Comparing Sennheiser HD 599 Vs 599 SE: Which Headphone is Right for You?

The Sennheiser HD 599 SE is an upgraded version of the HD 599, offering improved sound quality and comfort.

Sennheiser Hd 599 Vs 599 Se

The Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE headphones share many similarities, but there are some distinctions that allow them to serve distinct purposes. The standard HD 599 is a great all-around option for anyone who wants a great audio experience. The Special Edition (SE) version of the headset features the same basic design but provides upgraded components, such as an additional set of cables with different audio characteristics. This makes it ideal for the more discerning listener who wants to pick up on even the subtlest of sound details. Both models offer superb comfort levels with their plush velour earpads, making them suitable for extended listening sessions. Additionally, thanks to their open-back design, listeners can benefit from natural soundstage reproduction with clear and detailed mids and highs, as well as a well-shaped, deep bass. Ultimately both are fantastic headphones capable of bringing out the best in any music genre – it’s just a matter of deciding which one fits your own particular needs!

Design & Construction – Material Used – Comfort Level

The Sennheiser HD 599 and HD 599 SE are two headphones that have a similar look and feel. Both of them feature a well-constructed design, with an open-back style that allows for great soundstage and detail. The materials used in both are very good quality, with the HD 599 using a strong plastic material and the HD 599 SE using metal. Both are also designed to be comfortable to wear, with soft earpads and adjustable headbands that can be adjusted to fit any size of head.

The comfort level of both headphones is excellent, with the earpads being made from soft velour material and the padding on the headband being thick enough to provide good cushioning without feeling too tight. The weight of both headphones is also quite light, making them perfect for long listening sessions or even wearing them all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Technology & Features – Connectivity Options – Wireless Technology

When it comes to technology and features, both the Sennheiser HD 599 and HD 599 SE offer great options. The HD 599 has a 3.5mm jack for wired connection while the HD 599 SE has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection for added convenience. Both models are also compatible with 2-channel stereo sources such as TVs, computers, gaming systems, mobile phones etc., allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or movies in high-quality sound.

The wireless technology used in both headphones is top notch, offering a stable connection with minimal interference or dropouts even when listening from a distance away from your device. The range of Bluetooth connectivity is also impressive, allowing you to connect up to 10 meters away from your source device without any sound quality issues.

Audio Quality & Performance – Frequency Response Range – Soundstage

When it comes to audio quality and performance, both the Sennheiser HD 599 and HD 599 SE offer impressive results. Both have a wide frequency response range of 12Hz-38kHz which allows for accurate reproduction of low frequencies as well as high frequencies like cymbals and violins without distortion or clipping. The soundstage on both models is also quite large due to their open back design which provides an airy yet detailed soundscape with excellent separation between instruments or voices in each track which makes them great for gaming or movies.

The overall audio performance on both models is excellent due to their well tuned drivers which produce crisp highs along with smooth mids and deep bass response which makes them great for all types of music genres whether it be classical or pop music etc.. They also do not suffer from too much noise bleed making them suitable for use in quiet environments like libraries or offices where you don’t want your music disturbing others around you too much.

Ease Of Use & Operability – Volume Control Options – Control Buttons

When it comes to ease of use and operability ,both the Sennheiser HD 599 and HD 599 SE offer some great options for those who want an easy way to control their music playback experience . Both models come with volume control options via either inline remote controls on their cables or external volume controls on their earcups as well as control buttons on their left earcups for adjusting settings such as bass boost/reduction ,balance ,play/pause ,and other features .They are also very lightweight which makes it easy to carry around when travelling . They have an adjustable headband that can be adjusted easily so that they fit perfectly around your ears no matter what size head you have .

Price & Availability – Cost Comparison in different countries – Retailers

When it comes down price point ,the main difference between Sennheiser’s HD 599 vs 599SE lies mainly in its price tag .The original model has been available at retail stores since its launch at $199 while its special edition counterpart was released at $249 . However ,the prices vary depending on where you buy them as well as if there are any discounts available online so make sure you check multiple retailers before making your purchase .It is also important to note that these prices may vary depending on what country youre purchasing from so make sure you do some research beforehand if youre looking into buying one outside of your home country .

Accessories in the Box

The Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE headphones both come with a stand, a carrying case/bag, and hooks. The stand is great for keeping your headphones safe and secure when not in use. The carrying case/bag is perfect for taking your headphones with you on the go, while the hooks provide an easy way to hang them up when not in use.

Alternative Options

For those looking for alternative options to the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE, there are two main options available: over-ear and on-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are great for providing superior sound quality and comfort, while on-ear headphones are more lightweight and portable. Both types of headphones offer excellent sound quality, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

User Feedback

When it comes to user feedback regarding the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE headsets, opinions are generally positive. Many users have praised their sound quality, comfort level, and build quality. They also appreciate the fact that they come with a variety of accessories in the box such as a stand, carrying case/bag, and hooks. On the other hand, some users have had issues with noise isolation or have mentioned that they tend to get uncomfortable after extended periods of use.

Setup Guide & Manual

The unboxing instructions for both the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE headsets are fairly straightforward just make sure to read through them before attempting to set up your new headset! After unboxing them youll want to follow any basic setup help provided in order to ensure that youre getting optimal performance from your new device. Once youve done this you can begin enjoying your new Sennheiser headset!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the difference between Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE?
A: The Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE are both open-back, over-ear headphones. They both feature the same design and construction, with the same comfort level. The main difference is that the HD 599 SE features an upgraded transducer for improved sound quality, as well as a detachable cable for added convenience.

Q: What connectivity options are available on the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE?
A: Both the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE come with a 3.5mm audio jack and a 6.3mm adapter for connecting to audio devices. They also feature wireless technology such as Bluetooth and NFC for connecting to compatible devices wirelessly.

Q: What is the frequency response range of the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE?
A: The Sennheiser HD 599 has a frequency response range of 1238,500 Hz, while the HD 599 SE has a frequency response range of 1041,000 Hz. Both models offer excellent soundstage and immersive audio performance.

Q: How much do the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE cost?
A: The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for both models is $249 USD. Prices may vary depending on your location or retailer you purchase from.

Q: Are there any accessories included in the box with the Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE?
A: Yes, each model comes with a detachable 3m cable with 6.3mm jack, 3m cable with 3.5mm jack, adapter, 3m extension cable with 6.3mm jack, carrying pouch, quick guide leaflet, safety guide leaflet included in the box.

The Sennheiser HD 599 and 599 SE are two great headphones that offer outstanding sound quality. The HD 599 is a more affordable option and is well-suited for everyday listening, while the 599 SE offers a more sophisticated sound with higher-end components. Both headphones offer excellent soundstage and clarity, but the 599 SE will provide a more immersive experience. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference; however, both models are great options for those looking for an immersive listening experience.

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