Ground War Challenge Tier 2: Achieve Victory in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Ground War Challenge Tier 2 is a weekly, cross-faction event where players battle against each other to earn rewards.

Swgoh Ground War Challenge Tier 2

Ground War Challenge Tier 2 is an exciting battle event available in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH). It is a limited-time event that features challenging combat scenarios against enemy squads. Players must form powerful and strategic squads to complete each week’s challenges and advance in the tournament. With each challenge, players will acquire rewards based on the difficulty level of the battle ranging from tier 1 to tier 5 and their success rate for completing tasks within a specific time limit. By advancing through higher tiers in the competition, players can expect to earn higher rewards, with rare and exclusive loot rewarded upon completion of tier 5 challenges. Participating in Ground War Challenge Tier 2 requires an understanding of unit abilities and strategic positioning. It is recommended for experienced players who are up for an engaging SWGoH experience!

Character Requirements

The challenge tier 2 of Ground War in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) requires players to have a minimum of seven characters. All seven characters must be level 85 or higher and are subject to the gear requirements detailed below. Additionally, each character must have a minimum of level 5 stars in order to be eligible for the challenge.

Gear Requirements

In order to complete this challenge, each character needs to be equipped with at least five star tier gear from the Galactic War Store. This gear can be obtained by completing ten Galactic War missions per day, or by using re-run tickets that are earned from daily and weekly objectives in the game. Additionally, players should make sure that all their characters have the best possible gear setup for their respective roles.

Star Tier Strategies

Toon Star Tier Strategies: When it comes to achieving the necessary star tier rating for each character, there are several strategies that can be used. The most important factor is to make sure that all characters have six star gears equipped as soon as possible. Players should also focus on increasing their character’s health and protection stats so they can survive longer during battle. Finally, players should also maximize their character’s damage output by equipping them with mods that increase damage against specific enemies or increase overall damage output.

Gear Star Tier Strategies: In addition to maximizing each character’s star tier rating through gear upgrades, players should also make sure that they are using the best possible gear setup for their respective roles. This means equipping each character with gear pieces that specifically increase stats related to their role such as damage output, survivability, etc. Additionally, players should also equip mods that provide additional bonuses such as increased critical chance or increased critical damage modifiers.

Team Synergy

Best Heroes for Ground War Challenge Tier 2: When building a team for this challenge tier 2 of Ground War in SWGOH, it is important to consider which heroes will synergize well with each other and provide the most optimal team composition for maximum success in battle. For example, having two healers on a team will enable them to support one another and keep everyone alive longer during battle while having two tanks on a team will allow them to mitigate incoming enemy damage more efficiently than just one tank alone would be able to do. Additionally, having an offensive hero such as Darth Vader or Han Solo on your team can greatly increase your teams overall offensive capabilities due to their high damage output abilities such as Force Choke and Rapid Fire respectively.
Best Gear for Ground War Challenge Tier 2: In addition to picking the best heroes for your team composition in order to maximize your success rate on this challenge tier 2 of Ground War in SWGOH, it is also important to pick out the best gear setup for each hero in order maximize their individual potential during battle. For example, having an offensive hero like Darth Vader equipped with both high-level critical chance mods and high-level critical damage mods will grant him an even greater advantage when it comes time for him unleash his devastating Force Choke attack during battle scenarios such as this one. Similarly equipping a tank such as Chewbacca with both high-level health boosting mods and high-level protection boosting mods will ensure he is able withstand large amounts of incoming enemy fire while still being able maintain his defensive duties throughout fight scenarios like this one effectively .

Reward Strategies

Using Re-Run Tickets To Collect Rewards: When participating in this challenge tier 2 of Ground War in SWGOH , players should keep an eye out for any re-run tickets they can acquire by completing daily and weekly objectives within the game . By doing so , players can use these tickets when they are ready to participate again after previously failing at completing the challenge . Doing so allows them access back into previously failed challenges without having missing out on any rewards they may have previously been given .

Using Galactic War Mode To Farm Items: In addition , Another great reward strategy when participating in challenges like this one is utilizing Galactic War mode . By doing so ,players can farm items that they may need while progressing through various tiers of difficulty within this mode . As these items become more difficult obtain through regular means , farming them via Galactic War mode becomes increasingly beneficial when preparing oneself before attempting challenges like these ones .

Other Miscellaneous Tips

Optimizing Mods For Maximum Damage : When equipping mods onto characters before attempting challenges like these ones , it is highly recommended that players optimize them according optimal performance during battles . This can mean selecting mod sets according what type of enemies you may face during battle scenarios or selecting certain primary attributes according how youd like your character too specialize against certain enemy types i . e : health/protection primary attribute vs physical based enemies vs offense primary attribute vs special based enemies

Choosing Node Types According To Team Composition : Lastly , when choosing node types before attempting challenges like these ones , it is highly recommended that player choose nodes according how well suited their current team composition may suit against certain node types i .e : physical /special immunity nodes vs teams comprised heavily of physical / special based heroes respectively .

