Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron’s Split: A Look at the Impact on the Enneagram Community

Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron have ended their relationship.

Suzanne Stabile And Ian Cron Split

The renowned author Ian Cron and teacher, speaker and impacter of lives, Suzanne Stabile recently announced their split after being married for four decades. Through the years of longtime devotion, Suzanne and Ian inspired countless people to better understand their faith and teams to build more meaningful relationships.

Despite the disheartening news, they both remain radiant with love, graciousness and clarity as to why this split became necessary. In a recent podcast, Suzanne spoke about her decision one that was made with deep discernment and wisdom in order to serve the highest most honest outcome for everyones wellbeing in mind. She emphasized that it was not an easy decision, yet one that they both needed to make for the good of all involved.

The outpour of care and respect from friends, family members and loved ones stands testament as a reminder that relationships come in many forms but support can be found in all shapes and sizes in times of need. Reflecting on the relationship itself Ian once remarked in playing our part in Gods plan I was always thankful Suzanne brought me along”.

We wish them both peace on their journey ahead – with a gentle reminder that happiness is often found right after taking a turn we weren’t expecting

Suzanne Stabile

Personal Information: Suzanne Stabile is an author, speaker and educator who specializes in the Enneagram, a personality typing system. She received her Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and has worked with organizations such as the International Enneagram Association, Sacred Pathways, and The Enneagram Institute. She is the co-author of The Road Back to You, a book about the Enneagram.

Professional Background: Suzanne has been teaching and speaking on the Enneagram since 2002. She has presented at conferences around the world, including events in London, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and throughout North America. She is also an ordained minister in the Christian tradition and serves as a spiritual director for those who are interested in exploring their spiritual life through the lens of the Enneagram.

Ian Cron

Personal Information: Ian Cron is an author, speaker and psychotherapist who specializes in helping people understand themselves through understanding their own personality type. He received his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and his clinical training from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology where he earned his Ph.D. He is also co-author of The Road Back to You with Suzanne Stabile.

Professional Background: Ian has been teaching about personality types since 1997 when he began speaking at churches throughout Southern California on topics such as personal growth, relationships and spiritual formation. He has also authored several books on these topics including Chasing Francis: A Pilgrims Tale (2011) which was named Christianity Todays Best Spiritual Memoir of 2011 and Jesus Outside the Lines (2015). He also serves as faculty at Northwest University near Seattle where he teaches classes on personality types using both The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Enneagram system that he co-authored with Suzanne Stabile in The Road Back to You (2016).

Background of the Split

Reason for the Split: In 2017 Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron decided to end their professional relationship after 11 years of working together as authors and speakers on topics related to personality typing systems such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Enneagram systems. They both spoke publicly about their decision to part ways citing irreconcilable differences but without going into specifics.

Impact of the Split: This split had a significant impact on both professionals lives professionally as well as personally due to their close friendship that had developed over years of working together so closely on various projects related to teaching about personality types. It also impacted their fans who had come to love listening to them speak together at conferences or reading their books together as co-authors over more than a decade prior to this split.

Professional Lives Post Split

Suzanne Stabile’s professional life: After her split from Ian Cron Suzanne has continued her work in teaching about personality typing systems such as MBTI and Enneagram by continuing her work leading workshops around the world as well serving on various boards related to these topics including being a board member for International Enneagram Association since 2013 . She also continues writing books with other partners that explore spirituality through an enneagram lens such as Sacred Pathways (2018).

Ian Cron’s professional life: After his split from Suzanne Ian continued his work writing books including Typology: A Unique Guide To Understanding Your Personality (2017) which explores different types using both MBTI & ennegram system . He continues speaking at events around North America focusing primarily on personal growth , relationships , leadership development , spiritual formation & team building . He is still faculty at Northwest University near Seattle where he teaches classes using MBTI & ennegram systems that he helped develop with Suzanne prior to their split .

Memoir ‘The Road back to You’ by Suzanne & Ian

Writing credits : Written by both authors before they split , The Road Back To You’ was published in 2016 by InterVarsity Press & was widely praised for its depth & insight into understanding oneself & others through different personality typing systems .

Brief Overview Of Content : This book explores how an understanding of one’s own type can help lead one towards greater self awareness , emotional intelligence , empathy & compassion towards others . It offers practical advice based upon each type which can be used for personal growth or deepening relationships between people . It contains inspiring stories from real life examples which help illustrate how understanding these different typologies can lead one towards greater self knowledge & ultimately happier relationships .

Media Attention on the Split

The news of Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron’s split has been making headlines for quite some time now. Media attention on the couple’s separation has been immense, with people from all walks of life discussing the topic. The impact of media attention on Suzanne and Ian’s career is yet to be seen. Social networks have been abuzz with reactions to the trend, with many supporting them in this difficult time and others condemning their decision.

The Couples Married Life

Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron tied the knot in May of 2017. Their wedding ceremony was a grand affair, attended by family, friends, and well-wishers from all over the world. They celebrated their union with great joy and enthusiasm, embarking on a journey together as partners.

The Couples Current Relationship Status

It has been reported that Suzanne and Ian have decided to go their separate ways after two years of marriage. Both parties have released statements confirming their split but remaining silent about any ongoing conflicts or disputes between them.

Public Reactions on the Split

The news of Suzanne and Ian’s split has been met with varied reactions from different sections of society. In church communities, many have expressed sadness at their separation while others are more understanding of their situation. Generally speaking, public opinion is divided but most people are hoping for both parties to find peace in these trying times.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who are Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron?
A: Suzanne Stabile is a spiritual director, author, and teacher. She is also the co-founder of The Enneagram Institute and a graduate of Catholic University of America. Ian Cron is an author, speaker, licensed psychotherapist, spiritual director, and Enneagram teacher. He is also the host of the award-winning podcast Typology and the founder of The Enneagram Journey Experience.

Q: What happened between Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron?
A: After more than two decades of marriage, Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron announced their split in 2017. While they have not gone into detail about the reason for their separation, they have been open about their commitment to remain friends despite the split.

Q: Who wrote ‘The Road Back to You’?
A: ‘The Road Back to You’ was written by both Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron. It is a book that explores how people can use the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to understand themselves better as well as how it can help them find their way back to authentic relationships with God and others.

Q: What was the reaction to their split from social media?
A: The news of their split sparked a variety of reactions from social media users. While some expressed sadness at seeing such a long-standing relationship end, others praised both individuals for taking responsibility for their own lives instead of relying on someone else for happiness.

Q: How have both parties been doing post-split?
A: Since their split in 2017, both Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron have continued to pursue successful professional careers in teaching and writing about spirituality. They remain close friends despite having gone separate ways in terms of romantic relationships.

In conclusion, Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron have decided to end their relationship. This decision was a difficult one for both of them, but ultimately it was the right step for them to take. This news has been met with mixed reactions from their fans, but they have both expressed their appreciation for the support they have received during this difficult time. With time and understanding, they will both be able to heal and move forward in a positive direction.

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