Unlock the Meaning of So It Goes Tattoo – A Symbol of Acceptance and Resignation

The phrase “so it goes” is often used as a way of accepting inevitability and acknowledging that all things must pass.

So It Goes Tattoo Meaning

The phrase So It Goes is often used in the tattoo art, often conveying a meaningful message to those who wear it. This phrase, also known as SIG, symbolizes the idea of surrendering to the inevitability of our fate. It reflects the acceptance and acknowledgment of our circumstances without judging them as good or bad. Wearing this tattoo serves as a reminder to let go, take life’s challenges in stride, and live with purpose and joy.

The phrase is borrowed from acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut’s popular novel Slaughterhouse-Five which follows World War II survivor Billy Pilgrim. As he aims to make sense of his trauma while living as a prisoner of war, Vonnegut uses the phrase “So it goes” to somberly remind us that life is full of both tragedy and joy. In some cases, people have combined these two meanings with other phrases such as “This too shall pass,” for an even more powerful message.

When thinking about getting a So It Goes tattoo you should not only consider what its words mean but also how they will look. Symbols or drawings can be used in conjunction with or instead of the phrase itself. Overall, it is important that you find meaningful symbolism in your design that will provide you with both guidance and resilience regardless of life’s changing circumstances.

What Does ‘So It Goes’ Mean?

The phrase so it goes is generally used to express a sentiment of acceptance or resignation in the face of lifes ups and downs. The phrase has its origins in Kurt Vonneguts classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five, and is meant to convey the idea that life is full of both joy and tragedy, and that its important to accept both as part of the human experience.

The phrase so it goes can also refer to a kind of stoic resignation in the face of adversity. It implies that while we may not always be able to control our circumstances, we can choose how we respond to them. This idea has been popularized by philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, who wrote extensively on the importance of maintaining an attitude of acceptance and equanimity in the face of lifes challenges.

What is the Meaning of ‘So It Goes Tattoo’?

The phrase so it goes has become increasingly popular as a tattoo design over the past few years, as more people seek out meaningful symbols to commemorate their experiences in life. For many people, getting a tattoo with this phrase serves as a reminder of the importance of living life with acceptance and resilience.

For some, getting a tattoo with this phrase can be an expression of their love for Kurt Vonnegut and his work (Slaughterhouse-Five being one of his most beloved novels). For others, it serves as an outward reminder that there will always be hardships along with joys in life, but you can choose how you react to them.

Symbolic representations for ‘So it Goes Tattoo’ vary depending on what each person wants their tattoo to mean for them personally. Some people may choose simple designs featuring just the words so it goes while others may opt for more intricate designs featuring images or symbols related to Kurt Vonnegut or his work. Popular variations include designs featuring stars, clocks, doves, butterflies, or other symbols associated with Slaughterhouse-Five.

Popular Placement Ideas for ‘So It Goes Tattoo’

When deciding where to place your so it goes tattoo, there are many factors to consider such as visibility (how noticeable will your design be?), aesthetic appeal (will your design look good on this particular area?), and personal preference (do you prefer tattoos on certain parts of your body?). Visible placement ideas include wrists, hands/fingers, arms/shoulders/back/chest/abdomen area, and neck/head area. For those who prefer tattoos that are less visible but still aesthetically pleasing, consider placing your so it goes tattoo on areas such as ankles or behind ears/neck area.

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A ‘So It Goes Tattoo’

When deciding whether or not to get a so it goes tattoo design, there are several pros and cons one should consider before committing. Benefits include having a meaningful reminder that life is full of both joys and sorrows; being able to express oneself artistically; having an outward symbol that represents one’s inner values; increasing confidence; having something special only one person will have; and making an individual statement about one’s beliefs or values without having to say anything out loud. Risks associated with getting such a tattoo include possible regret if one changes their mind later down the line; potential health risks such as scarring if not done correctly; social stigma attached if one works in professional settings; potential job discrimination based on visible tattoos; financial costs associated with removal if desired later on; etc..

