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The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub

The Fruit of Grisaia English Dub is an adaptation of the Japanese visual novel of the same name. It follows the story of Yuji Kazami, a student transferring to a prestigious and exclusive academy with secrets held inside its walls. The series follows his relationships with five different female students at the school, each one leading him closer to discovering the secrets of Mihama Academy. Throughout this journey, he is met with diverse and thrilling obstacles as well as intriguing revelations. As full of suspense as it is full of romance, The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub will keep viewers on their toes as it takes them into the world of Mihama Academy. Entertaining yet thought provoking, this series offers suspenseful drama and life affirming lessons that will undoubtedly leave its audience satisfied.

Introduction -The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub

The Fruit of Grisaia is an anime adaptation of the visual novel game of the same name released by Front Wing in 2011. The anime was first announced in December 2013 and aired from October 5, 2014 to March 29, 2015. It was directed by Tensho and produced by 8bit. The series follows Yuuji Kazami as he enrolls in Mihama Academy, a school that consists of five female students who each have their own unique personality and backstories. As Yuuji gets to know each of the girls, he learns more about their pasts and grows closer to them. With its thrilling storyline and emotional depth, The Fruit of Grisaia quickly gained a large following amongst anime fans both domestically and internationally.

The English dub was released in September 2017 by Sentai Filmworks. It featured an all-star cast including Jason Liebrecht as Yuuji Kazami, Rena Strober as Amane Suou, Bryn Apprill as Makina Irisu, Luci Christian as Yumiko Sakaki, Morgan Garrett as Michiru Matsushima, Emily Neves as Sachi Komine, Hilary Haag as Michirus older sister Judith Hereford and Jad Saxton as Haruka Saigusa.


The Fruit of Grisaia follows Yuuji Kazami’s journey at Mihama Academy where he meets five female students; Amane Suou, Makina Irisu, Yumiko Sakaki, Michiru Matsushima and Sachi Komine. Each one has their own unique personality and backstory that slowly unravel throughout the course of the story. As Yuuji gets to know them better he finds himself drawn into their lives and struggles with his own inner demons along the way. The story takes a dark turn when it is revealed that all five girls are connected to a mysterious organization called CIRS which has ties to Yuuji’s past. The story culminates in a thrilling conclusion with twists and turns that will leave viewers on the edge of their seat until the very end.

Storyline Summary

The storyline follows Yuuji Kazami who enrolls at Mihama Academy after transferring from his previous school due to personal reasons. There he meets five female students; Amane Suou who has difficulty expressing herself; Makina Irisu whose sharp intellect puts her at odds with her peers; Yumiko Sakaki whose cheerful demeanor hides her sadness; Michiru Matsushima who’s cheerful exterior masks her troubled past; Sachi Komine whose naivety masks her painful memories; and finally Haruka Saigusa who appears to be an all-round good girl but is hiding something from everyone else at the academy. As Yuuji discovers more about each girls pasts he finds himself growing closer to them while also learning more about his own secrets from his past that are connected to CIRS (Central Intelligence Restructuring Service).

Characters & Relationships

Yuuji Kazami is the protagonist of The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub who transfers into Mihama Academy after being expelled from his old school due to personal reasons. He is initially portrayed as a stoic young man but gradually reveals his softer side throughout the course of the story as he interacts with other characters in the series such as Amane Suou whom he gradually begins developing feelings for over time despite her tsundere attitude towards him initially . His relationship with other characters such as Makina Irisu whom he shares a mutual respect for her intelligence despite their differing views on certain matters or Yumiko Sakaki whom he helps cope with her painful past are developed throughout the series in an organic manner which adds depth not only to these characters but also Yuuji himself .


The plot follows Yuuji Kazami’s journey through Mihama Academy where he meets five female students: Amane Suou whom he gradually starts developing feelings for despite her tsundere attitude towards him initially; Makina Irisu whom he shares a mutual respect for even though they have differing views on certain matters; Yumiko Sakaki whom he helps cope with her painful past; Michiru Matsushima who tries hard not to reveal too much about herself despite gradually opening up more over time due to his kindness ;and Sachi Komine whose naivety hides her painful memories . As relationships develop between him and each girl individually , it soon becomes apparent that they are all connected somehow through CIRS (Central Intelligence Restructuring Service) which leads into an action packed climax involving secrets , betrayal , romance , tragedy , hope , redemption .

Setting & Visuals

The setting for The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub takes place mainly within Mihama Academy which serves both as an educational institution for its students but also provides them with somewhere safe away from danger they may be facing outside its walls due its tight security system . This creates an interesting dichotomy between safety/security vs freedom which serves not only plot points but also provides further insight into certain characters backstories such as Yumiko Sakaki or Sachi Komine .

Visuals wise , 8bit have gone above and beyond creating stunning backgrounds which range from lush forests filled with vibrant colors or dark alleyways filled with neon lights further adding depth onto already existing settings such us inside Mihama Academy or within different parts of town surrounding it . Furthermore , character designs are detailed yet simplistic allowing viewers full appreciation of their simplicity yet subtly conveying aspects such us age difference between main cast members or even changes in mood depending on situation without having too many overly exaggerated features detracting attention away from important plot points during critical scenes .

