Create the Ultimate Shadowrun Returns Street Samurai Build with These Tips

A Street Samurai in Shadowrun Returns is a character build based around melee and ranged combat.

Shadowrun Returns Street Samurai Build

Shadowrun Returns Street Samurai Build is a character build designed to bring players the best mix of combat prowess and strategic thinking. With a focus on increasing the effectiveness of ranged or physical weapons, this build is for those looking to create an unstoppable street warrior. The character’s abilities can be optimized with attributes such as Strength, Body and Reaction that increase damage output and accuracy. The character can also hold their own in close combat thanks to various skills that can be taken such as Blades, Unarmed Combat, Firearms and Tactics, along with enchantments like Increased Damage Resistance. With this build, gamers will have a powerful mix of Slayer and Strategist that can take down any opponent in its path.

Gear and Weapons

When it comes to creating a Street Samurai, the gear and weapons you choose are paramount. A Street Samurai must be well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise in the shadows. Your loadout should include a variety of weapons to cover any range, from close quarters combat knives to long-range sniper rifles. Ammunition is also important make sure you have enough to last through a fight, or enough for an escape if needed. In addition to weapons, armor is essential for protecting yourself from bullets and other hazards. Look for lightweight options that dont slow you down but still provide adequate coverage. Finally, dont forget about cybernetics these can give you an edge in combat, as well as provide more utility and flexibility in your build.

Equipment You’ll Need

Before you set out in the shadows as a Street Samurai, its important to make sure you have the necessary equipment. This includes the aforementioned weapons and armor, but also other items such as communications devices (for keeping in contact with your team), medical supplies (for treating injuries), survival gear (for traversing hazardous terrain), and tools for bypassing security systems. Make sure to plan ahead and bring what you need for whatever mission lies ahead otherwise you may find yourself unprepared when the heat turns up!

Combat Loadouts

Once you have your equipment taken care of, its time to consider how that equipment will be used in combat situations. Depending on your build, this could involve anything from short-range assaults with melee weapons or long-range sniping with rifles; or something in between like using firearms at mid-range while using cyberware abilities or magic spells up close. Knowing when and how to use each weapon is key so make sure to practice in advance so that when the time comes you can take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself!

Build Options

When building a Street Samurai character there are many options available when it comes to attributes, skills and knowledge, combat abilities, decking/technomancy abilities, magic/resonance abilities, cyberware enhancements and more! Each of these can be tailored depending on what kind of character concept best suits your needs whether its an adept assassin who specializes in stealth takedowns or a gunfighter who excels at mid-range engagements. Take some time to consider what kind of build would best fit your playstyle before moving on!


The first step towards creating a Street Samurai character is deciding which attributes will be used as the foundation of their build. Attributes represent general aspects such as physical strength or intelligence; they determine how proficiently characters can use skills related to those attributes during gameplay. For a Street Samurai build focus should be placed on Strength and Agility since these will determine how effective they are with their chosen weapons; other useful attributes include Willpower (for resisting magical attacks) and Logic (for decking/technomancy).

Skills and Knowledge

In addition to attributes, skills also play an important role when creating a Street Samurai character; these represent specific abilities such as firearms proficiency or hacking expertise which help characters perform specific tasks during gameplay. For example: someone who prefers melee combat might invest points into Pistols skill while someone who prefers ranged engagements might invest points into Rifles skill instead; meanwhile someone who wants to specialize in decking/technomancy might invest points into Computer skill instead. Its important to consider what kind of activities your character will most likely be engaging in before investing points into skills – otherwise they may find themselves unprepared for the situations they face!

Combat Abilities

Next up is combat abilities these represent special techniques that characters can use during battle such as martial arts maneuvers or magical spells which give them an edge over their opponents. Depending on the focus of their build characters may want to invest points into different combat abilities: those focusing on melee combat might invest points into Martial Arts ability while those focusing on ranged engagements might invest points into Gunnery ability instead; meanwhile those specializing in magical spells might invest points into Sorcery ability instead. As with skills its important to consider what kind of activities your character will most likely be engaging in before investing points into combat abilities – otherwise they may find themselves unprepared for the situations they face!

Decking or Technomancy Abilities

For those wanting more utility beyond just combat capabilities theres always Decking/Technomancy which allow characters access computers remotely using specialized programs or even directly hack into systems using their own skill sets this can give them access not only information but also control over certain devices depending on how powerful their programs are; this could even extend beyond just computers as technomancers are able manipulate electronic devices directly through Resonance manipulation! Investing points into Decking/Technomancy can open up many possibilities during missions so make sure not miss out on this aspect if choosing this path!

