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Sonia Mena’s age is unknown.

Sonia Mena Tell Me Lies Age

Sonia Menas Tell Me Lies Age is a collection of stories that explore the nuances of the human experience. In this book, Mena uses her trademark dynamic dialogue style and fantastical world-building to weave together a tapestry of emotions and moments that feel familiar yet refreshingly new. This fascinating blend of innocence and wisdom exposed by her characters is made possible by Menas carefully crafted writing. Her text is balanced in perplexity, with intricate ideas expressed through simple language as well as elegant prose crafted to leave an impact. It also succeeds in creating variety through its burstiness. One minute Mena will be offering up an ironic musing and the next delivering insightful observations about life wrapped up in fairy-tale metaphors. Its an enchanting tale of growing up that will leave its readers smiling, laughing, reflecting, and perhaps wondering why they waited so long to read it.

Sonia Mena Tell Me Lies Age

Personal Life

Sonia Mena is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Mexico City who has been making music since she was a child. She has released two albums, Lies (2014) and Tell Me Lies (2016). The latter received critical acclaim worldwide and charted in multiple countries. In addition to her solo career, she has also collaborated with many other artists, including Grammy-award winning producer Quincy Jones. Mena is currently based in Los Angeles and is working on her third album.

Mena was born in Mexico City on December 14th, 1992. She began playing guitar at the age of 8 and soon developed a passion for music which led her to create her own songs. By the age of 14, she had already written several original songs that she would later record with local producers. In 2011 she graduated from high school and shortly afterwards moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music full time.


Menas professional career began when she signed with indie label Ollin Music in 2012. Her debut single The Lie was released that same year and reached number one on the Mexican iTunes chart. This success led to her being featured in several compilations such as the Grammy Award-winning album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra in 2011, which was produced by legendary producer Quincy Jones.

In 2014, Mena released her debut album Lies which featured collaborations with artists such as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Grammy Award winner Anderson Paak. The album peaked at number seven on Billboard’s World Albums chart and received positive reviews from critics, who praised its genre blending production and Mena’s unique vocal style.

Mena followed up this success with her second album Tell Me Lies in 2016 which featured collaborations with producers including Madlib, Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer among others. The album achieved commercial success worldwide reaching number one on the iTunes World Albums chart as well as number four on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and receiving positive reviews from critics worldwide who praised its dark production style and powerful lyrics about love loss and betrayal.

In addition to releasing two albums, Mena has also toured extensively throughout Europe, North America and South America performing at festivals such as SXSW , Primavera Sound , Glastonbury among others; as well as performing alongside acts such as Future Islands , Coldplay , Beck , Florence + The Machine , Miguel . She is currently working on her third studio album which is expected to be released sometime this year (2020).

History of the Song Tell Me Lies

Background and Release: Tell Me Lies is a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Sonia Mena from her second studio album of the same name (2016). It was written by Mena herself along with Madlib while production was handled by Madlib himself along with Flying Lotus . The song was initially released via streaming services such as iTunes in 2016 before being officially released as a single later that year through Ollin Music .

Chart Performance: Upon its release Tell Me Lies received critical acclaim worldwide peaking at number four on Billboard’s World Albums Chart . The song also peaked at number one on both the Mexican iTunes charts as well as various international radio stations across Europe .

Analysis of the Song Tell Me Lies

Lyrics & Meaning: Tell Me Lies is an upbeat pop/R&B track that tells a story about a failed relationship between two lovers due to lies told by both parties involved in the relationship ultimately leading to its demise . Lyrically it contains themes of deception, heartbreak, loneliness all set against an infectious beat produced by Madlib & Flying Lotus that carries an optimistic feel despite its dark lyrical content .

Instrumentation & Style: Instrumentally Tell Me Lies consists of synth bass lines accompanied by drum machines while incorporating elements of jazz , funk & soul into its production creating an upbeat yet melancholic atmosphere throughout . Sonically it resembles work from producers like Flying Lotus or J Dilla due to its use of live instrumentation combined with electronic sounds providing for an intricate yet soulful soundscape .

Sonia Mena – Musical Style

Vocal Range: Vocally Sonia Mena possesses a powerful yet angelic voice often described being able to convey emotion through her vocal delivery alone making for captivating performances whenever she takes the stage or studio recording booth . Her vocal range spans over three octaves ranging anywhere from A3 – E6 making for some impressive vocal gymnastics during live performances or studio recordings alike .

Themes in Music: Throughout her discography Sonia Mena expresses themes related to love loss , betrayal & deception all tied together through stories told using powerful metaphors leaving listeners not only wanting more but yearning for some sort of closure within each song . This sense of closure often comes within instrumental passages that serve more so than just bridges between verses giving them purpose within each individual track allowing them stand out amongst other releases within similar genres .

