How to Deal With Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Tips and Strategies

Transferring duplicate Pokemon to the Professor for a reward is a good way to make use of them in Pokemon Go.

What To Do With Duplicate Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Having duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be both an annoyance and an opportunity. With a little bit of know-how, you can use these duplicates to their fullest potential. The first step is to recognize when you have a duplicate. You can identify which ones you have from your Pokedex list, or by looking at the stats displayed in the appraisal tab. Once you’ve identified them, there are several things you can do with them:

1) Power up your strongest versions of each Pokemon. This will make them even more powerful and help give your team an edge against tougher opponents.
2) Trade them for candies or stardust with friends or strangers on the internet. These items will allow you to increase the stats of other Pokemon in your collection.
3) Transfer them to Professor Willow for candy corresponding to that Pokemon species. Collecting enough candy of a single species will allow for powerful new evolutions!
4) Register multiple Shiny versions of the same Pokemon in your Pokedex for bragging rights amongst your peers!
5) Collect rarer varieties such as costume variations or regional exclusive Pokemon for extra kudos among your friends!
6) Send them off as gifts to other players – if they are lucky, they could receive bonus loot!
7) Leave it alone – by just having more of the same type, you’ll make it easier for gym battles since there are more chances to power up and defend it!

Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon GO offer plenty of opportunities for resource gathering and strategic planning. Make sure to take advantage of them now that you know how!

Understanding Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Duplicate Pokemon are multiple copies of the same species of Pokemon. They can be obtained by catching a wild Pokemon multiple times or hatching eggs that contain the same species. Players can accumulate duplicate Pokemon for several reasons, such as wanting to power up their strongest Pokemon or having a full Pokedex.

Re-Purposing Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Once players have accumulated a few extra copies of their favorite species, they have to decide what to do with them. One option is to evolve them into their stronger forms. For example, if they have extra Pidgeys, they can use those Pidgeys as candy and evolve them all into Pidgeottos. Alternatively, players can use the duplicates as trade bait with other players who may be looking for that particular species or type.

Storing Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Players can store their duplicate Pokemon in Professor Oaks lab and the Pokemon Bank. In Professor Oaks lab, they can transfer their catch to the professor and receive candies for it, which can then be used to power up their strongest Pokemon or evolve them into stronger forms. The Pokemon Bank allows players to store an unlimited number of duplicate Pokemon away from their current team and access them whenever they need them.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Keeping Extra Animoles

Before deciding whether or not to keep extra animoles, it is important to consider the cost/benefit analysis of doing so. On one hand, keeping extra animoles gives players more options when it comes to powering up and evolving their strongest team members while also providing them with trade bait for other rarer species they may want. On the other hand, storing too many extraneous animoles takes up valuable storage space and resources that could otherwise be used on more important tasks.

Selling Those extras on the GTS in Pokemon Go

Players who decide that keeping extra animoles isnt worth the effort can always sell them on the GTS (Global Trade System) in Pokemon Go. Selling duplicates on GTS requires some preparation but is relatively straightforward once everything is set up properly. Players should first make sure that they have enough Pokecoins saved up before attempting any trades as each transaction requires at least one Pokecoin per transaction fee. Once everything is ready, players must then select which duplicate animole they wish to sell and set its asking price before finally posting it on GTS for other players around the world to see and purchase if interested. The benefits of selling extras on GTS include freeing up valuable storage space while also potentially earning some extra Pokecoins at the same time!

Fusing Them at The Digging Duo in Pokemon Go

The Digging Duo in Pokemon Go is a great way to get rid of duplicate Pokemon and fuse them into stronger versions. This method is a great way to save time and get rid of unwanted Pokemon quickly. The Pros and Cons of using the Digging Duo are as follows:


The main advantage to using the Digging Duo is that it allows you to quickly and easily fuse two duplicate Pokemon into one stronger version. This saves time, as you don’t have to spend time evolving them separately. Additionally, it also ensures that the final product is more powerful than either of the original two Pokemon were individually. And finally, it’s a great way to get rid of any unwanted duplicates you may have lying around.


The main disadvantage to using the Digging Duo is that it can be a bit expensive, as you must buy coins in order to use it. Additionally, you may not always get the strongest version of your desired fusion, as there are still random elements involved in the process. Lastly, some players find the interface confusing or difficult to use.

Unleashing Extras with Lucky Trades

Lucky Trades are another great way for trainers to get rid of their duplicate Pokemon and unleash some extras in the process. But how do Lucky Trades work?

How Lucky Trades Work?

