Harvest the Joy of Rune Factory 5 with the Emery Flower!

Rune Factory 5 stars Emery, a young girl, as she embarks on an adventure to help the people of Selphia restore their beloved town.

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower

Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower is a fantasy, role-playing adventure game. In this game, you play as a protagonist who awakens with no memories. You soon discover that you have the power to harvest crop circles in the sky and to commune with dragons. As you progress through the game, you will develop relationships with other party members, travel to unique locations around the world, and engage in thrilling battles with monsters. With its exciting objectives and engaging story line, Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower offers an immersive experience for players of all ages. Explore an inspired realm and join forces with friends on a journey to uncover your past!

Overview of the Game

Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower is the fifth installment in the popular simulation/role-playing game series, Rune Factory. Developed by Marvelous Entertainment and published by XSEED Games, the game features a vibrant world full of exciting characters, deep combat and crafting systems, and plenty of activities to keep players engaged. Players take on the role of Emery, a young adventurer who is tasked with protecting a mysterious flower from harm. Along the way, they’ll explore stunning landscapes, battle fierce monsters, collect valuable resources, forge powerful weapons and armor, and build relationships with the many inhabitants of this strange new world.


The story of Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower follows Emery as they navigate their way through a unique world filled with monsters and mysteries. After coming across a mysterious flower known as “The Everlasting,” Emery is tasked with protecting it from harm. Along the way, they will meet many colorful characters each with their own unique stories to tell. As Emery delves deeper into this strange new world they will uncover hidden secrets and uncover powerful weapons and items that can help them in their quest to protect The Everlasting. With every challenge they face they must decide how best to use their newfound powers in order to survive.

Controls & Mechanics

The controls for Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower are relatively straightforward and easy to pick up on for newcomers to the series. The controls are divided into two categories: action controls and combat system controls. Action Controls are used for general movement throughout the game world while combat system controls are used during battles against enemies or bosses. The combat system utilizes an Active Time Battle (ATB) system which allows players to strategically plan out their attack commands while also being able to act quickly when necessary. Additionally, players have access to various special abilities that allow them to power up their attacks or defend themselves against incoming damage depending on which ability is chosen.

Game Features

Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower features numerous activities for players to enjoy throughout their journey including harvesting crops from fields and cooking delicious recipes using ingredients found throughout the game world. Additionally, players can build relationships with other characters by completing requests or gifting them items which can lead to unlocking special items or even marrying one of them! Furthermore, there are various mini-games scattered throughout each area which reward players with valuable resources or items when completed successfully as well as dungeons filled with powerful enemies that grant access to rare loot when conquered!

Unlockable Content

Players will be able to unlock various outfits and accessories by completing certain tasks or achieving certain milestones throughout their journey in Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower. These range from simple headgear all the way up to full-blown costume sets that grant special bonuses when worn in battle! Additionally, many party members have side quests that reward players with special items upon completion such as weapons or armor that cannot be obtained anywhere else!

Main Characters

The main character of Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower is Byleth – a young adventurer who has been tasked with protecting The Everlasting flower from harm. Byleth is joined by an array of colorful companions including his childhood friend Emery who acts as his moral compass as well as several other allies who join him along his journey through this strange new world! Each character has their own unique skillset that makes them invaluable during battle so it’s important for players not only get know their party members but also learn how best utilize each one’s strengths in order to overcome any challenge ahead!

Weapons & Items in the Game

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower features a variety of weapons and items that players can use to battle monsters, complete tasks, and explore the game world. Players can choose from swords, axes, armor, and other accessories to customize their character. Weapons can be upgraded with materials found throughout the game world to become even more powerful. Additionally, some weapons have special attributes or skills that can be used in combat or for crafting items. Accessories provide additional protection and bonuses during battle or when exploring the world.

Sceneries and Locations

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower has a variety of sceneries and locations for players to explore. The game’s main setting is an open-world region filled with fields, forests, mountains, and other areas to explore. There are also dungeons hidden throughout the game world for players to discover and explore. Each area contains unique monsters and resources that players must navigate through in order to progress. Additionally, some areas contain puzzles or mini-games that must be completed in order to gain access to additional rewards or bonus content.

Events and Tasks in the Game

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower provides a variety of events and tasks for players to complete throughout their journey. Players can take on requests from NPCs in order to receive rewards such as items or money. Additionally, there are daily quests which may require players to defeat a specific monster or collect certain resources. Completing these tasks will grant bonus rewards as well as progress towards unlocking new content within the game. Quests may also involve exploring dungeons or completing puzzles which require careful planning in order to succeed.

Combos and Special Moves

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower features an array of combos and special moves for players to master during combat encounters. By combining regular attacks with special moves such as charging strikes or area-of-effect spells, players can create powerful combos that are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage against enemies quickly. Additionally, each weapon type has its own unique combos which allow for more strategic approaches during battle encounters against stronger foes. Special moves can also be used outside of combat encounters as well such as using them against breakable objects in order to progress further into dungeons with ease

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower?
A: Rune Factory 5: Emery Flower is an action role-playing game developed by Marvelous for the Nintendo Switch. The game follows protagonist Byleth and their friend Emery as they find themselves stranded in a strange land. Through exploration, combat, and socialization, players will be able to discover the secrets of this new world.

Q: What are the controls and mechanics in Rune Factory 5?
A: The controls and mechanics of Rune Factory 5 are similar to those of other action-RPGs. Players will use the direction pad for movement, the A button for primary actions such as talking to NPCs, the X button for secondary actions such as harvesting crops, and the L/R buttons for combat. The combat system is turn-based with an active timer that allows players to make strategic decisions on when to attack or defend.

Q: What are some of the features in Rune Factory 5?
A: Rune Factory 5 features a variety of activities such as harvesting crops, cooking meals, and engaging in challenging dungeons. It also includes a friendship system that allows players to build relationships with NPCs by giving them gifts or completing their requests. Additionally, there are various unlockable content such as accessories and outfits that can be acquired through completing tasks or participating in events.

Q: Who are some of the main characters in Rune Factory 5?
A: The two main characters in Rune Factory 5 are Byleth and Emery. Byleth is a mysterious wanderer who finds themselves stranded in a strange world alongside their friend Emery. Together they will explore this new land while uncovering its secrets along the way.

Q: What weapons and items can be found in Rune Factory 5?
A: Players can find a variety of weapons and items throughout their journey in Rune Factory 5. These items include swords & axes for physical attacks, armor & accessories for protection against enemies attacks, food items which can be used to heal HP or cure status effects, materials which can be used for crafting new items or upgrading existing ones, among many others.

Rune Factory 5 Emery Flower is a unique item in the game which can be used to increase the success rate of cross-pollination by up to 50%. This item is highly sought after as it makes it much easier for players to grow their desired plants and crops. The Emery Flower is a great tool for anyone looking to maximize their farming efficiency in Rune Factory 5.

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