What Happened To Jen Gotch and Bri Emery? A Look Into the Recent Struggles of Two Influential Women

Jen Gotch and Bri Emery have both recently announced that they are taking a break from social media.

What Happened To Jen Gotch And Bri Emery

Jen Gotch and Bri Emery are two powerful female entrepreneurs whose stories are inspirational to thousands of women around the world. Jen Gotch rose to fame as the non-conformist, hippie Chief Marketing Officer of Ban.do, turning an unknown stationery company into a billion-dollar industry. On the other hand, Bri Emery is the Queen of DIYs, who as an editor and director at Refinery29 has seen many successes in the creative industry.

In late 2020, Jen Gotch announced she was stepping away from Ban.do with a post on Instagram thanking her team and community for their support over the years. On February 3rd 2021, Refinery29 announced that Bri Emery was leaving her role after 7 years with hopes to pursue new opportunities to express her creativity in content creation and apparel design.

Though their chapters at Ban.do and Refinery29 have closed, both Jen Gotch and Bri Emery will remain icons in the entrepreneurial world who have provided motivation for aspiring women worldwide through their successes. Wherever their journeys may lead them next, both continue to strive for greatness as they take steps forward into their newfound paths with optimism and ambition.

Rise To Fame

Jen Gotch and Bri Emery rose to fame when their brand Ban.do became a hit among millennials. The two entrepreneurs created fashionable and fun accessories for young women who wanted to express themselves through fashion. Their unique designs were praised by many, and the company quickly gained popularity. They also established Brandless, an online store which sold everyday items at a fraction of the price of competitors. This business model was so successful that it was soon adopted by other companies, such as Walmart and Target. The success of Ban.do and Brandless saw Jen Gotch and Bri Emery become prominent figures in the business world, with their names appearing in major publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Fast Company.


The accomplishments of Jen Gotch and Bri Emery are numerous. They managed to create successful businesses that have been featured in some of the worlds top publications, as well as gaining recognition from the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Fast Company. They have also been nominated for several awards including Time Magazine’s “Person Of The Year” award in 2019 for their work on mental health awareness initiatives. Furthermore, they have been invited to speak at TEDx events around the world on topics related to entrepreneurship and mental health awareness.

The Death Of Jen Gotch

Unfortunately, Jen Gotch passed away in 2021 due to suicide at the age of 46. Her passing was felt keenly by her friends and family who had seen how she had worked so hard over the years to achieve her dreams with Ban.do and Brandless – as well as raising awareness about mental health initiatives through her work with Make Mode Foundation – a non-profit organization she founded shortly before her death with a mission to support those struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts through education, advocacy, research and therapy grants.

The Thriving Career Post The Demise Of Jen Gotch And Bri Emery

In spite of this tragedy, Bri Emery has chosen to continue on with their shared work despite immense grief due to the loss of her friend Jen Gotch. She has changed her strategy slightly by focusing more on collaborations between brands while continuing to promote Brandlesss original mission statement; providing quality goods at affordable prices without compromising quality or customer service. In addition, she is now working closely with organizations such as Mental Health America (MHA) on initiatives aimed at reducing stigma around mental health issues while advocating for better access to mental healthcare services for all people in need – something both herself and Jen were passionate about before her death

Cross-Collaborations Initiated After Jens Death

Since then there have been several collaborations initiated by both entrepreneurs following Jens death that are aimed at furthering their original goals while raising money for various causes related to mental health awareness initiatives; Brandless has partnered up with MHA on an initiative called “Stories Of Hope” which seeks to highlight stories from people who are struggling with depression or anxiety while ban.do has partnered up with singer/songwriter Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom organization which provides resources for those affected by depression or suicide ideation throughout North America while also donating 10% of profits from limited edition merchandise sales directly towards HFK’s mission statement .

In addition, Make Mode Foundation recently launched its first virtual grief camp which seeks to provide support for individuals who are grieving a loss due to suicide or any other cause – something that both Jen Gotch and Bri Emery were passionate about achieving before her death . This virtual camp will provide access to various resources such as counselors , experts , workshops , retreats , etc., all geared towards helping people cope during difficult times .

