Where to Find Star Trek Fleet Command Ship Blueprints – A Guide to Locations

The locations for the blueprints for ships in Star Trek Fleet Command can be found in the in-game store or from completing tasks in various modules.

Star Trek Fleet Command Ship Blueprints Locations

Star Trek Fleet Command’s Ship Blueprints can be located throughout the galaxy and are essential in crafting powerful vessels to help you dominate your rivals. If you’re looking for help on where to find these blueprints, read on. Locations may vary, but the following can be some of your best bets in finding blueprints:

1. Defeating Factions – Whenever you face off against an opposing faction, there is always a chance for you to pick up some blueprints as rewards.

2. Events and Quests Ship blueprints can also be earned as rewards from events and quests in Star Trek Fleet Command. Keep an eye out for new events and opportunities that can help you gain access to additional blueprints of varying levels.

3. The Rogue Isle – On the Rogue Isle, certain NPCs will offer you deals in exchange for completing their missions which sometimes may include rare ship blueprints as prizes!

4. Trading Resources – Making trades with other players in Star Trek Fleet Command is also an effective way of acquiring ship blueprints that they may have on hand. Be sure to assess the risk and reward before making any trades!

Finding the ship blueprints scattered throughout the galaxy is key in helping build powerful ships with more advanced designs, so it’s crucial to know where to look if you want a stronger fleet!

Star Trek Fleet Command Ship Blueprints Locations

Ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command can be found in a variety of places. Common locations include gas giant planets and asteroid bases, while rarer locations include New Genesis planets and Abyssal Portals. Crafting materials for ships can be obtained from colony world missions as well as asteroid base missions. Additionally, some secret sectors like Delta Serpentis Sector and Wolf 359 Cluster may also contain ship blueprints that are not available elsewhere.

Common Locations of Ship Blueprints

Gas giant planets and asteroid bases are two of the most common locations for ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command. Gas giants are large planets that have a lot of gaseous elements in their atmosphere and they are often surrounded by a ring system composed of small particles and dust. Asteroid bases, on the other hand, are large structures made up of asteroids which have been converted into habitable areas. These bases often contain advanced technology, including the blueprints for ships that can be used by players in the game.

Rares Locations of Ship Blueprints

New Genesis planets and Abyssal Portals are two rarer locations where players can find ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command. New Genesis planets are special types of planets that have been created by powerful ancient civilizations using advanced technology to give them life-supporting qualities such as a breathable atmosphere and stable temperatures. Abyssal Portals, meanwhile, are mysterious structures located deep within space which can only be accessed through special keys or codes given by certain characters in the game. These portals often contain powerful technology items including unique ship blueprints which cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Crafting Material Sources for Ships

Colony world missions and asteroid base missions are two major sources for crafting materials which can be used to construct ships in Star Trek Fleet Command. Colony worlds are large areas filled with resources which players must explore to find crafting items such as metals or minerals which can then be used to build ships or other equipment. Asteroid base missions involve travelling to specific asteroids to collect items needed for construction purposes, including materials that cannot be found on regular colonies or mining sites.

Secret Sectors for Ships

Delta Serpentis Sector and Wolf 359 Cluster are two secret sectors where players may find unique ship blueprints not available anywhere else in Star Trek Fleet Command. Delta Serpentis is an area located at the edge of explored space containing mysterious objects such as ancient ruins or abandoned settlements which might contain valuable technological items including ship blueprints not found anywhere else in the game world . Wolf 359 Cluster is an area full of stars located far away from any established colonies where players may find even more rare items including advanced ship blueprints not seen elsewhere in the game world .

Level Requirements for Ships

Ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command are essential for progressing through the game. However, different ships have different level requirements, so it’s important to know what ships you can access at different levels.

At level 5, players are able to build the following ships: D’Kora Marauder, Krenim Annorax Science Vessel, Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort, Jem’Hadar Attack Ship and Vaadwaur Miracle Worker.

At level 6, players can build the following ships: Delta Flyer, Kazon Raider, Xindi-Aquatic Briostrys Dreadnought Carrier and Intrepid Class Starship.

Opportunities to Obtain Blueprints Quickly

There are a few opportunities that players can take advantage of in order to obtain ship blueprints quickly. Events and challenges are one way to get access to these blueprints faster than usual. These events usually contain special rewards such as ship blueprints that can be obtained by completing certain tasks or objectives.

Another way to quickly obtain ship blueprints is by participating in Pirate Territories Raids. These raids contain a wide variety of rewards including rare and exclusive items that will help players progress further in the game.

Trading KIXEZ for Ship Blueprints

KIXEZ is a currency used in Star Trek Fleet Command which allows players to purchase items from the Trade Hubs located throughout the game world. One of these items is ship blueprints which can be purchased using KIXEZ at Exploration Mode within Trade Hubs as well as during Relief Missions.

Strategies for Collecting Ship Blueprints

Collecting ship blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command requires some strategic thinking on behalf of the player. Players should prioritize hard-to-find resources such as Dilithium or ZPMs if they wish to obtain rarer ship blueprints faster than usual. In addition, it is also beneficial for players to announce their plans or goals within their Alliance chat as other members may be able to provide advice and assistance when needed.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where can I find common ship blueprints?
A: Common ship blueprints can be found in Gas Giant planets and Asteroid Bases.

Q: What are some rare locations of ship blueprints?
A: Rare locations of ship blueprints include New Genesis Planets and Abyssal Portals.

Q: What are the level requirements for ships?
A: Level 5 ships require a minimum level of 15, while Level 6 ships require a minimum level of 25.

Q: What are some opportunities to obtain blueprints quickly?
A: Events and challenges, as well as Pirate Territories Raids, provide great opportunities to obtain blueprints quickly.

Q: How can I trade KIXEZ for ship blueprints?
A: You can trade KIXEZ for ship blueprints by exploring mode in Trade Hubs or by participating in Relief Missions.

In conclusion, the locations of Star Trek Fleet Command ship blueprints can be found by looking through various online sources, including official websites and fan-made databases. Additionally, these blueprints can be obtained through in-game events or purchases. With all of these options available, any Star Trek fan should have no trouble finding the blueprints they need for their favorite ships.

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