon to capture and train, special items and megastones to find, and more. Players are also able to customize their character’s appearance as well as their Pokemon’s stats and movesets. Additionally, the game features a Battle Tree where players can take part in competitive battles with other players from around the world.


Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion follows the story of a young trainer who embarks on an adventure through the region of Route 23 with his/her trusty partner Pikachu. Along the way they encounter new friends, foes, strange creatures known as ‘Pokemon’, and even legendary creatures that were thought to be lost forever. As they explore new areas they must battle other trainers in order to prove themselves as true masters of Pokemon training. In addition to battling other trainers they also have to search for rare items such as Megastones and Key Items which will help them on their journey.

The main objective is for the player character to become strong enough so they can challenge and defeat all eight gym leaders across Route 23 before taking on the Elite Four at Victory Road. Once all eight gym leaders have been defeated then it’s time for them to face off against each other in the Battle Tree for supreme bragging rights!

Characters – Player Character

The player character is an aspiring trainer who sets out on a journey through Route 23 with their trusty partner Pikachu by their side. The player character must build up their team of Pokemon by capturing them in tall grass or winning battles against wild/other trainers’ Pokemon throughout Route 23’s various locations. They will also need to level up their team so they can take on more powerful opponents such as gym leaders or elite four members at Victory Road if they wish to be successful in their quest!

Non-Player Characters

Throughout Route 23 there are many non-player characters (NPCs) that you will meet along your journey who will provide you with advice or help you out in some way such as giving you items or taking you into battles with them so you can gain experience points for your team of Pokemon. Some NPCs may even give you quests that must be completed before being rewarded with items or money! There are also certain NPCs who will provide services such as trading or battling with other trainers online from around the world via Wi-Fi connections if both players accept each others requests first.

Area Map – Region 1 Locations

Region 1 covers most of Central Route 23 which is made up of five main areas; Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Cerulean City and Lavender Town respectively from east to west along its coastlines. This region is home to many species of wild Pokemon that inhabit its forests, mountainsides & riverside areas where players can go exploring & catching them while looking out for any potential danger lurking about too! In addition there are numerous buildings including Professor Oaks Laboratory where players can receive helpful advice & tips from him throughout their adventure! Furthermore this region has several gyms scattered across it that require specific types of badges before being able access them which are obtained by defeating each ones leader respectively before moving onto region 2 afterwards if desired!

Region 2 Locations

Region 2 covers most of North East Route 23 which is made up four main areas; Fuchsia City & Silph Co., Celadon City & Rocket Hideout (Team Rocket Base), Saffron City & Silph Co., & Viridian Forest respectively from east towards west along its coastlines too! This area contains many species of wild Pokemon as well although some require special methods/items given by NPCs found around this area before being able catch some due its higher difficulty levels compared Region 1s respective locations instead! Furthermore there are several buildings here too such as Celadon Department Store where Trainers may purchase various goods during their travels while searching out Team Rockets hideout located somewhere within this area too should they choose do so however doing may lead into some unwanted trouble depending upon situation accordingly given time

Pokemon – Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon inhabit most regions across world within Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion where Trainers can search out & try capture these creatures during their travels! Each species has unique abilities & characteristics that may vary between different regions across map depending upon what kind it actually is should Trainer decide catch one however Trainers must remember not all pokemon found everywhere across map either so caution should be exercised when venturing unknown grounds since not every creature seen outside tall grasses could actually end being friendly after all

Captured Pokemon

Trainers may capture wild pokemon using Pokeballs found throughout various locations during travels however Trainers must remember these creatures could sometimes prove difficult capture given situation at hand whether because strength levels were too high or chance encounter rate was low due whatever particular reason might be instead Captured pokemon then become part Trainers team ready battle against opposing trainers whether NPC controlled opponents or even real life ones via online play option available those wishing experience competitive gameplay instead still though either way these creatures always remain loyal no matter what since bond created between Trainer & his/her respective team members goes much deeper beyond mere battle itself

Items and Inventory – Key Items and Megastones

During travels throughout world within Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion Trainers will come across various items scattered here there ranging from basic healing potions reviving fallen pokemon during grueling battles against powerful opponents even rare megastones special stones used evolve certain species beyond normal limits normally found hidden away secret places no one would ever expect find them nor would anyone know how even using properly unless had done research beforehand either way though these useful objects assist Trainer greatly through adventures making progress towards achieving ultimate goal much easier than would have otherwise been possible without assistance like this given time

