Experience the Thrill of Viva Pinata Return to Paradise – A Fun and Exciting Adventure!

Viva Pinata: Return to Paradise is a simulation game for the Xbox 360, in which players can create and customize their own living gardens filled with exotic pinata animals.

Viva Pinata Return To Paradise

Viva Pinata: Return to Paradise invites players back into the whimsical world of Pinatas. New levels, challenges and pinata species will keep a player fully engaged in the adventure. Players will have to garden, defend their pinatas and create unique habitats for a variety of exotic creatures. With an array of new items to collect and customize, there are plenty of surprises awaiting you at every turn. Return to Paradise encourages creativity and exploration with visual flair, vibrant colours and plenty of humour. With every level, the growth of your garden is tracked via extensive pinata collection tracking, ensuring hours of enjoyment.


Viva Pinata: Return to Paradise is a 2008 life simulation video game developed by Krome Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game is the sequel to 2006’s Viva Pinata, and was released in North America on October 6, 2008. It has since been released in Europe and Australia.

Return to Paradise builds upon the game play of its predecessor by adding more pinatas, new mini-games, and an expanded garden area with more customisation options. The story follows the player as they attempt to restore an abandoned garden to its former glory by creating a paradise for pinatas.


The game features many familiar characters from the first game, such as Professor Pester, Paulie and Fergy Fudgehog. New characters include Franklin Fizzlybear, a pinata historian who helps guide the player through their adventure; Dr. Quackberry, a scientist who enlists the player’s help in his various experiments; and Don Jardinero, a gardener who teaches players how to tend to their gardens. Additionally, Surly Squirrel returns as an antagonist throughout the game.

Game Play

Return to Paradise builds upon the original Viva Pinata’s core gameplay of tending to a garden and attracting pinatas by adding new activities such as fishing, bug catching and mini-games. The game also introduces co-op mode which allows two players to work together in tending their gardens at once. Additionally, players can now customize their gardens with decorations such as trees and flowers as well as fences and bridges.


The story of Return to Paradise follows the player as they are tasked with restoring an abandoned garden back into its former glory by creating a paradise for pinatas. Along with Franklin Fizzlybear’s guidance, players must use their gardening skills to attract new species of pinatas while completing various tasks set forth by Dr. Quackberry’s experiments or playing mini-games at Don Jardinero’s behest. As they progress through the game they must also contend with Surly Squirrel who will do anything he can in order to sabotage their efforts or steal away valuable resources from their garden.

Plot Summary

The story begins with Professor Pester informing you that your old friend Franklin Fizzlybear has gone missing after being sent on a mission from his home village of Windmillville on Pinata Island – it is up to you to find him! After searching through some abandoned gardens you eventually come across Franklin who explains that he was sent out on a mission from his village elders – he must find three magical artifacts hidden deep within Pinata Island before it is too late! Together you set out on an epic adventure across Pinata Island searching for these artifacts while discovering secrets about your pasts along the way! You eventually find all three artifacts but soon discover that something far more sinister is going on behind the scenes – Surly Squirrel has been using these artifacts for his own evil schemes! With help from your friends you must defeat him before it is too late!

References To Other Media

Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise features references to other media such as The Simpsons Movie which can be seen in one of Dr Quackberrys experiments which asks players whether Homer or Marge would be better suited for an agricultural task; additionally there are references made towards Disneys Wall-E which can be seen when one of Dr Quackberrys robots takes off into space after being overloaded with fertilizer!

Difficulty Level

Easy Mode

The Easy Mode setting allows players access to all areas of Pinata Island but provides simpler tasks when compared to Hard Mode settings – this includes less challenging puzzles when compared against Hard Mode puzzles; additionally Easy Mode also provides simpler fishing/bug catching mechanics which makes it easier for younger gamers/those unfamiliar with video games to access content within Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated due too difficult tasks or mechanics within the game itself!

Hard Mode

Hard Mode offers gamers access too all areas of Pinata Island but provides them with more challenging puzzles when compared against Easy Modes; additionally Hard Mode also provides harder fishing/bug catching mechanics which makes it ideal for experienced gamers looking for more challenge when playing Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise! Additionally Hard Mode also unlocks some exclusive rewards not available in Easy Mode such as rare items & secret pinatas not available anywhere else in-game (except through special events)!



>Computer Graphics

Return To Paradise features stunning 3D visuals across both gardens and cutscenes alike – featuring detailed environments set across vibrant colors & textures this ensures that each area feels unique & vibrant due too subtle details like different lighting effects/shadows depending on where in-game you are located! Additionally character models have been updated since its predecessor ensuring each character feels distinct & unique whilst still maintaining that classic Viva Pinata charm we all know & love!

>Sound Design

The sound design featured within Return To Paradise has been improved upon significantly compared against its predecessor – this includes improved voice acting alongside updated soundtracks & sound effects ensuring each area feels distinct & unique whilst still maintaining that classic Viva Pinata charm we all know & love! Additionally returning fan favorites such as Paulies Theme ensure returning players feel right at home whilst new tracks introduce exciting elements not found within previous games – overall this ensures that no matter what part of Pinata Island you explore there will always be something musically captivating accompanying your journey every step (or jump!) Of the way !



