A Classic Showdown: Streets of Rage vs Final Fight – Which is the Ultimate Retro Beat-em-up?

Streets of Rage and Final Fight are both classic side-scrolling beat ’em up video games.

Streets Of Rage Vs Final Fight

Streets of Rage Vs Final Fight is a classic side-scrolling beat-em-up arcade game for the Sega Genesis released in 1991. Players take on the role of one of three ex-cops fighting to rid the city of crime. Final Fight, another classic side-scrolling beat-em-up released in 1989, is a predecessor to Street Fighter II and follows two warriors on their mission to rescue a missing mayor’s daughter. While both games have similar mechanics, they appeal to different playstyles and players may have difficulty distinguishing between them. Streets of Rage offers fast combat with dynamic enemies, whereas Final Fight features slower combat focused on bosses. Additionally, Streets of Rage has an enticing scoring system that rewards aggression and careful planning, while Final Fight has simpler objectives and rewards for completing them. Ultimately, Streets of Rage is a gaming experience tailored for those who enjoy intense action and planning their moves in advance, while Final Fight caters to gamers who prefer slow but steady progression through the game’s levels.


Streets of Rage and Final Fight are two classic side-scrolling beat ’em up games, released in the early 90s. Streets of Rage was a Sega Genesis exclusive that was released in 1991, while Final Fight was originally an Arcade game and later ported to the SNES and other home consoles in 1989. Both games involve several rounds of intense combat as players battle their way through hordes of enemies.

In Streets of Rage, players take control of one of three characters: Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, or Adam Hunter. Each character has their own unique special moves that can be used to defeat enemies more quickly. Players can also pick up items scattered throughout each level that can be used to damage enemies or restore health. The game also features an array of weapons such as knives, bats, and lead pipes that can be used for more powerful attacks. Streets of Rage also features cooperative play, allowing two players to join forces to take on the enemy hordes together.

Final Fight follows a similar formula but with some key differences. Instead of three main characters, Final Fight only features two protagonists: Cody and Guy. While still featuring special moves unique to each character, Final Fight does not feature any weapons or items scattered throughout the levels for players to use. Instead, players must rely solely on their fists and feet to defeat enemies. Final Fight also lacks cooperative play; instead each character has a partner who follows them throughout the levels but cannot be controlled by the player directly.


The characters featured in both Streets of Rage and Final Fight are quite varied and interesting in their design and personalities. In Streets of Rage there are three main characters: Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, and Adam Hunter – each with their own set of special moves for taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. Axel is a former police officer who is strong but slow; Blaze is a martial artist who is fast but weak; while Adam is an expert street fighter who has a balanced set of speed and strength.. There are also numerous enemy characters throughout the game including thugs, robots, ninja warriors, and even cyborgs – all outfitted with different attacks ranging from simple punches to fireballs!

Final Fight has two main protagonists: Cody Travers and Guy – both skilled martial artists with unique special moves at their disposal for taking down hordes of enemies quickly. There are also numerous enemy characters such as thugs from various gangs including Mad Gear Gang – all outfitted with different attacks from simple punches to fireballs!

Audio & Visual Comparison

When it comes to visuals both Streets Of Rage & Final Fight offer very similar presentation styles – both games feature colorful sprites on detailed backgrounds with smooth animations when characters move around on screen or perform special moves during combat sequences. The audio in both games is also quite similar featuring catchy music tracks that keep things upbeat during combat sequences as well as sound effects for attacks being made against enemies or when they take damage themselves.. However there are some subtle differences between the two games when it comes to audio & visuals Streets Of Rage tends towards darker visuals than its counterpart while Final Fight offers brighter colors overall; likewise its soundtrack tends towards more upbeat tunes than those featured in Streets Of Rage which often lean towards more somber tones during combat sequences due largely in part to its darker visual style overall.


Both Streets Of Rage & Final Fight were met with overwhelmingly positive reception upon release – critics praised both titles for offering intense action-packed gameplay experiences coupled with high production values when it came to visuals & audio design alike.. Critics noted particularly how well-crafted each games controls were allowing for quick responsive movement & attack inputs which resulted in fast-paced combat sequences regardless if playing alone or cooperatively alongside another player.. Critics were also impressed by how varied each games level designs were featuring numerous locations from urban streetscapes all the way through industrial complexes as well as secret labs filled with robotic opponents ready for battle!

Popularity Comparison

Both Streets Of Rage & Final Fight have enjoyed massive success since initially debuting on home consoles in the early 90s – becoming staples among gamers looking for intense action-packed beat em up experiences over multiple generations ever since… While many gamers may argue which title reigns supreme over its counterpart theres no denying just how successful these titles have been over time Street Fighter II may be considered one of the most successful fighting games ever created while Street Of Rage remains one of SEGAs most beloved franchises even today!

Cinematic Scenes:

Streets Of Rage and Final Fight are two of the most iconic beat-em-up games of all time. Both games feature a variety of intense cinematic scenes that make them stand out from the crowd.

In Streets Of Rage, players take control of three vigilantes as they fight against the criminal syndicate known as the Syndicate. The game features a variety of cinematic scenes, ranging from intense one-on-one battles to massive brawls in the streets. The game also features a variety of environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels and traps. These cinematic scenes help to create an immersive experience for players and helps to keep them engaged throughout their playthrough.