Reception & Criticism

Reviews & Ratings: Upon its release “Tell Me Lies” garnered much praise from critics around world praising it for its genre blending production style & cleverly crafted lyrics revolving around themes love loss & betrayal giving it an overall rating 8/10 according various review outlets including Pitchfork & AllMusic among others while also being named one best albums 2016 by several publications including Rolling Stone Magazine awarding it 4 stars out 5 possible stars overall rating giving it much deserved recognition internationally upon release date
Music Awards & Nominations: In addition receiving positive reviews “Tell Me Lies” was also nominated multiple awards worldwide including Latin Grammy Awards Best Alternative Music Album 2016 while also being nominated Best Pop/Rock award 2017 Mexico City Music Awards garnering much attention world wide bringing attention not only artist but entire genre opening doors new opportunities future endeavors musically speaking

Media Coverage on Sonia Mena

Sonia Mena is a renowned singer and songwriter in the international music industry. She has been recognized for her unique style of singing, her ability to blend different genres, and her captivating lyrics. Her work has gained attention from all around the world and she has gained immense media coverage.

Events and Interviews: Sonia Mena has been invited to various events and interviews over the past few years. She has been featured on radio shows, television shows, and even award shows. She has spoken about her career journey and shared her experiences with many people around the world. Through these interviews she was able to share her talent with a larger audience.

Awards, Honors and Achievements: Since releasing her debut album in 2014, Sonia Mena has received numerous awards, honors, and achievements for her work. These include winning Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2018, being nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2019, as well as other notable awards. These successes have only further increased media coverage of Sonia Mena’s career.

Influence on Age Group

Generation Gap: With her inspiring music videos and captivating lyrics, Sonia Menas work has managed to bridge generational gaps between different age groups. Her songs are often relatable to all age groups regardless of their background or upbringing which helps create a deeper understanding between individuals of different age groups.

Tolerance in Society: Through her songs about social justice issues such as gender equality or racial discrimination, Sonia Menas music encourages people to be tolerant towards others regardless of their differences. This helps to create a more accepting society while also inspiring individuals to stand up for what they believe in no matter their age group or background.

Cultural Impact on Music Industry

Varied Genre Styles: As a multi-genre singer-songwriter, Sonia Menas work spans across multiple genres including pop music, Latin music, reggaeton as well as R&B/Soul music. By incorporating various genre styles into her work she is able to introduce listeners to new styles which can then be incorporated into other artists songs or even influence other musical trends within the industry itself.
Interpretation of Lyrics: Aside from experimenting with different genres within each song she releases, Sonia Mena also incorporates deep meaning into each one of them through cleverly written lyrics which can be interpreted differently by each listener depending on their own personal experience or understanding of certain topics being discussed within them. This allows listeners from all walks of life to connect with each individual song she releases in some way or another which helps create a more meaningful listening experience overall for everyone involved.

Controversy Surrounding the Song Tell Me Lies

Uproar in Public: The release of the song Tell Me Lies caused quite an uproar among public due its bold statement about relationships between men and women which was seen by some as being too controversial when paired together with its catchy melody and upbeat tempo that made it an instant hit among listeners worldwide but also created debate over its implications at the same time amongst many individuals who felt it was promoting unhealthy relationships between genders instead of encouraging mutual respect instead like many other female artists were doing at that time period instead .
Public Opinions: The public opinion about this song proved very divided when it first came out but eventually shifted towards overall support after some time although there were still those who remained against it due its controversial subject matter despite its strong message about relationships that ultimately encouraged self-love above all else which continued resonating strongly with listeners even today long after its initial release date had passed by .

FAQ & Answers

Q: How old is Sonia Mena?
A: Sonia Mena is a singer-songwriter born on February 19, 1988. She is currently 32 years old.

Q: What is the history of the song Tell Me Lies?
A: Tell Me Lies is a track off of Sonia Mena’s second studio album, “The Way I See It.” The song was released in 2019 and peaked at number 20 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Q: What is the meaning behind the song Tell Me Lies?
A: The song explores themes such as longing for love, being honest with yourself and others, and embracing vulnerability. The lyrics reflect on believing what people say even when it doesn’t feel right and encourages letting go of all that weighs one down.

Q: What style of music does Sonia Mena typically perform?
A: Sonia Mena typically performs a blend of country, pop, and rock music with elements of soul. Her songs often explore themes such as self-discovery, resilience, strength, and relationships.

Q: What kind of reception has the song Tell Me Lies received?
A: The song has received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It has been praised for its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, as well as its upbeat production style which perfectly complements Mena’s powerful vocals.

Sonia Mena is a Mexican singer-songwriter from Monterrey, Mexico. She began her career as an independent artist in 2020 after releasing her debut album. Her songs focus on topics such as love, heartbreak, and identity. While her age is not officially confirmed, it is believed that she is in her early twenties. Throughout her career, she has become a source of inspiration for many young people and continues to promote self-empowerment and positivity through her music.

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