5 Reasons Why Tee Higgins and Devonta Smith Are the Best Wide Receivers in the NFL

Tee Higgins is a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, while Devonta Smith is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tee Higgins Or Devonta Smith

Tee Higgins and Devonta Smith are two of the most talented Wide Receivers in college football. The Clemson Tiger’s Tee Higgins has an impressive size advantage. His above-average athleticism allows him to get vertical and make tough contested catches. He also excels in run after catch plays due to his agility and strength.

On the other hand, Alabama’s Devonta Smith demonstrates amazing route running abilities and is a master of yards after catch. Smith also plays well in tight coverage, creating separation between himself and defenders. His route running abilities make him a valuable asset for any offense looking for a dynamic playmaker.

Both receivers have shown their ability to dominate college football: Tee with his size advantage and Smith with his quickness off the line. No matter who they are playing against, they will always be a threat due to their talent and determination. As the 2021 NFL Draft approaches, these two players are sure to be on the radar of many teams looking for new receivers to build their offense around.

Tee Higgins Or Devonta Smith

Tee Higgins and Devonta Smith are two of the top wide receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft. Both players have had impressive college careers, and their NFL futures look bright. But which player is best suited for the pro level? In this article, we’ll compare their college careers, NFL prospects, personalities, and skillsets to determine who is the better wide receiver prospect.

College Career

Tee Higgins played three seasons at Clemson University, where he quickly established himself as one of the best wide receivers in the country. During his time with the Tigers, he recorded 177 receptions for 2,448 yards and 27 touchdowns. He was also named First-team All-ACC in 2019 and Second-team All-ACC in 2020.

Devonta Smith had a similarly impressive collegiate career at the University of Alabama. In three seasons with the Crimson Tide, he recorded 235 receptions for 3,965 yards and 46 touchdowns both school records. He was also a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist (2019 & 2020) and won multiple national awards including the Maxwell Award (2020) and Associated Press Player of the Year (2020).

NFL Career

Both players have earned first-round draft grades from most NFL scouts and analysts. Tee Higgins is projected to be taken in the middle of Round 1 while Devonta Smith is expected to be picked late in Round 1 or early in Round 2. Both players possess excellent size Tee stands 64 while Devonta stands 61 as well as speed, agility and power that will make them ideal targets at any level of football.

Personality And Off-Field Activities Of Tee Higgins And Devonta Smith

Tee Higgins is known for his off-field interests such as fishing and golfing. He is also active in his community through volunteer work with local charities such as Clemson University’s Tiger Pals program which helps children with special needs participate in sports activities.

Devonta Smith has similar interests such as playing basketball and video games as well as volunteering with various charitable organizations. He has been involved with The Boys & Girls Club of America since 2018 where he mentors young athletes about goal setting and healthy lifestyles.

Comparison Of Tee Higgins And Devonta Smith Skillset

When it comes to on-field performance, Tee Higgins boasts excellent receiving ability that has allowed him to make difficult catches look easy throughout his collegiate career. He possesses good speed but lacks elite quickness which makes him prone to double teams at times due to lack of separation from defenders when running routes.

Devonta Smith has proven himself to be one of college football’s elite wide receivers thanks to his combination of height, speed, agility and power on offense that allows him to create separation even against tight coverage from defenders or double teams when running routes downfield or out wide on screens or slants plays respectively . His ability to catch passes over smaller defenders makes him an ideal target for red zone plays or jump balls near the end zone as well .

Offense Scheme Suited For Tee Higgins And Devonta Smith

In order for either player to reach their full potential at the NFL level they must be placed into an offense scheme that suits their respective skill sets best . For Tee Higgins this would involve developing a playbook around specific route running opportunities that allow him to use his size advantage over smaller cornerbacks without sacrificing too much quickness or agility . Also , targeted plays involving slant routes , post routes , or jump balls will help maximize his production on offense .

For Devonta Smith , a playbook focused on creating separation by having him run deep routes downfield off play action passes will help maximize his abilities . Screen plays featuring short shallow crossing patterns will also suit him well if implemented properly . Additionally , targeted jump balls near the end zone will give him plenty of chances to succeed offensively due to his superior leaping ability .

Tee Higgins or Devonta Smith?

As the 2021 NFL Draft approaches, speculation is growing about who will be the first receiver selected. Two of the top candidates are Clemson’s Tee Higgins and Alabama’s Devonta Smith. Both players have had impressive college careers and have showcased their skills on the field. But which one is the better pick? We will compare and contrast their stats, achievements, weapons used, draft analysis, and records held to answer this question.