Magic or Resonance Abilities

For those looking for even more power beyond simple hacking there is always Magic/Resonance which allow characters access powers beyond comprehension from summoning fireballs from thin air all the way up controlling weather patterns directly; however unlike Decking/Technomancy Magic/Resonance require great amounts of knowledge about its workings before one can wield its full power (and even then one must always be careful about tinkering too much!). Investing points into Magic/Resonance opens up many new possibilities during missions so make sure not miss out on this aspect if choosing this path!

Cyberware Enhancements

Finally theres Cyberware Enhancements which modify existing physical attributes through advanced technology installed inside one’s body; although often costly these upgrades can vastly change one’s capabilities ranging from increased reaction times all way up giving access strange powers not usually available without them installed! Cyberware Enhancements often come with drawbacks however so make sure weigh pros cons before investing too heavily in them although many swear by them its still impossible tell if their effects last long term without further testing

Mechanics Of The Build


The Street Samurai build focuses on increasing the physical Attributes of Body, Strength, and Agility in order to maximize power and effectiveness in combat. Body should be the highest priority when allocating attribute points as it affects a character’s health and their ability to soak damage. Strength should be the next highest priority as it affects both melee and ranged weapon damage. Agility should be the final priority as it affects ranged weapon accuracy and can help with dodges in melee combat.


When it comes to skills, the Street Samurai build should focus on improving their weapon skills such as Longarms, Heavy Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Blades, Clubs, and Throwing Weapons. It is also important to invest in auxiliary skills such as Athletics, Perception, First Aid, and Lockpicking which can help to support the character in various situations.


For a Street Samurai build, having the right gear is essential for success. Heavy armor is a must for maximum protection in combat while also providing additional bonus dice for soak tests. Weapons should cover both close-range and long-range combat scenarios so investing in an assault rifle or shotgun along with a sword or knife is highly recommended. Other useful items include cyberware implants that can increase attributes or provide additional special abilities such as increased movement speed or improved vision.


The Street Samurai is all about taking advantage of their strength and armor to wade into battle headfirst without fear of taking too much damage. Close-ranged weapons like swords or shotguns are best for this type of build while long-ranged weapons like assault rifles are better suited for picking off targets from afar. When it comes to tactics, the Street Samurai should focus on getting up close and personal with their enemies while using cover when necessary to minimize incoming damage.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What gear and weapons do I need for a Street Samurai build in Shadowrun Returns?
A: A Street Samurai build in Shadowrun Returns will require a range of weapons and gear depending on your playstyle. Basic necessities include firearms such as pistols, a heavy weapon, and melee weapons. You’ll also want to make sure you have armor, grenades, drones, med kits, and other items that will help you survive in dangerous combat situations.

Q: What are my build options for a Street Samurai in Shadowrun Returns?
A: When creating your Street Samurai character in Shadowrun Returns you’ll have the option to customize your attributes, skills and knowledge, combat abilities, decking or technomancy abilities, magic or resonance abilities, and cyberware enhancements. All of these elements come together to create an effective combatant who can take on any situation that they come across.

Q: What are the character creation parameters of a Street Samurai build?
A: When creating a Street Samurai character in Shadowrun Returns the parameters you can customize include attributes such as body type and strength; skills & knowledge such as hacking and bluffing; combat abilities like shooting and martial arts; decking or technomancy abilities like programming or hardware; magic or resonance abilities such as spells or adept powers; and cyberware enhancements like vision enhancement or dermal plating.

Q: What game rules interactions should I be aware of when building a Street Samurai?
A: When building a Street Samurai character in Shadowrun Returns it is important to be aware of the game rules interactions that could affect your character’s performance. Some of these rules interactions include how certain cyberware can limit the use of certain skills due to their bio-mechanical nature; how different magical spells may interact with each other; how certain weapons may require specific ammunition types; and how different attribute levels will affect your character’s overall performance.

Q: Are there any exploits I should know about when playing a Street Samurai?
A: Exploiting specific game mechanics is not recommended when playing Shadowrun Returns as it may disrupt the overall balance of the game. However, there are some strategies you can employ that are within accepted game parameters such as utilizing cover to protect yourself from enemy fire (especially when using heavy weapons), using drones to scout ahead for traps or enemies before engaging them directly, using powerful melee attacks at close range to quickly eliminate opponents before they can act, and utilizing cyberware enhancements wisely to maximize their effectiveness.

In conclusion, a Street Samurai build in Shadowrun Returns is a great way to make a character that is highly skilled in combat and can deal massive damage with their weapons. With the right choice of skills and gear, you will be able to take down your opponents in no time. Make sure to invest some points into melee combat skills and balance it out with cyberware or magic. With the right build, you will be able to dominate the streets of Shadowrun Returns!

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