Unlock the Secrets of the RS3 Lost Easter Basket Map with this Guide

The ‘Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map’ is a free in-game reward found in the Treasure Hunter mini-game of Runescape 3.

Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map

The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map is the perfect way to get lost, find your way back and find buried treasure all at once! Set off for a unique Easter outdoor adventure with a treasure map that will challenge even the most experienced of adventurers. Explore different terrains, river crossings, key terrain features and hidden surprises along the way. Take on puzzling paths to victory while keeping track of your progress with detailed reference points and maps. Delve deep into a thrilling world full of wonder and intrigue as you take on puzzles, question marks and discover hidden bounty beneath the surface. Sharpen your skills in terrain navigation as you bravely fight against time’s ticking sand clocks. Enjoy this unforgettable experience that combines the best elements of riddles, puzzles, questing and orienteering in an Easter Basket Map!

Overview of Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map

The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map is an interactive map created to help players explore the Easter-themed region of Gielinor. It features a wide range of quests, puzzles, mini-games, and other activities for players to enjoy. The map was created in April 2020 as part of the seasonal event Easter Basket Hunt. Players must use their wit and knowledge to complete various tasks in order to find the lost Easter basket and win rewards.


The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map was created by Jagex in April 2020 as part of the seasonal event Easter Basket Hunt. It is an interactive map that allows players to explore the region of Gielinor while completing quests, solving puzzles, playing mini-games and more. The map also includes various NPCs, monsters and other characters that players must interact with in order to progress further in their quest. The goal is for players to find the lost Easter basket before time runs out and they can win exclusive rewards for doing so.


The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map features a range of exciting features designed to enhance your experience while exploring Gielinor. These include:
-A variety of different quests and puzzles that you must complete in order to progress further in your quest
-Mini games such as fishing or cooking that you can partake in
-Various NPCs, monsters and other characters that you must interact with
-Treasure trails locations where you can uncover hidden rewards
-Clue scrolls that provide hints on where to find the lost Easter basket
-A timer which shows how much time you have left before time runs out

How To Use The Map

Navigating the interface: The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map has a user friendly interface which makes it easy for players to find their way around the region. There are various menus located at the top of the screen which allow you to quickly access different areas such as quests, mini games or NPCs. You can also use these menus to quickly switch between areas or view your current location on the map.

Playing The Easter Basket Map Challenge: Once you have familiarized yourself with navigating around Gielinor using the map, you can start playing the Easter Basket Map Challenge by selecting it from one of the menus at the top of the screen. This will allow you to see all available quests located within Gielinor as well as any clues or hints regarding where they may be found. You will also be able to track your progress throughout each quest by viewing your current location on a minimap at all times.

Requirements To Play The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map

Recommended Skills And Gear: In order to properly enjoy playing through this challenge, it is recommended that players have a good understanding of combat skills such as melee, ranged and magic attacks; a good knowledge of crafting skills; and have access to a variety of weapons including swords, bows and wands. It is also recommended that players bring sufficient food supplies with them as some areas may be difficult without them being properly prepared for battle or gathering supplies for crafting items .

Gathering Supplies For The Journey: As mentioned above, it is important for players to gather enough supplies before attempting any quests within this challenge so they are adequately prepared for any challenges that come their way during their journey through Gielinor . This includes food supplies such as fish cakes or cooked meat; potions which can restore health points; weapons; armour; fishing gear; crafting materials; logs; coal etc .

How To Find Easter Quest Areas With Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map

Check For Clue Scrolls And Treasure Trails Locations On The Map: One way players can locate hidden rewards within this challenge is by checking for clue scrolls and treasure trails locations on the map . Clue scrolls provide hints on where certain items or rewards may be located while treasure trails provide directions on how one can reach certain locations within Gielinor . By following these clues carefully , one can discover many hidden treasures throughout their journey .

Locating Important NPCs & Monsters While Exploring The Area: Players should also keep an eye out for important NPCs and monsters while exploring Gielinor . These include bosses who must be defeated in order to progress further into certain areas ; merchants who provide valuable items ; guards who protect important locations ; traders who offer unique resources ; etc . All these NPCs & monsters should be noted down carefully so they do not get forgotten during one’s journey through this challenge .

Questing Tips & Tricks For Completion Of Rs3 Lost Easter

Prices & Rewards for Completion of Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map Challenges

Completing the Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map challenges comes with some great rewards. These rewards are both material and unique, making them sought after by adventurers. Material rewards include resources like gold, items, and experience points that can be used to progress in-game. Unique rewards are exclusive to this region and can only be obtained after completing a certain stage of the quest.

Additional Help For Players To Complete Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map Challenges

For those who need a little extra help getting through the quest, there are several guides available online that provide helpful discussions and strategies for completing the various stages of the quest. Additionally, there are a number of in-game resources available to assist players in completing the challenges, such as maps, NPCs, and item drops. With the help of these resources, players should have no trouble getting through all of the stages of this challenging region.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map?
A: The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map is a special event which is available during the Easter period in the game of RuneScape. It is an interactive map featuring various puzzles and challenges that players must complete in order to find Easter eggs and receive rewards.

Q: How do I use the Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map?
A: In order to use the map, you must first navigate the interface and then play the Easter Basket Map challenge. You can do this by exploring each area on the map, solving puzzles, engaging in mini-games, and locating important NPCs and monsters.

Q: What are the requirements to play Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map?
A: In order to play the map, you will need certain skills and gear as well as certain supplies for your journey. It is recommended that players have a high level of combat skills such as Defence, Strength, and Ranged as well as equipment such as food and potions to survive in combat situations.

Q: How can I find quest areas with Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map?
A: To find quest areas on the map, players can check for clue scrolls and treasure trails locations on it. This will enable them to locate important NPCs and monsters while exploring each area of the map. Additionally, players can also look out for puzzles which provide information about certain locations or tasks which need to be completed in that area.

Q: What rewards are there for completing Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map challenges?
A: Upon completion of each stage of questing within this area, players will be rewarded with materials such as coins and items as well as unique rewards collected at the end of each stage. Additionally, there are also guides and helpful discussions in online platforms which can provide extra support for those who need it while playing this map challenge.

The Rs3 Lost Easter Basket Map is a great way for players to explore the world of RuneScape and find hidden Easter eggs. This map allows players to search for eggs in locations that they may not have thought of, giving them a unique and exciting experience. As well as being fun, it can also be an educational experience as players learn more about the game and its world.

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