Relic Strategy and Upgrading Plan

The Relic Strategy and Upgrading Plan is essential to success in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) Ground War Challenge Tier 2. Taking advantage of 7-star relic bonus is paramount, and prioritizing heroes to relic upgrade first is key. To do this, players must first identify which heroes are most important to their team’s success. It is important to consider the roles that each hero will play on the team and identify which characters have the greatest impact on a player’s overall strategy. Once a player has identified these heroes, they can then prioritize relic upgrades for these characters.

Having a strong relic strategy paired with an effective upgrading plan is a great way to maximize effectiveness in the SWGOH Ground War Challenge Tier 2. When it comes to relics, it is important to understand how much each upgrade costs in terms of resources as well as how long it will take to complete. Knowing this information will help players plan out their relic upgrades so that they can optimize their resources and achieve the best possible results. Additionally, understanding which upgrades have the biggest impact on performance will help players choose which relics should be upgraded first.

Squad Compositions

In addition to having a solid Relic Strategy and Upgrading Plan, having a good Squad Composition is also essential for success in the SWGOH Ground War Challenge Tier 2. Choosing the best ships combination means understanding each ship’s role on your team as well as how they interact with each other. For example, some ships may be better suited for offensive strategies while others may be better for defensive strategies. Understanding how your ships work together will help you create an effective squad that can take down even the toughest opponents in the game.

Additionally, when choosing your squad composition it is important to consider what type of gear you have available as well as what type of characters you have unlocked. Having access to powerful gear can give your team an edge over opponents while having access to powerful characters can make them even more formidable foes on the battlefield. Knowing what gear and characters you have available will help you determine which squad composition works best for your particular setup and help you get ready for higher levels of competition in SWGOHs Ground War Challenges Tier 2.

Guild Challenges

Another way players can prepare for success in SWGOHs Ground War Challenges Tier 2 is by setting up guild events with reward tiers that allow guild members to earn rewards based on their performance in each challenge event. Enhancing guild actions such as completing objectives or earning points from battles can increase rewards for everyone involved and make sure everyone gets something out of participating in guild events or challenges. Setting up these events ahead of time helps ensure that everyone has something they can look forward to when competing in these high-level challenges, making sure all members are properly rewarded for their efforts and contributing towards their overall success in SWGOHs Ground War Challenges Tier 2.

Gearing Up For Higher Levels

Finally, gearing up for higher levels is an essential part of succeeding at SWGOHs Ground War Challenges Tier 2. Setting up Gearing Routines for teams allows players to make sure all their ships are properly equipped before competing at higher levels of competition so they dont find themselves at a disadvantage due to improper gearing choices or inadequate ship stats or abilities during battle situations. Additionally, checking gear V-max requirements before embarking on higher level challenges helps make sure teams are completely prepared before entering into battle against tougher opponents who may be using different gearing strategies than those employed by lower-level teams or individuals who may not be aware of all available gearing options or understand how V-max requirements affect their overall performance against more formidable foes such as those found at higher levels of competition within SWGOHs Ground War Challenges Tier 2 .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the requirements for Ground War Challenge Tier 2?
A: The requirements for Ground War Challenge Tier 2 include character and gear requirements. Characters must be at least level 70 and gear level 12.

Q: What strategies should I use for Star Tier?
A: For Star Tier, strategies include Toon Star Tier Strategies and Gear Star Tier Strategies. Toon star tier strategies involve choosing the best heroes to battle with while gear star tier strategies involve optimizing gear to maximize damage.

Q: What is the best way to farm rewards?
A: The best way to farm rewards is by using re-run tickets and Galactic War Mode. Re-run tickets allow you to replay a stage for increased rewards while Galactic War Mode allows you to earn rewards from completing nodes and missions.

Q: What is the Relic Strategy and Upgrading Plan?
A: The Relic Strategy and Upgrading Plan involves taking advantage of 7-star relic bonus, prioritizing heroes to relic upgrade first, and setting up a relic upgrading plan. This plan should take into account the cost of relics, which heroes need relics first, and which relics are most important in order to maximize damage output.

Q: How can I create an effective squad composition?
A: An effective squad composition involves choosing the best ships combination, understanding each ship’s role, setting up guild events with reward tiers, enhancing guild actions to increase rewards, setting up gearing routines for teams, and checking gear v-max requirements. By taking all these aspects into consideration you can create an effective squad composition that will help you win Ground War Challenge Tier 2.

In conclusion, the SWGoH Ground War Challenge Tier 2 is an exciting event that will test the strategic skills of players all over the world. It requires a great deal of preparation and planning, as well as commitment to achieving the best possible result. It can be difficult to succeed in this challenge, but with dedication and proper strategy, any player can come out on top.

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