What Happened to Willdabeast and Janelle: An Update on the Legendary Dance Couple

Willdabeast and Janelle married in 2017 and continue to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

What Happened To Willdabeast And Janelle

Willdabeast and Janelle were two powerful forces in the entertainment industry. Willdabeast, born William Adams, was an actor, choreographer, and dance instructor, and a star on the popular Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Janelle Ginestra was a dancer, singer, and choreographer known for her work on Popstars, High School Musical 1 & 2, Step Up 2 The Streets & Revolutions.

Both Willdabeast and Janelle experienced incredible success in the entertainment world. However, their paths diverged as Willdabeast retired from the industry in 2017 after suffering from exhaustion. Janelle went on to have success with her own music career, performing around the world as well as creating her own dance studio.

In 2020, tragedy struck when it was announced that Willdabeast had died at age 34 due to diabetes-related complications. News of his death sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and fans of Willdabeast mourned his loss deeply.

Janelle honored her friend’s memory by speaking publicly about him and thanking those who supported him throughout his career in the industry. She also used her platform to continue spreading awareness about diabetes.

Willdabeast will be remembered by all who knew him for his incredible talent and contribution to the art form of dance. He is missed deeply by many people around the world who were inspired by him. Janelle will continue to carry on his legacy through her artistry and advocacy work and she has made a commitment to do so for years to come.

Professional Careers

Willdabeast and Janelle began their professional careers as dancers in 2006. They rose to fame in the dance world through their performances at various music festivals, competitions, and shows. With their innovative choreography, they quickly gained a loyal following of fans that have followed them for over a decade.

Love Story

Willdabeast and Janelle’s love story began long before they were professional dancers. The two met in high school and soon after began dating. As they continued to hone their craft as dancers, they also grew closer as a couple. It wasn’t until 2014 when Willdabeast proposed to Janelle on stage during a performance that they officially became husband and wife.

Popularity Of Willdabeast And Janelle

Willdabeast and Janelle’s popularity skyrocketed when they began creating dance videos and collaborating with other artists on various projects. Their unique style of choreography became instantly recognizable, making them household names within the dance community. Their videos have become viral sensations with millions of views worldwide.

Involvement In World Of Dance

Willdabeast and Janelle have been involved in the hit show World of Dance since its inception in 2016. As judges on the show, they have helped mentor some of the most talented dancers from around the world while also helping to create an iconic choreography crew with Jennifer Lopez called ICONOCHOREOGRAPHY CREW (ICC). This has been one of their biggest accomplishments thus far in their career as professional dancers.

Current Pursuits For Willdabeast And Janelle

Willdabeast and Janelle continue to pursue their passion for dance by teaching via their online program Anywhere Program, as well as through various social media platforms such as Instagram Live, YouTube, and Twitch TV where they teach dance classes for all levels of experience. They are also pursuing solo ventures such as launching businesses related to fashion apparel, beauty products, and more.

Studios Started By Willdabeast And Janelle

In addition to their online teaching program, Willdabeast and Janelle also own two studios: International Dance Academy I.D.A Studio in Los Angeles and an Influencer Program in Japan which provides workshops for aspiring dancers who want to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Accomplishments of Willdabeast and Janelle

Willdabeast and Janelle have made a name for themselves in the dance world, and have been recognised for their accomplishments both in awards shows and on YouTube. They have won numerous awards and nominations for their choreography, including the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography. They have also collaborated with several high-profile celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Mark Ronson, Diplo, and many more.

They have also toured around the world with their World of Dance Tour, which ran from 2017-2018 and included stops in Europe and North America. During these tours they showcased their unique choreography styles which challenged norms within the dance industry. One of their most popular routines was ‘Drippin’, which featured innovative moves that had never been seen before.

Health Struggles Of Willdabeast And Janelle

In recent years, Willdabeast and Janelle have both suffered from various health issues that have impacted their ability to perform. In 2018, Willdabeast was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after experiencing symptoms of fatigue and excessive thirst. He has since been able to manage his diabetes through diet and exercise but has had to adjust his lifestyle accordingly to accommodate his condition.
Janelle has also struggled with her health due to a neck injury she suffered in 2019 which caused her considerable pain. She was forced to rest for several months while she recovered from the injury but is now back on her feet again performing with her usual level of energy and enthusiasm.

Criticism Faced By Willdabeast And Janelle

Despite all of their success, Willdabeast and Janelle have not been without controversy during their career. They have faced criticism from some people who claim that they are too commercialised or that they are not pushing the boundaries enough within the industry. However, they both remain committed to creating unique routines that challenge conventions while still appealing to wider audiences.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What happened to Willdabeast and Janelle?
A: Willdabeast (Willdabeast Adams) and Janelle Ginestra are an American dance couple who are still actively pursuing their dance career. They have both become successful in their own right, teaching classes, developing products, and producing content for social media platforms. They have achieved success through their involvement in the World of Dance show, choreography recognitions in awards shows, collaborations with celebrities on YouTube, and international tours.

Q: What is the love story of Willdabeast and Janelle?
A: Willdabeast and Janelle met at a dance competition in 2008 when they were both competing against each other. After connecting on a deeper level during a practice session together, they began dating shortly after and have been together since then. In 2015, Willdabeast proposed to Janelle at a dance convention in front of thousands of people during their performance.

Q: What Popularity has been achieved by Willdabeast and Janelle?
A: Over the years, Willdabeast and Janelle have gained a large online following through their dance videos and collaborations. They have become well-known for their unique style of choreography that challenges norms within the dance industry. They have also gained popularity through their appearances as judges on World of Dance as well as creating Iconochoreography Crew with Jennifer Lopez.

Q: What current pursuits are Willdabeast And Janelle involved in?
A: Currently, Willdabeast and Janelle are pursuing various projects such as teaching classes through their Anywhere Program, creating content for social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok , starting studios such as International Dance Academy I.D.A., running an influencer program in Japan, working on solo ventures such as book launches ,and launching business endeavors such as a clothing line.

Q: What major projects have Willdabeast And Janelle done?
A: Some of the major projects that Willdabeast And Janelle have worked on include the World Of Dance Tour , Europe Tour , Challenging Norms Through Dance Moves like Drippin , Choreography Recognitions In Awards Shows , YouTube Recognition And Collaborations With Celebrities , International Dance Academy I.D.A Studio LA Influencer Program In Japan .

In conclusion, Willdabeast and Janelle have both had successful careers as dancers, choreographers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Willdabeast is currently a judge on the show World of Dance and also runs his own dance classes. Janelle has continued to teach her own classes and has also been featured in many music videos. Both of these dancers have made an impact in the dance world and will continue to do so for years to come.

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