Awards & Accolades

Tee Higgins has been a consistent performer for Clemson over the past two seasons. He was a two-time All-ACC selection in 2018 and 2019 and was also named First Team All-American in 2019. He was also named the ACC Receiver of the Year in 2019 after leading the conference with 1,167 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

Devonta Smith has been even more decorated than Higgins during his college career. He was a three-time All-SEC selection from 2018 to 2020. In 2020 he won the Heisman Trophy as well as being named an AP First Team All-American for his efforts that season. He also won the Biletnikoff Award which is given to college footballs most outstanding receiver each year.

Record Breaking Performances

Tee Higgins set multiple records during his time at Clemson. In 2018 he broke Artavis Scotts single-season record for receptions with 59 catches and Sammy Watkinss single-season record for receiving yards with 1,115 yards. He also set a school record with 12 touchdown receptions in 2019 while becoming just the third player in school history to surpass 1,000 receiving yards in back-to-back seasons (20182019).

Devonta Smith also made some history at Alabama during his junior season in 2020 when he became just the fourth player in FBS history to surpass 2,000 receiving yards in a single season (2,267). He also set an SEC record with 23 touchdown receptions which broke Amari Coopers previous record of 22 touchdown receptions set in 2014 at Alabama.

Highlight Reel of Weapons Used By Both Players

Tee Higgins is known for using his size (6’4) to make big plays downfield while using his body positioning to make difficult catches look easy. His ability to adjust to passes that are off target makes him dangerous when running deep routes or going up for jump balls on 50/50 plays. He is also capable of gaining extra yardage after contact which makes him a threat even when defenders get their hands on him early on.

Devonta Smith is best known for being an explosive playmaker with great speed and agility that allows him to create separation quickly against defenders off the line of scrimmage or while running routes downfield.. He has shown an ability to track passes over long distances which makes him ideal for deep throws into tight coverage as well as shorter routes across middle where space is limited . His agility allows him to make quick cuts which can be seen on film when making defenders miss tackles or catching screens out wide before turning upfield into open space.

Draft Analysis

At this point it looks like both players could potentially be taken within the first few picks of this year’s NFL Draft depending on how teams evaluate them ahead of time.. Tee Higgins put together a solid performance at Clemson’s Pro Day where he ran a 4.54 second 40 yard dash time along with posting impressive numbers in other drills like vertical jump (36 inches) and broad jump (10 feet 5 inches). Meanwhile Devonta Smith impressed scouts at Alabama’s Pro Day by running an impressive 4:38 second 40 yard dash time while posting other strong numbers like vertical jump (37 inches) and broad jump (11 feet 6 inches). The media hype surrounding both players has grown significantly since their respective Pro Days so it will be interesting to see how teams evaluate them ahead of time come draft day .

Records Held By Both Players

Tee Higgins holds multiple records at Clemson including longest touchdown reception (90 yards vs Wake Forest), most total receiving touchdowns (20), most total receptions per game (7), most total receiving yards per game (111), most total receptions over 3 games combined (17), most total receiving yards over 3 games combined (250).

Devonta Smith holds multiple records at Alabama including longest touchdown reception (94 yards vs Ole Miss) , most single season touchdown receptions by any receiver ever (23), highest average gain per catch ever by any receiver ever(19YPC), most consecutive games played with more than 100 recieving yards(4 games), highest numberof recieving touchdowns over 3 consecutive games ever(11).

FAQ & Answers

Q: What college did Tee Higgins and Devonta Smith attend?
A: Tee Higgins attended Clemson University and Devonta Smith attended the University of Alabama.

Q: How have their NFL careers differed?
A: Tee Higgins was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft, while Devonta Smith was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. Both have had successful starts to their careers, with Higgins already securing five touchdown receptions during his rookie season, and Smith winning 2021’s AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Q: What awards have they won?
A: Tee Higgins has been named a 2020 Pro Bowl alternate, while Devonta Smith has won both 2021’s AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award and a 2021 Pro Bowl selection.

Q: What records do they hold?
A: Both players currently hold numerous records for longest touchdowns and overall gaining totals. For example, Tee Higgins holds Clemson’s record for single-season touchdown receptions with 13, while Devonta Smith holds Alabama’s record for most receiving yards in a single game with 274 yards.

Q: How did they perform at the NFL combine?
A: At the 2020 NFL Combine, Tee Higgins ran a 4.54 40-yard dash and posted a 35-inch vertical jump. Meanwhile, at the 2021 NFL Combine, Devonta Smith ran an impressive 4.38 40-yard dash and recorded an impressive 37-inch vertical jump.

The debate between Tee Higgins and Devonta Smith is an interesting one. While both players offer tremendous talent and potential, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Higgins offers more size and athleticism, while Smith has the speed and agility to make big plays. Ultimately, the decision will depend on a team’s offensive system and what type of player they are looking for to fill a role on their roster.

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