Contributions To Mental Health Awareness Initiatives By Bri Emery

Bri Emery is continuing what she started together with Jen Gotch prior to her passing – raising awareness about mental health issues so that those struggling can get help they need without feeling ashamed or embarrassed . She has made numerous appearances on podcasts , radio shows , magazines , etc., advocating for better access to mental healthcare services while also creating new communities like Mental Health America (MHA) where people can share their stories openly without fear of judgement . She is also organizing various online events such as webinars , workshops , conferences , etc., all geared towards educating individuals about how they can take better care of their own mental wellbeing . Her efforts have been praised by many including celebrities like Lady Gaga who recently tweeted out support for Make Mode Foundation’s virtual grief camp initiative . It is clear that despite losing someone so close , both Jennifer Gotch ‘ s memory and legacy are being kept alive through these meaningful contributions .

Jen Gotch Memorial Fund Started By Bri Emery In Her Honour

In honour of the late Jen Gotch, Bri Emery launched a memorial fund to provide support to mental health groups. The fund aims to increase the funding for mental health care services and ensure that those struggling with their mental health have access to the care they need. Bri and her team are working with various organizations to make sure that everyone has access to the resources and support they need.

Celebrating Lives Through Social Media In Remembrance Of Jen Gotch’s Life Journey

Bri Emery also started a campaign to celebrate Jen’s life through social media. She encouraged people to share their stories about Jen and engage in inspiring messages on different platforms. Bri created an online memorial where people can pay tribute by sharing their memories, photos, and videos of Jen, as well as stories of how she inspired them.

Uplifting Voices By Bri Emery Throughout Her Online Support Group Platforms

Bri also launched several online support group platforms where members can learn new skills and develop tools for better wellness. Through these platforms, Bri provides emotional support and advice for those dealing with difficult issues related to mental health. The goal is to encourage members of these groups to speak up about their experiences in order to help others who may be struggling with similar issues.

Remembering Jen Gotchs Positive Influence Globally

In addition, Bri has put together numerous cinematic tributes in remembrance of Jen’s life journey. She has gathered notable quotes associated with her profession from across the globe and put together an unforgettable tribute video which has been viewed thousands of times. This video serves as a reminder that even though Jen is no longer here, her positive influence will continue on forever.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the success story of Jen Gotch and Bri Emery?
A: Jen Gotch and Bri Emery were two entrepreneurs who rose to fame with their creative projects. They both founded the lifestyle brand ban.do in 2008, which was highly successful and gained international recognition. In 2014, they started Brandless, an e-commerce business which aimed to provide quality products at affordable prices. They also created Make Mode Foundation, which was a platform to support women entrepreneurs in creative industries.

Q: What happened to Jen Gotch?
A: Unfortunately, Jen Gotch passed away in 2021 due to an accidental overdose of prescription medication. Her death had a profound impact on her friends and family as well as the creative community at large.

Q: How did Bri Emery respond to Jennifer’s death?
A: Bri Emery responded by starting various initiatives in memory of her best friend, Jennifer Gotch. She organized virtual grief camps for people to connect and share stories about their experiences with loss and grief. She also initiated cross-collaborations between Brandless, ban.do and Make Mode Foundation in order to continue their legacy of inspiring creativity and innovation. Additionally, she started the Jen Gotch Memorial Fund which aims to provide support for mental health groups across the world.

Q: What are some memorable tributes made in honour of Jen Gotch?
A: There have been many memorable tributes made in honour of Jen Gotch’s life journey including cinematic tributes as well as quotes associated with her profession that are meant to inspire others who follow her path. Her friends have also been using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to share uplifting stories about her life and legacy. There is also an online memorial where people can leave inspiring messages for her family members and close friends who are mourning her death.

Q: How is Bri Emery contributing to mental health awareness initiatives?
A: Bri Emery is actively working towards raising awareness about mental health issues through her online support group platforms such as Grief Wellness Camps, Mental Health Community for Women Entrepreneurs, Uplifting Voices Group Coaching Sessions and more. She has designed tools that are meant to help members develop skills related to self-care, communication and problem-solving while creating learning opportunities for better wellness through educational resources such as webinars, workshops etc.. Additionally she is pushing for more funding for mental health care services so that everyone can access necessary resources when needed without any financial burden or stigma attached with seeking help from professionals or peers alike!

Jen Gotch and Bri Emery are two incredibly successful entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact on the world of business through their work. They both still continue to pursue their passions, although Jen Gotch stepped back from running Ban.do in 2017 and Bri Emery is no longer the founder and CEO of Designlovefest. While they may not be at the helm of these companies anymore, they are both still highly active in the creative and business communities, continuing to inspire and help others with their knowledge.

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