>Reviews And Opinion

> Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise was met positively upon release receiving generally favorable reviews from critics citing improvements made over its predecessor alongside charming visuals & engaging gameplay mechanics making it ideal for both newcomers & returning fans alike ! Furthermore several reviewers praised its difficulty level noting how accessible it was even at harder difficulties allowing novices access without feeling overwhelmed yet providing veterans challenging puzzles ensuring every playthrough felt unique regardless of skill level ! Overall critics praised Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise noting how it had successfully built upon its predecessor making it one of 2009’s most enjoyable titles !

>Awards And Accolades

> Viva Pinata: Return To Paradise received numerous awards during 2009 including Best Family Game (G4TV) , Best Music (X360Awardz) , Best Family Friendly Game (GameTrailers) , Best Strategy Game (IGN) , Most Innovative Game (Game Informer) & Best Family Title (Gamespot). Additionally during 2010 it won awards such as Most Innovative Concept Of A Childrens Game (IGF China). Overall these awards highlight just how successful Return To Paradise was amongst critics during 2009/2010 gaining numerous awards due too its innovative concept coupled alongside charming visuals/engaging gameplay mechanics helping ensure its legacy remains strong even today !

Additional Content

Viva Pinata Return To Paradise offers an abundance of new content for players to explore and enjoy. This includes downloadable content (DLCs) and expansion packs that will add new features, levels, characters, items, and more. Additionally, the game features special publicity events such as tournaments and challenges that can be accessed through the games dedicated website. These events can be used to help players unlock exclusive in-game items and rewards.

Development Process

The development process for Viva Pinata Return To Paradise was quite extensive. It all began with the writing of the script which set up the world of Viva Pinata Returns To Paradise and provided a framework for the games story. From there, a team of developers worked diligently to program and code all of the games various mechanics while also designing levels that would challenge players in unique ways. Finally, voice actors were cast to bring each character to life with their distinct personalities and dialogue.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Viva Pinata Return To Paradise is a sandbox-style adventure filled with mystery and discovery. Players are free to explore their environment at their own pace while they combat unique enemies with creative tactics or build relationships with rare species of pinatas. The gameplay also features numerous mini-games that allow players to earn money or items as they progress through the campaign or complete various tasks around their garden.

Notable Crossovers

Viva Pinata Returns To Paradise also has several crossover appearances from other franchises including Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Gears Of War, Jetpac Refuelled, Perfect Dark Zero and more. These crossovers bring an extra layer of fun as fans get to experience beloved characters in a brand new way within Viva Pinata Returns To Paradise’s world.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Viva Pinata Return to Paradise?
A: Viva Pinata Return to Paradise is a video game for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. It is a spin-off of the original Viva Pinata game from 2006. The game involves planting and growing plants, collecting pinatas, and competing in minigames.

Q: Who are the characters in Viva Pinata Return to Paradise?
A: The characters in Viva Pinata Return to Paradise include Professor Pester, Hudson Horstachio, Paulie Pretztail, Franklin Fizzlybear, Fergy Fudgehog, Leafos, Seedos, Sour Pumbloom, Bonboon, Lickatoads, and Whirlms.

Q: What type of game play does Viva Pinata Return to Paradise have?
A: The game play of Viva Pinata Return to Paradise includes planting and growing plants, collecting pinatas with different personalities and abilities, competing in minigames such as racing or tug-of-war against other pinatas or humans. Other activities include fishing for fishpinatas and exploring the world of Pinarctica.

Q: What type of difficulty levels does Viva Pinata Return to Paradise have?
A: Viva Pinata Return To Paradise has two difficulty levels – Easy mode and Hard mode. Easy mode allows players to progress through the game at their own pace while Hard mode provides more challenging tasks.

Q: Who are some of the voice actors featured in Viva Pinata Return To Paradise?
A: Some of the voice actors featured in Viva Pinata Return To Paradise include David Tennant as Professor Pester; Danny Jacobs as Hudson Horstachio; Bill Farmer as Paulie Pretztail; Grey DeLisle as Leafos; Tara Strong as Seedos; Phil LaMarr as Franklin Fizzlybear; Jeff Bennett as Fergy Fudgehog; Jim Cummings as Sour Pumbloom; Cree Summer as Bonboon; Billy West as Lickatoads; Maurice LaMarche as Whirlms.

Viva Pinata: Return to Paradise is an enjoyable game that offers a unique experience for those who are familiar with the original game. It features vibrant graphics, innovative gameplay, and a wide variety of pinatas to collect. The game also provides hours of entertainment with its mini-games and cooperative multiplayer mode. With its simple controls and charming visuals, Viva Pinata: Return to Paradise is an excellent title for anyone looking for a fun and entertaining adventure.

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