The Top 5 Best Ground Weapons in Star Trek Online to Level Up Fast

The best ground weapons in Star Trek Online are the Elite Compression Phaser Rifles.

Star Trek Online Best Ground Weapons

Star Trek Online is an action-packed MMORPG set in the world of Star Trek. Players get to explore the vast universe, engage in thrilling combat, customize and upgrade their starships, and build powerful alliances. When it comes to ground weapons, the options are endless. From phasers and disruptors to bats and heavy pistols, you can equip your away team with various weapons to help them prevail over hostile enemies. Along the way, you’ll also be able to upgrade your weapons with improved skills and abilities. With so many options available, you will need to make sure that your team has the best possible ground weapons for each situation in order to come out victorious. So choose wisely!

Star Trek Online Best Ground Weapons

Ground weapons are essential for any player in Star Trek Online. They offer a variety of effects, from dealing damage to disabling enemies. Each type of weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so its important to choose the right one for your situation. In this article, well go over the best ground weapons for Star Trek Online and discuss their unique traits.


The Phaser is the most versatile weapon in Star Trek Online. It can be fired in short bursts or as a continuous beam, and is effective at both short and long ranges. Its ability to fire multiple shots at once makes it ideal for taking out multiple targets in quick succession. Its main downside is that it does not have a high rate of fire, meaning that it can be difficult to hit fast-moving targets with it.


The Disruptor is the most powerful type of ground weapon available in Star Trek Online. It fires a powerful energy beam that can cause massive damage in short bursts. Its main advantage is its ability to penetrate shields, making it ideal for taking out heavily-armored targets. The downside is that it can be slow to recharge after each shot, making it difficult to use against targets that move quickly or are shielded from multiple angles.


Rifles are the primary anti-personnel weapons available in Star Trek Online. They fire small projectiles at high velocities and can cause significant damage even at long ranges. Their accuracy can be improved with attachments such as scopes or laser sights, making them useful for precision shots against distant targets. The main disadvantage of rifles is their low rate of fire, which makes them ineffective against multiple targets or those who move quickly across the battlefield.


Pistols are smaller versions of rifles and offer similar capabilities on a smaller scale. They are lightweight and easy to wield, making them ideal for close-quarters combat situations where precision shots are not needed as much as speed and mobility are required. Pistols also have a higher rate of fire than rifles but lack the range and accuracy needed for sniper-style engagements from far away distances.

Assault Cannons

Assault cannons are large-scale weapons used mainly by starships but also available on some ground vehicles in Star Trek Online. They fire heavy projectiles at high velocities and deal massive amounts of damage to anything they hit, making them excellent weapons for taking out starships with ease from long ranges or destroying large groups of enemies on the ground quickly with one shot each time they fire off their payloads..


Grenades are explosive devices used mainly by starships but also available on some ground vehicles in Star Trek Online as well as being carried by infantry units on foot during battles.. Grenades come in many different forms ranging from smoke grenades used to hide friendly units during an attack or shield grenades which explode upon impact and temporarily disable enemies nearby while providing cover from incoming enemy attacks.. The biggest downside to grenades is their limited range since they need to be thrown manually before exploding; however they make up for this with their devastating power when used correctly during battle situations..

Katana Blade

The Katana Blade is one of the most popular melee weapons found within Star Trek Online due its versatility when combined with other more traditional weapons such as guns or swords allowing players to engage enemies both up close and from a distance depending on what situation they find themselves within.. Its sharp blades make slashing through opponents easy while its light weight ensures it won’t slow players down when they need to move quickly.. Additionally its curved design allows players to parry enemy attacks more easily while still keeping their hands free thus allowing them to switch between different types of weaponry if necessary..