Color Palette

When it comes down color palette used throughout The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub it can accurately be described muted yet still manages capture viewers attention without having too many bright colors detracting focus away important scenes thanks its clever use lighter shades combined dark tones depending situation providing viewers variety visual stimuli keep entertained during quieter moments while still conveying sense tension/mystery during more intense sequences . This technique can often be seen during scenes where protagonists are trying figure out what going on behind closed doors or flashbacks focusing specific characters backstory allowing viewers feel same level confusion/uncertainty protagonists do without having anything too jarring take away immersion experience being created .

Music Score & Sound Effects

In terms Music Score & Sound Effects used throughout The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub 8bit have once again gone above beyond creating soundtrack perfectly fits atmosphere show while providing subtle clues here there regarding current situation main cast members find themselves without being overly obvious doing so thanks combination both instrumental pieces featuring wide array instruments ranging piano strings woodwind sections combined vocal pieces sung various artists ultimately creating something truly unique memorable experience overall . Furthermore sound effects used range everything everyday life noises birds chirping softly background distant traffic combined one off effects help convey sense urgency desperation depending scene often making difference immersion factor feeling show produces viewer making something truly special watching experience overall

Comparison To Manga And Visual Novels

When comparing The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub manga/visual novel counterparts there can definitely seen some differences between versions especially when comes down how story develops focus placed each character arc instance whereas visual novel provides players option interact scene order availability items etc anime adaptation instead focuses solely on telling story characters involved leaving interactive elements aside favor more streamlined viewing experience although this does mean some smaller details may lost along way some may find this beneficial since allows audience keep track current plot points easier without having worry too much about hidden objectives etc however those interested finding out little bit extra adventure may want check out original source material well order gain full appreciation what production team were able achieve here .

Voice Acting and Animation Quality

The Fruit of Grisaia English Dub has been highly praised for its voice acting and animation quality. The English voice cast was able to capture the range of emotions experienced by the characters in the visual novel with great accuracy, allowing viewers to really feel the drama and tension of each scene. The animation direction of cutscenes and opening/ending sequences was also praised, as it provided a great visual impact to the story.

Themes and Message Conveyed Through the Anime Adaptation

The themes from the visual novel, such as hope, despair, choice, and fate, were all present in the anime adaptation. The series provided a deeper look into these psychological traumas that affected the characters in various ways. It also showed how these themes can shape our decisions and affect our lives. In addition, viewers were able to gain insight into how these characters reacted and dealt with their inner struggles throughout their journey.

Differences Between Subs/Dub Versions

One major difference between subbed and dubbed versions of The Fruit of Grisaia is in regard to tonal differences between language versions. For example, some lines may have been changed or omitted in order to convey a certain emotion or sentiment more clearly in English. Additionally, there are differences in audio quality between Japanese VA performance vs English VA performance due to language barriers and other factors such as pronunciation or vocal range.

Fan Reception of The Fruit of Grisaia English Dub Version

The Fruit of Grisaia’s English dub version has been well-received by fans since its release. Initial reactions from Funimation fans were generally positive as they praised the performances from both Japanese VA’s and English VA’s for their emotive delivery throughout each episode. Professional critics have also commended the series for its faithfulness to its source material as well as its overall high production value. All in all, viewers seem to be enjoying this new take on an already beloved classic visual novel series.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is The Fruit of Grisaia?
A: The Fruit of Grisaia is an anime adaptation of the popular visual novel series by Front Wing. It follows the journey of Mihama Academy’s five female students and their struggles with personal issues, relationships, and psychological trauma.

Q: What is the story summary?
A: The Fruit of Grisaia follows the story of five girls attending Mihama Academy, a school-in-isolation established in order to provide a safe haven for those with troubled pasts. Led by Yuuji Kazami, the girls must confront their traumatic pasts and face their inner demons while attempting to build a new life for themselves at Mihama Academy.

Q: What are some of the themes explored in The Fruit of Grisaia?
A: Themes explored in The Fruit of Grisaia include hope, despair, choice, and fate. Throughout the series, each character must confront their inner demons and make difficult choices which will determine their path in life. Additionally, many characters must cope with the trauma from their pasts which will shape who they become in the future.

Q: Who are some of the English voice actors for The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub?
A: Some notable English voice actors featured in The Fruit Of Grisaia English Dub include Lindsay Seidel as Yumiko Sakaki, Bryn Apprill as Makina Irisu, Monica Rial as Amane Suou, Carli Mosier as Michiru Matsushima and Brittney Karbowski as Sachi Komine.

Q: What are some differences between subs/dub versions?
A: Differences between subs/dub versions may be found in terms of tonal differences between language versions as well as audio quality between Japanese VA vs English VA performance. Additionally, there may be certain nuances or jokes that get lost when transposing dialogue from one language to another.

The English dub of The Fruit of Grisaia is a well-crafted and unique adaptation of the original Japanese series. The English voice cast does an excellent job bringing the characters to life, and the sound design is top-notch. Fans of the original series will appreciate this English dub, as it captures the nuances and moments that make The Fruit of Grisaia so beloved.

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