Final Fight is another classic beat-em-up game that features a variety of cinematic scenes. In this game, players take control of three characters as they battle against an evil gang known as Mad Gear. The game features a variety of intense battles against Mad Gear members as well as challenging boss fights at the end of each stage. In addition to these cinematic scenes, Final Fight also has environmental hazards such as spikes and pits that can be used by players to their advantage in combat.

Combat System Analysis

The combat system in each game is extremely different from one another and contributes to the overall experience when playing either Streets Of Rage or Final Fight.

For Streets Of Rage, the combat system revolves around hand-to-hand fighting with various weapons being available for use during battle. Players can use punches, kicks, grabs, throws and special moves such as jump kicks and spin attacks in order to defeat their enemies. Additionally, players can pick up weapons scattered around each stage which can be used against opponents during battle. This system offers an interesting dynamic where players must think strategically about how they approach each battle in order to achieve victory.

Final Fights combat system is slightly different than Streets Of Rages due to its focus on weapon utilization rather than hand-to-hand fighting alone. Players can pick up various weapons scattered around each stage which can be used against enemies during combat including swords, pipes and even guns depending on which version you are playing. Additionally, players have access to special moves such as throws and grabs that can be used strategically during battle for maximum effect against enemies or groups of enemies alike. This adds another layer of depth when it comes to combat strategy in Final Fight compared to Streets Of Rage making it stand out from other beat-em-up games at the time it was released.

Storyline Analysis

Both Streets Of Rage and Final Fight feature compelling storylines that help pull players into their respective universes even further than just playing through level after level with no context or characterization for any characters involved in either games plotlines respectively .

In Streets Of Rage, players take control of three vigilantes who are fighting against a criminal syndicate known as The Syndicate who have taken control over the city they live in due to their various illegal activities including kidnapping people off the streets for ransom money among other things . As you progress through the stages you will find yourself unraveling more information about The Syndicates nefarious plans while attempting to stop them before it is too late .

The story in Final Fight is slightly different than that featured in Streets Of Rage but still just as compelling nonetheless . In this game , you take control of three characters who are attempting to take down an evil gang called Mad Gear who have been terrorizing people with their violent activities . As you progress through each stage , more information regarding Mad Gears plans will begin coming into focus while you attempt put a stop them before they cause any more destruction .

Unlockable Content

Streets Of Rage and Final Fight both contain unlockable content that makes playing through either game multiple times worthwhile for fans looking for something new with every playthrough they do .

In Streets Of Rage , there are various unlockables such as new characters , levels , costumes , soundtracks , artwork , etc . These unlockables give replay value not only because they add new content but also because some unlockables require specific requirements or tasks being fulfilled before being able unlock them making acquiring all items within the game quite challenging yet rewarding at the same time .

Final Fight also contains its fair share of unlockable content ranging from new levels , characters , endings etc . It should be noted however that some items require specific tasks being fulfilled before unlocking them similarily like Streets Of Rages but there is also some items that require coins collected within stages when playing through arcade mode so there is quite a bit replay value offered by this particular title especially if you enjoy collecting all items within a video game during your playthroughs .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Streets Of Rage?
A: Streets Of Rage is a side-scrolling beat ’em up video game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis console in 1991. It follows the story of three police officers, Axel, Blaze, and Adam as they fight to end a crime wave plaguing their city.

Q: What is Final Fight?
A: Final Fight is a 1989 side-scrolling beat ’em up video game developed and published by Capcom for coin-operated arcade machines. The game follows the story of three protagonists: Cody, Guy, and Mike Haggar as they fight to save Cody’s girlfriend from the Mad Gear gang.

Q: What are the characters in Streets Of Rage?
A: The main playable characters in Streets Of Rage are Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Adam Hunter, Skate Hunter (Adam’s brother), Shiva (a robotic ninja), Max Thunder (a wrestler), Eddie “Skate” Hunter (Adam’s brother) and Dr. Zan (a mad scientist). There are also boss characters such as Mr. X (the leader of the criminal organization) and Abadede (the Mad Gear gang leader).

Q: What are the characters in Final Fight?
A: The main playable characters in Final Fight are Cody Travers, Guy, Haggar (the mayor of Metro City), Poison (Haggar’s daughter), Rolento (a former member of Mad Gear gang), Lucia Morgan (Cody’s girlfriend) and Maki Genryusai (a martial artist). Other supporting characters include Damnd (Mad Gear gang member) and Sodom (Rolento’s rival).

Q: What is the combat system like in Streets Of Rage Vs Final Fight?
A: Both games feature a similar combat system which involves attacking enemies with punches and kicks or using weapons like knives or bats to inflict damage. In Streets Of Rage, players can also use special attacks such as throws or uppercuts to take out multiple enemies at once. On the other hand, Final Fight introduces grapples which can be used to quickly take out several enemies at once.

The Streets of Rage and Final Fight series are both classic side-scrolling beat-em-up games that have been enjoyed by generations. Both games offer colorful, cartoonish graphics and intense combat action. Ultimately, which game is better depends on personal preference and playstyle. But both titles remain excellent choices for those looking to enjoy classic beat-em-up action.

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