The Bat’leth is another popular melee weapon found within Star Trek Online due its unique shape which allows players use its curves blades in creative ways such as sweeping opponents off their feet before attacking them with devastating blows.. Additionally its unique shape provides users with better reach than traditional swords thus allowing them engage opponents outside their regular range while still maintaining control over their weapon during battles… Furthermore due its size it serves as perfect defensive tool when blocked against incoming attacks giving users time enough time react accordingly before counter attacking with deadly force…

< h 2 >Traits To Look For With Ground Weapons In Star Trek Online

When choosing ground weapons for your character in Star Trek Online there are several traits you should consider such as accuracy, power output, rate of fire, reload speed etc Accuracy refers how accurate your shots will land on target while power output determines how much damage each individual shot will deal so you want choose weapons that have good balance between these two traits depending upon what kind target you’re facing… Rate fire measures how quickly weapon can discharge multiple rounds allowing you take out multiple targets quick succession whereas reload speed determines how quickly user able replenish ammunition after firing off all rounds this useful when facing opponents who require continuous barrage bullets order taken down…

Advantages Of Using Ground Weapons In Star Trek Online

Ground weapons are an excellent choice for players who want to optimize their damage output and diversity in mechanics. Ground weapons offer a range of offensive and defensive capabilities that can be combined to create a unique approach to combat. The most common ground weapons are rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenade launchers, and various energy-based weapons.

Rifles are the most versatile weapon type as they offer a long range of damage output with good accuracy. Pistols typically have shorter range but can be used for more precise shots due to their higher rate of fire. Shotguns provide wide-spread damage at close range and are often used in close-quarters combat scenarios. Grenade launchers offer area-of-effect damage over a wide area while energy weapons provide more focused damage with a variety of effects such as stuns, burns or radiation.

Character Build Utilizing Ground Weapons In Star Trek Online

Players can create characters that specialize in ground combat by focusing on specific weapon types. Characters that focus on support roles will benefit from using rifles or shotguns as they offer good accuracy and rate of fire at medium ranges. Characters that prefer an aggressive playstyle may opt for pistols or energy weapons as they offer faster reload speeds and better accuracy at short ranges.

It is important to note that ground weapon builds must also take into account the situation at hand as some weapons may be more effective in certain situations than others. For example, shotguns can deal massive amounts of damage at close ranges while rifles may be better suited for long-range engagements due to their greater accuracy and higher rate of fire.

Advancement Of Skills When Utilizing Ground Weapons In Star Trek Online

Players who specialize in using ground weapons can develop their skills by investing points into Marksmanship and Explosives tree skills when leveling up their character. Marksmanship increases the players accuracy when using ground weapons while Explosives increases the effectiveness of grenades, rockets, and other explosive devices used by ground forces in combat situations. Additionally, players can invest in other skills such as Armor Specialization or Combat Tactics which improve the effectiveness of armor pieces or tactics used by ground forces respectively when engaging enemies on the battlefield.

Tips On Effective Use Of Ground Weapons In Star Trek Online

Players should keep in mind that utility is just as important as firepower when utilizing ground weapons in Star Trek Online. It is important to remember that manual reloading will increase your rate of fire exponentially so make sure you stay stocked up on ammo before engaging enemies on the battlefield. Additionally, certain abilities such as Concussive Blast or Stasis Field can be used to temporarily disable enemies which will give you time to reload your weapon and prepare for another attack run if needed. Lastly, make sure you have plenty of cover available during engagements as it will help protect you from enemy fire while allowing you to maximize your damage output without suffering too much return fire from your opponents.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the best ground weapons for Star Trek Online?
A: The best ground weapons for Star Trek Online are Phaser and Disruptor weapons.

Q: What types of antipersonnel weapons are available in Star Trek Online?
A: Antipersonnel weapons available in Star Trek Online include rifles and pistols.

Q: Are there heavy weapons available in Star Trek Online?
A: Yes, heavy weapons available in Star Trek Online include assault cannons and grenades.

Q: Are there melee weapons available in Star Trek Online?
A: Yes, melee weapons available in Star Trek Online include Katana Blade and Bat’leth.

Q: What traits should I look for when selecting a weapon for my character build in Star Trek Online?
A: When selecting a weapon for your character build, look for traits such as accuracy and power output.

In conclusion, the best ground weapons in Star Trek Online depend on your personal play style and how you want to approach combat. Different weapons are better at different ranges and against certain enemies. Consider your play style, the range of the enemy, and the type of enemy to find the best weapons for your needs.

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