Creative Fonts For ‘So It Goes Tattoo’

When selecting fonts for your so it goes tattoo design there are many options available depending upon what typeface best matches your desired aesthetic effect. Intricate font ideas include script fonts which give off a more elegant feel; old-style fonts which evoke traditional lettering styles from centuries past; modern sans serif fonts which offer bolder lettering styles more suitable for larger designs etc.; display fonts which feature unique characteristics such as decorative elements or unusual shapes; etc.. Bold typeface options include heavyweights like Impact & Arial Black which offer bolder lettering styles suitable for larger designs without sacrificing readability.; slab serif fonts which feature thicker strokes & geometric shapes giving off an industrial feel perfect for making statement pieces.; blackletter fonts reminiscent from calligraphy & illuminated manuscripts perfect for giving off a vintage look.; etc..

So It Goes Tattoo Meaning

The phrase “so it goes” is an expression used to acknowledge life’s transience and the inevitability of death. It can be seen as a sign of resignation, a recognition of the fleeting nature of life or simply an expression of acceptance. The phrase has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is now often used as a tattoo design to symbolize this sentiment.

Pre Planning Considerations Before Getting a So It Goe Tattoo

Before getting a So It Goe tattoo, it is important to consider several pre-planning factors to ensure the best outcome for your design. Firstly, it is essential to have a formal consultation with a professional tattoo artist who can provide advice on the size, placement, and style of your design. Secondly, it is important to research different designs to find the one that best reflects your personal meaning behind the phrase. Lastly, it is important to discuss any potential health risks with your artist before getting inked.

Pain Level Expectation for So It Goe Tattoos

The pain level experienced when getting a So It Goe tattoo depends on several factors such as where on the body it will be placed and how large the design will be. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos are less painful than larger ones due to their size and placement on more sensitive areas like the wrists or hands. Additionally, certain areas may be more sensitive due to nerve endings located in those areas; for example, tattoos placed near joints are likely to be more painful than those placed on other parts of the body.

Aftercare Necessities for So It Goe Tattoos

The aftercare needs for So It Goe tattoos are similar to those needed for any other type of tattoo; however there are some specific needs that should be taken into consideration when caring for this type of design. Firstly, it is essential to keep the area clean by gently cleaning with lukewarm water and soap several times per day; this will help prevent infection and promote healing. Additionally, using an antibiotic cream or ointment can help protect against infection while keeping the area moist which will aid in healing time. Lastly, protecting your new tattoo from sun exposure will help maintain its vibrancy and color over time; applying sunscreen when necessary will ensure that your new ink stays looking fresh!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What does ‘So It Goes’ Mean?
A: ‘So it Goes’ is a phrase used to acknowledge and accept things in life which cannot be changed. It is often used to reflect on life’s transience and the inevitability of change.

Q: What is the Meaning of ‘So It Goes Tattoo’?
A: The So It Goes tattoo can be interpreted in various ways. Generally, it symbolizes acceptance of lifes hardships, resilience in the face of adversity, and letting go of negative emotions. It can also be seen as a reminder to live in the present moment and not take anything for granted.

Q: What are Popular Placement Ideas for ‘So It Goes Tattoo’?
A: Common placement ideas for So It Goes tattoos include wrists, neck, forearms, ankles, and ribs. For a more discreet placement, the tattoo can be placed behind an ear or on fingers or toes.

Q: What are Creative Fonts for ‘So it goes Tattoo’?
A: Popular font ideas for So It Goes tattoos include cursive lettering, script fonts, Old English lettering, brush lettering, gothic lettering and block lettering. Depending on preference and design idea, additional fonts such as graffiti font or even calligraphy can also be used.

Q: What are the Pain Level Expectations for So It Goe Tattoos?
A: The pain level associated with getting a So it Goes tattoo varies depending on its size and location on the body. Generally speaking, areas with fewer nerve endings such as arms and legs tend to cause less pain compared to areas with more nerve endings such as ribs or spine.

The ‘So It Goes’ tattoo is a popular phrase that is often seen as a reminder to accept life and its twists and turns. The phrase can be interpreted in many different ways, from acceptance of change, the passing of time, or even the cycle of life. The tattoo is a way for people to remind themselves to take life’s challenges with grace and acceptance. Ultimately, what the phrase means to an individual can be completely unique and personal.

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