Discover the Mysterious Musicians Behind Here Come The Mummies

The suspected members of the band Here Come the Mummies are anonymous due to preserve their day-job personas.

Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies

Suspected Members of Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) have been scaring audiences with their dynamite funk-rock for over twenty years. HCTM is an eight-piece original rock band shrouded in secrecy – no one knows the real names of the musicians, and they remain behind masks and costumes. However, some have speculated that this mysterious ensemble is composed of some of the best session and touring musicians in the industry. Regardless, these mysterious forces create an infectious blend of danceable rhythms and fearless grooves that would make any party jump to life! With a one-of-a-kind musical style which incorporates everything from classic funk to modern rock, Here Comes The Mummies prides itself on being unpredictable and always entertaining, never leaving anyone disappointed. Their vigorous music combined with their unique look makes for an unforgettable live experience. Get ready to be captivated by the musical force that is Here Come The Mummies!


Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies are an American funk-rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band has been active since 2002 and is composed of eight anonymous members, each wearing a mummy costume concealing their true identity. Although the members have never been officially identified, fans and critics have speculated that they may be a collective of some of the most experienced musicians in Nashvilleincluding former members of renowned acts such as Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, and Parliament-Funkadelic.

The bands music is heavily influenced by 70s funk and soul music blended with elements of rock, jazz, blues, and country. They have released four studio albums since their formation; 2002s Bedroom Boogie Deluxe, 2005s Live From Cairo!, 2008s Cryptic and 2011s Everlasting Party. Their most popular singles include Freak Flag from Bedroom Boogie Deluxe, Going to the Chapel from Cryptic, and Ra Ra Ra (It’s A Party) from Everlasting Party.


Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have released four studio albums throughout their career: Bedroom Boogie Deluxe (2002), Live From Cairo! (2005), Cryptic (2008), and Everlasting Party (2011). These albums feature a variety of funk-rock sounds blended with elements of rock, jazz, blues, and country music. Each album showcases the band’s unique style while also staying true to its roots in funk and soul music.

The band has also released numerous singles throughout their career including “Freak Flag” from Bedroom Boogie Deluxe; “Going to the Chapel” from Cryptic; “Swingin’ on Vine” from Live From Cairo!; “Swampy Waters” from Everlasting Party; as well as various other tracks over the years.

Live Performances

Since forming in 2002 Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have become known for their high energy live performances that have been described as a combination of classic R&B grooves with heavy doses of humor. They are known for performing at various festivals including Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in 2006 & 2008; SXSW in 2012 & 2013; Bumbershoot Music Festival in 2009 & 2010; Wakarusa Music Festival in 2011 & 2012; Forecastle Festival in 2011 & 2012; Summer Camp Music Festival in 2009 & 2010; 10K Lakes Festival in 2007; Bamboozle Music Festival in 2007 & 2008 among many others throughout their career.

They have also performed numerous unique one-off performances including shows at amusement parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain (2007) and Dollywood (2008); select venues such as The House Of Blues Chain (2006); movie theatres such as Marcus Theatres (2007); casinos such as Grand Casino Hinckley (2010); sports stadiums such as PNC Park (2014); corporate events for companies such as Microsoft Corporation (2006); schools such as University Of Louisville School Of Music (2011) among many others over the years.

Awards And Achievements

Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have achieved numerous industry recognitions throughout their career including a nomination for Best Funk/Alternative Album at the 2007 Just Plain Folks Awards for Cryptic alongside artists like Herbie Hancock and Galactic. They were also named one of Paste Magazine’s Top 10 Emerging Artists To Watch in 2006 alongside artists like Feist and Gnarls Barkley. In addition they were nominated for Best Rock Band at the 2008 Nashville Entertainment Awards alongside artists like Kings Of Leon and Paramore among other notable mentions over the years..

Musical Influences In Songs

Throughout their entire discography Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies draw influence from multiple genres including funk, soul, blues, jazz rock n’ roll among others which can be heard on tracks like Freak Flag off Bedroom Boogie Deluxe which blends hard rock guitars with classic 70’s funk grooves or Swingin’ On Vine off Live From Cairo! which blends elements of traditional jazz with modern hip hop production or Swampy Waters off Everlasting Party which incorporates traditional country slide guitar licks into its classic funk groove.

The lyrics found on these songs are also heavily influenced by these genres often referencing specific artists or moments within them -such as references to James Brown on Freak Flag or lyrical allusions to Sun Records founder Sam Phillips on Going To The Chapel”. Ultimately it is clear that Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies draw influence from multiple musical genres when creating their own original sound making them one of the most unique bands today

Collaborations With Other Musicians

Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have had multiple collaborations with other musicians, ranging from songs with other artists to live collaborations. For example, they recently collaborated with the bluegrass group, Steep Canyon Rangers on the song Everybody Needs Love. Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have also performed live in collaboration with many notable artists such as The Decemberists, Phosphorescent, and White Denim.

Notable Interactions & Programs

In addition to their collaborations with other musicians, Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have also had numerous notable interactions and programs. They have made appearances on popular television shows such as Late Show with David Letterman and Conan O’Brien’s show, as well as performing at festivals such as Bonnaroo and Wakarusa. Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have also participated in benefits for non-profit organizations such as HeadCount and MusiCares.

Online Presence & Social Platforms Used

Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies are very active online and across social media platforms. They have a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify where they post regular updates about their music and activities. They also use Snapchat to share exclusive content directly with their fans. Furthermore, the popularity of individual band members has grown significantly since the bands formation which has resulted in an increase of mentions from fans on social media platforms.

Creative Projects Beyond Music

Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies have also explored creative projects beyond music. They created a short film titled The Magic Man which was released in 2018 and was met with positive reviews from critics. Additionally, they have branched out into endorsement deals by partnering up with companies like JBL Audio who sponsored their tour in 2019. Furthermore, Suspected Members Of Here Come The Mummies also scored the soundtrack for an upcoming film titled Out of Sky which is set to be released later this year.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who are the members of Here Come The Mummies?
A: Here Come The Mummies is an American funk-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, composed of eight anonymous members who dress as mummies.

Q: When was the band formed?
A: Here Come The Mummies was formed in 2000.

Q: What kind of music do they play?
A: Here Come The Mummies play a mix of funk, rock, and soul music. They also incorporate elements of jazz and blues into their sound.

Q: What awards or recognitions have the band received?
A: Here Come The Mummies have been nominated for several awards including Best Live Act at the 2011 Nashville Music Awards and Best Local Band at the 2012 Nashville Scene Music Awards. They have also been featured in multiple television shows and movies.

Q: What collaborations has the band done with other musicians?
A: Here Come The Mummies have collaborated with a number of artists including Keb’ Mo’, Galactic, Trombone Shorty, and more. They have performed live with numerous artists such as Ben Harper, John Legend, and Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA.

In conclusion, Here Come The Mummies is a unique band that has remained mysterious throughout its existence. Suspected members of the group have been revealed over the years, however, the identities of the individuals remain largely unknown. The music produced by this enigmatic group is sure to continue to captivate and engage audiences for years to come.

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