Other Items

Trainers are also able purchase additional items either using money earned through completing tasks given NPCs stores located around certain cities towns otherwise buying directly shop located within Professor Oaks Laboratory itself however cost price varies based upon item type itself whether it healing potion reviving fallen pokemon full restore restoring entire team back optimal condition etcetera still though having access useful objects like these often proves invaluable aid during tough times no matter what situation might be instead thus making Trainer much stronger overall should ever come down needing use strategy order survive any unexpected challenges come way eventually…

Battles and Combats

Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion offers a range of exciting battles and combats. Players can choose to battle in either single or double battle systems. In a single battle system, players control one Pokemon each, while in the double battle system, both players control two Pokemon each. Both systems offer an exciting challenge with lots of strategic opportunities for players to explore.

Players can also choose to use items during battles, such as potions or special attack stones, which can give their Pokemon a temporary advantage. The battles are fast-paced and intense, providing an exciting experience for all players.

Locations and Places to Explore

Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion has a wide range of locations and places to explore. Players will travel through towns and cities on their journey, as well as taking on wild Pokemon on routes and in caves. With so many different environments and landscapes to explore, there’s always something new waiting around the corner!

Players will also be able to find trainers in towns and cities who are willing to battle them with their own teams of Pokemon. This is a great way for players to practice their skills before taking on tougher opponents such as Gym Leaders or Elite 4 members.

Gym Leaders and Badges

At the end of each route or cave lies a Gym Leader who must be defeated by the player in order to obtain a Gym Badge. These badges are required in order for players to progress further into the game. Defeating Gym Leaders is no easy task; they have carefully trained teams of powerful Pokemon that will put even experienced trainers’ skills to the test!

The Elite 4 members are some of the toughest opponents in the game; these four powerful trainers have some of the strongest teams available, meaning that only those who are truly prepared will be able to defeat them! Defeating all four Elite 4 members is necessary if you want to become champion!

Professors and Trainers

Along your journey you will meet Professor Marjorie at her laboratory located at Route 23 Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s Academy. She is one of the most knowledgeable trainers around when it comes to Pokemon training, so make sure you take advantage of her expertise! She also has a selection of items available for purchase from her store that can assist you during your journey.

The Academy also features trainers who specialize in various aspects of Pokemon training such as breeding or battling techniques; these trainers can provide valuable advice about how best to raise your team of Pokemon so that they reach their full potential!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Pokemon Infinite Fusion?
A: Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that combines the elements of various Pokemon games to create a unique and exciting experience. The game features an all-new story line, characters, areas to explore, battles, items, and more.

Q: What is the storyline of the game?
A: The story of Pokemon Infinite Fusion follows a young trainer who has just moved to the region of Route 23. As they explore the area, they discover that two mysterious forces have been manipulating events in the region. It’s up to them to uncover what is going on and save Route 23 from destruction.

Q: Who are some of the characters in the game?
A: In addition to the player character, there are several non-player characters (NPCs) that can be interacted with throughout the game. One of these NPCs is Professor Marjorie, an elderly professor who helps players progress throughout their journey. Other NPCs include elite four members and gym leaders who challenge players with tough battles.

Q: How does battling work in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?
A: Players can engage in single or double battles against wild Pokemon or other trainers throughout their journey. Battles use a turn-based system where each player controls their own Pokemon in order to attack or defend against moves from their opponents Pokemon. Winning battles rewards players with experience points which can be used to level up their Pokemon and make them stronger.

Q: What items are available in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?
A: There are a variety of items available in Pokemon Infinite Fusion including key items such as Mega Stones which allow certain Pokemon to evolve into powerful new forms and other helpful items such as potions which help restore health and status effects after battle. Players can also find rare items hidden around Route 23 which can help them progress further into their adventure.

In conclusion, Route 23 in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is one of the most challenging routes for players to complete. Not only does it require players to battle against powerful trainers and wild Pokemon, but they also need to navigate a complex environment of caves and grasslands. With its many puzzles and secrets, Route 23 is a great challenge for any trainer looking to take their skills to the next level.

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