In a Lucky Trade, two trainers exchange their duplicate Pokemon for each other’s unique or rare versions. The two trainers then gain access to each other’s rare or unique versions depending on which ones were traded first. This gives both trainers an opportunity to gain access to rare or unique versions they may not have had before – creating an added bonus beyond just getting rid of unwanted duplicates!

Benefits of Lucky Trades

The main benefit of Lucky Trades is that they allow players to gain access to rare or unique versions they wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise – giving them added power and variety when competing against other players online or in tournaments. Additionally, this method also helps trainers get rid of their unwanted duplicates – something that can be quite difficult when trying other methods such as evolution or trading with friends! Finally, this method also helps maintain fairness in online play by ensuring that no one has an unfair advantage due to having access to rarer versions than others do.

Power Leveling With Duplicates

Power Leveling With Duplicates can help trainers level up their teams faster than usual by taking advantage of any extra duplicate Pokemon they may have lying around – but what exactly is Power Leveling?

< h3 > What is Power Leveling? Power Leveling With Duplicates involves using extra duplicate Pokemon (such as evolved forms) on your team instead of weaker base forms – thereby boosting your team’s overall power level faster than usual methods such as evolution would allow for! This method can be especially useful for those who want a quick boost in power without having to spend too much time grinding out levels through traditional means like battles or grinding out XP from wild encounters.
< h3 > Benefits Of Power Leveling With Duplicates The main benefit of Power Leveling With Duplicates is that it allows trainers to quickly and easily boost their team’s overall power level without having to spend too much time doing so – allowing them more time for battles and encounters with wild Pokemon! Additionally, this method also ensures that teams are always balanced with both strong base forms and evolved forms – something which can be difficult when relying solely on traditional methods such as evolution! Finally, this method also helps prevent Trainer burnout by allowing players more flexibility when levelling up their teams – making them less likely to become frustrated with slow progress due its quicker nature!

< h2 > Exchanging With Buzz Rewards Buzz Rewards are another great way for trainers who need some extra help getting powerful Pokemon versions – but what exactly are Buzz Rewards?
< h 3 > What Are Buzz Rewards? Buzz Rewards are rewards given out by participating businesses when customers purchase specific items from their stores these rewards usually come in the form of special codes which can then be redeemed in-game for even more powerful Pokemon versions! These rewards help ensure that players always have something new and exciting on hand whenever they need it giving them an edge over other players who might not have access these rewards! < h 3 > Benefits Of Exchange With Buzz Rewards The main benefit of exchanging with Buzz Rewards is that it allows players access powerful Pokemon versions they wouldnt otherwise have access too giving them an edge over other players who dont have access these rewards! Additionally, this method also helps promote local businesses meaning more people will shop at participating stores helping both businesses and customers alike! Finally, this method also helps maintain balance within online play ensuring no one has an unfair advantage due having special rewards which others dont have access too!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are Duplicate Pokemon?
A: Duplicate Pokemon are the ones that have already been caught and registered in the Pokedex. They are usually found when trying to catch new Pokemon, or when hatching eggs.

Q: Why do Players Accumulate Duplicate Pokemon?
A: Players accumulate duplicate Pokemon for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is for power leveling, which means they can quickly evolve their favorite species. Additionally, they may want to use them as trade bait, or keep them as collectibles.

Q: How to Sell Your Extras on the GTS in Pokemon Go?
A: Selling your extras on the GTS in Pokemon Go is easy. Simply open up your bag, select the extra Pokemon you want to sell, then press the “Sell” button and choose your desired price and quantity. Once you confirm your sale, your extras will be put up for sale on the GTS marketplace.

Q: How do Lucky Trades Work?
A: Lucky Trades involve exchanging extra Pokemon with someone else for a rare or valuable one. To initiate a Lucky Trade, a player must offer their extra Pokemon to another player in exchange for a specified rare or valuable Pokemon. If both players agree to the trade, then it is completed and both players receive their chosen Pokemon from each other.

Q: What are Buzz Rewards?
A: Buzz Rewards are special rewards given out by Niantic Labs when players perform certain activities in-game such as catching specific types of Pokemon or completing research tasks. These rewards can range from stardust to rare items such as Golden Razz Berries or Rare Candy. Exchange with Buzz Rewards allows players to exchange extra Pokemon for these rewards which can be used to help power level their favorite species or obtain other helpful items in-game.

In conclusion, if you find yourself with multiple copies of the same Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you can choose to keep them as a backup or trade them with other players. You can also use them to power up your existing Pokemon or transfer them away for additional candy. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and depends on your specific needs and goals in the game.

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