Comparing the Savage Axis vs Axis II: Which is the Better Rifle for Hunting?

The Savage Axis is a more budget-friendly option than the Axis II.

Savage Axis Vs Axis Ii

The Savage Axis and the Axis II are two rifles that have a lot in common. Both are chambered in .223 Remington and are built on the reliable Savage 110 short-action design. However, there are some differences between them, making each gun more appealing to different types of shooters depending on their needs or preferences.

The Axis II is crafted with a classic sporter stock, great for hunting applications, while the Axis is outfitted with a more tactical stock with finger grooves and a textured pistol grip. Thats not all: while both models come with iron sights, the Axis II can be fitted with a Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm scope thats already factory-mounted and bore-sighted.

Furthermore, the Axis II has a slightly heavier barrel than its counterpart, adding more front-end support for improved accuracy downrange. From its general design to its craftsmanship, the Axis II is certainly a much more refined rifle compared to the Axis.

In conclusion, regardless of which rifle you choose, Savage offers quality products you can trust in both variants. The decision comes down to personal preference – if you need something lighter or sleeker for long days in the field or on patrol, then go for the Axis; If you need more heft and stability for maximum accuracy at long distances opt for the Axis II.


The Savage Axis and Axis II are both renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Both models feature a free-floating barrel design that helps to ensure consistent accuracy with every shot. Additionally, the Axis has a heavier barrel than the Axis II, which also helps increase accuracy. The trigger pull on both models is adjustable by the user, further increasing accuracy potential.

Handling & Design

The handling and design of the Savage Axis and Axis II are another area in which they excel. Both models feature ergonomic designs that make them comfortable to carry and shoot. The Axis has a slim profile that makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, while the Axis II has a more traditional stock design with a thumbhole grip. Additionally, both models come with sling swivels for attaching a carrying strap or other accessories.

Ammunition Compatibility

When it comes to ammunition compatibility, the Savage Axis and Axis II are both designed to accept various types of ammunition including .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, 6mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, and .270 Winchester. Additionally, both models can be used with either factory loaded or hand-loaded ammunition without any problems.

Ballistics Performance

The ballistics performance of the Savage Axis and Axis II is also quite impressive. Both rifles have been tested extensively in various environmental conditions and have consistently proven themselves as reliable performers in terms of accuracy and velocity. The heavier barrel on the Axis helps provide an extra measure of stability for improved accuracy while shooting at longer ranges compared to the lighter barrel on the Axis II.

Price Consideration

When it comes to price consideration between the Savage Axis and the Axix II, there is not much difference in cost between them as they are both priced competitively in their respective categories. The estimated cost range for either model can range from around $400 up to $800 depending on features such as scope packages or other accessories included with purchase. Additionally, there are often deals available online or through local gun stores that can offer significant savings over retail prices when buying either model rifle from these sources as well as additional savings when purchasing in bulk quantities from wholesalers or distributors online or offline.

Trigger Pull Properties

The trigger pull properties of both Savage Axises have been designed with precision shooters in mind. The triggers on both models feature adjustable pull weights to accommodate different shooting styles as well as crisp break points for improved accuracy when squeezing off shots at extended ranges compared to standard factory triggers found on most hunting rifles today. Additionally, each trigger model features an integrated safety lever that prevents accidental discharges by requiring two separate motions before firing takes place – one motion to engage the safety lever followed by another motion of pulling back on the trigger itself before firing can occur. 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Replacement Parts Of Savage Axis Vs Axis II

When it comes to replacement parts of Savage Axis and Axis II, it is important to understand the availability of spare parts. Some parts may not be available from the manufacturer or through third-party sources. Thus, it is essential to research and find out if the desired part is easily attainable without any complication.
Another factor that needs to be considered is the warranty coverage offered on the products. If there are any issues with the performance or durability of a particular part, then it helps to have a warranty in place which covers such incidents. This ensures that any issue can be resolved without much cost or effort on the user’s part.

Magazine Availability For Savage Axis Vs Axis II

The number of rounds per magazine for each model of Savage Axis varies slightly, but generally speaking they both have a capacity of 10 rounds per magazine. This allows for a good balance between accuracy and rate of fire when shooting. Additionally, there are different magazine styles available for both models, depending on the user’s preference and intended use.
For those who prefer higher capacity magazines with more rounds per magazine, there are extended capacity aftermarket magazines available as well. These provide an additional 5-15 rounds per magazine over standard capacity magazines, depending on the specific model chosen.

External Accessories Offered For Savage Axis Vs Axis II

External accessories that are offered for Savage Axis and Axis II include sling attachments, optic mounts/bases, muzzle brakes/flash hiders and other items such as rail covers and bipods. All these accessories help enhance accuracy by providing additional stability during shooting as well as making it more comfortable to carry the rifle when travelling long distances or while hunting in harsh conditions.
The addition of optic mounts/bases also makes it possible to use scopes or red dot sights with these rifles for improved accuracy at long ranges or in low light conditions respectively. Furthermore, muzzle brakes/flash hiders can reduce muzzle rise during rapid fire which helps maintain accuracy during extended firing sessions or while engaging multiple targets at once.

Popularly Asked Questions On Savage Axis Vs Axis II

When discussing Savage axis vs axis II rifles there are several common questions asked by those who own them or are considering purchasing one for themselves. These include queries regarding performance and durability such as how accurate they can be expected to shoot and how reliable they will remain over time; design clarity such as how easy it is to differentiate between models; and mechanical reliability such as whether they will continue functioning properly after many years of use or only under certain conditions like temperature changes etc. All these questions must be answered before making an informed decision about which model best suits one’s needs.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the features of Savage Axis Vs Axis II?
A: Savage Axis Vs Axis II features include accuracy, handling and design, ammunition compatibility and ballistics performance.

Q: What is the estimated cost range for Savage Axis Vs Axis II?
A: The estimated cost range for Savage Axis Vs Axis II varies depending on the type and model of firearm. Generally, they can range from budget-friendly to high-end prices.

Q: What are the trigger pull properties of Savage Axis Vs Axis II?
A: The trigger pull properties of Savage Axis Vs Axis II depend on the type and model of firearm. Generally, they have a trigger type and functionality with a pull weight that is smooth and crisp.

Q: Are there any licensing and safety regulations for Savage Axis Vs Axis II?
A: Yes, there are licensing and safety regulations for Savage Axis Vs Axis II. These vary by state so it is important to be aware of any specific regulations in your area before using or storing firearms.

Q: Are there any external accessories offered for Savage axis vs axis ii?
A: Yes, there are external accessories offered for Savage axis vs axis ii such as sling attachments and optic mounts/bases.

The Savage Axis Vs Axis II debate comes down to a few key factors: overall accuracy, cost, and personal preference. The Savage Axis offers more accuracy in terms of accuracy and consistency, but it also carries a higher price tag. The Axis II provides a more affordable option for those who don’t need the same level of precision but still want reliable performance. Ultimately, it is up to the individual shooter to decide which rifle best suits their shooting needs.

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