Unlock War Thunder’s Eva Elfie Decal to Dominate the Skies!

The War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal is a digital in-game item used to customize the player’s profile.

War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal

The War Thunder Eva Elfie decal is a limited-edition digital sticker set that can be applied to your tank or plane in the game War Thunder. This highly sought after decal celebrates the iconic character of Eva Elfie, an elite pilot of the Royal Air Force, and her daring flights in the fight against the Nazis during World War II. The set includes six unique decals featuring likenesses of various characters and planes from Eva’s wartime adventures. Bring Honor to your vehicle with this beautiful decal, commemorating a time where Allies held back the forces of fascism. Show your support for those brave pilots who fought for freedom and justice across the skies of Europe. Let this decal serve as a reminder that their legacy carries on in today’s world.

War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal


War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat game developed and published by the Russian video game developer Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Shield Android TV. The game allows players to take part in large-scale battles with up to hundreds of players on the same battlefield. Players can choose from a variety of vehicles including tanks, aircraft, and boats to battle it out against each other. In addition to the large-scale battles, War Thunder also features smaller skirmishes that can accommodate up to 16 players.


The core gameplay of War Thunder revolves around its wide selection of vehicles that range from tanks and planes to helicopters and boats. The player can control any vehicle they choose, each with their own unique set of abilities and weapons. Depending on the type of battle they are participating in, players must use their chosen vehicle’s strengths in order to gain an advantage over their enemies. During a battle, players must use tactics such as flanking or ambushing in order to defeat their opponents and gain victory points which will allow them to upgrade their vehicles and unlock new ones.

Eva Elfie Decal Features

The Eva Elfie decal is an exclusive skin available for War Thunder players. The decal is based on the popular Japanese manga character by the same name and features her signature outfit of a white dress with pink accents. When applied to any vehicle in War Thunder it gives it a unique look that stands out from the rest of the crowd. The decal also provides a bonus stat boost for all vehicles it is applied to which makes them more powerful than they would normally be without it. Additionally, when used in conjunction with other bonuses such as squadron battles or crafting system upgrades it can provide even greater bonuses than just those provided by itself alone.


The Eva Elfie decal is currently only available through Gaijin Entertainment’s online store. It can be purchased either individually or as part of bundles which include multiple items such as additional skins or premium currency at discounted prices depending on what is being offered at any given time. Players should check back often for new offers as they become available since these bundles usually offer better value than purchasing individual items separately would provide.

Benefits Of The Decal

The Eva Elfie decal provides several benefits when applied to any vehicle within War Thunder including increased combat stats and XP bonus rewards depending on how well you play during your matches while using it equipped on your vehicle. With increased combat stats comes better mobility which makes you harder to hit while in battle as well as improved accuracy which helps you hit more targets more consistently during skirmishes or larger scale battles alike. Additionally, using this decal will also give you an XP bonus reward after each battle that you participate in regardless of whether you win or lose making grinding levels much easier than usual if you are willing to put some effort into acquiring this exclusive skin for your vehicles first!

Game Mechanics

In addition to its main features like tank combat or air combat there are several other mechanics within War Thunder that further add depth and complexity to the overall experience such as its crafting system where players can craft various upgrades for their vehicles using resources acquired through playing matches or purchasing premium currency from Gaijin Entertainment’s store; its squadron battles where teams comprised of 8-16 players compete against each other across multiple maps; its mission objectives feature where individual player tasks have different rewards depending on how quickly they are completed; its customization options where players can customize every aspect of their chosen vehicle including paint jobs; and finally its encyclopedia which gives detailed information about all aspects of the game including weapon stats so that players may properly plan out tactics ahead of time before engaging enemies during actual matches themselves!

In-Game Currency

Within War Thunder there are two primary types of currency: real money option (RMO) which allows users who purchase RMO packs from Gaijin Entertainment’s store access premium content like upgraded weapons packs; and Gaijin Coins (GC) which are earned through playing matches or completing certain objectives within the game itself – these coins can then be used like real money within War Thunder’s marketplace allowing users access exclusive skins or other items not available through regular means like RMO purchases alone!

Character Customization

War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal is the perfect way to give your favorite aircraft a unique look. With this decal, you can customize the look of your aircraft with different skins and camouflage patterns, as well as aircraft stickers. Each decal is designed to fit perfectly on your aircraft and give it a one-of-a-kind look.

In-Game Events

War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal also offers special battles and rewards for players. These battles can be played with friends or in solo mode and are designed to test your skills in the air. The rewards will vary depending on the difficulty of the battle, but could include things like credits, items, or even new aircraft skins. You can also participate in exclusive events that offer prizes such as special aircraft designs or custom skins.

Community Support

In addition to offering great in-game events for players, War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal also provides community support through its forum news and FAQs & Guides. Here you can find out all the latest information about upcoming updates, new maps, and aircraft additions that are being added to the game. You can also get help from other players if you have questions or problems with any part of the game.

Upcoming Updates

War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal is constantly adding new content to keep players engaged and excited about their gaming experience. Some of these updates include new maps that offer more dynamic gameplay opportunities as well as new aircraft additions that give players more options when it comes to customizing their own unique experience with War Thunder. Keep an eye out for all these upcoming updates so you dont miss out on any of the exciting content coming soon!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is War Thunder?
A: War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece for PC, PS4, Mac and Linux with an ever expanding variety of over 1500 historically accurate planes, tanks and ships from WWI to the Cold War.

Q: What is the Eva Elfie Decal?
A: The Eva Elfie Decal is a custom decal available in War Thunder that increases a player’s combat stats and provides an XP bonus. It can be purchased in the game’s store for real money or Gaijin coins.

Q: What are Gaijin Coins?
A: Gaijin Coins are an in-game currency used to purchase various items in War Thunder such as decals, skins and camouflage. They can be purchased with real money and are found in limited amounts as rewards for completing certain tasks or events.

Q: What character customization options are available in War Thunder?
A: Players can customize their vehicles by using skins and camouflage to change the appearance of their aircraft or tanks, as well as apply various aircraft stickers. Additionally, players can use the crafting system to create unique decals such as the Eva Elfie Decal.

Q: What kind of in-game events are available?
A: War Thunder offers special battles with unique rewards and prizes such as premium vehicles, special decals and other customizations. Additionally, there are community forums where players can discuss upcoming updates and get help from other players through FAQs and guides.

The War Thunder Eva Elfie Decal is a unique in-game item that allows players to customize their online avatars. It is an exclusive item only available through in-game purchases, and it adds an extra layer of personalization to the game. The decal features a colorful design of Eva Elfie, one of the main characters from the popular anime series “Fairy Tail”. With its vibrant colors and detailed graphics, this decal is sure to make your avatar stand out from the crowd and be the envy of your friends.

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