Solving the Mystery: What’s Black, Blue, and Red All Over?

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Whats Black And Blue And Red All Over

This saying is an example of a riddle or pun, and it has an answer that may be surprising at first. The phrase references a familiar object – a newspaper. If you look at a newspaper, the headline and articles will be printed in black ink, photographs or illustrations may appear in blue ink, and the margins are usually red due to logos or advertisements. So, the answer to this question is A Newspaper! This riddle can be used to help teach children about reading newspapers or just have fun with friends and family. It’s a great way to get everyone thinking creatively and having fun!


The classic answer to the question “What’s black and blue and red all over?” is a jacket – a garment made of fabric or leather, designed to keep the wearer warm. Jackets are usually black, blue, or red in color, although they can come in a variety of other colors too. Sweaters are also popular garments for keeping warm, and can also be black, blue, or red in color.


Sports can also provide an answer to the question “What’s black and blue and red all over?”. Two of the most popular sports in North America that fit this description are football and hockey. Football teams wear uniforms that are typically composed of black, blue, and red colors. Similarly, hockey teams wear uniforms that are either entirely composed of these three colors or feature a combination of them.


When it comes to comedy there is no shortage of jokes or riddles that fit this question as well. Jokes often make use of puns (e.g., “Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”) or wordplay (e.g., “What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!”). Riddles may present an interesting situation with an answer involving the three colors (e.g., “What has four wheels and is always red, blue, and black? A shopping cart!”).


When it comes to drinks there are two popular choices that fit this description: beer and wine. Beer is typically dark amber in color when poured into a glass while wine varies from deep ruby reds to dark blues depending on its type. Both beer and wine contain alcohol which provides them their distinct flavor as well as their characteristic coloration when poured into a glass.


Music can be another source for answers to this query as well – genres such as rock ‘n’ roll often feature instrumentation composed of guitars which come in many different shades including black, blue, and red; similarly artists such as Jimi Hendrix were known for their signature style which utilized these same hues in their guitar playing techniques. Music has been used throughout history to express emotions, ideas, stories, all through sounds created by instruments featuring these three colors – allowing music lovers everywhere to experience these emotions firsthand!


When it comes to technology, there are a few items that can be black, blue and red all over. One of the most common items would have to be gadgets. Smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices usually come in various colors, but black and blue are two of the most popular options. Meanwhile, red is often used as an accent color to add a bit of flair. It is not uncommon to find gadgets with some combination of these three colors.

Machines such as printers and scanners also come in these colors. Printers often have a black or blue body with red highlights while scanners may be black with red stripes or buttons. Some machines even come with fully customizable exterior designs that can feature any combination of the three colors.

Food Dishes

When it comes to food dishes, there are a few options that can fit the description of black, blue and red all over. Pizza is a classic example of this as its crust typically features some combination of the three colors. The dough is usually either black or dark brown while the toppings often feature tomato sauce which gives it a reddish hue and may also have pieces of pepperoni which look distinctly blue when cooked properly.

Salad is another dish that can fit this description as its ingredients typically include leafy greens which are mostly green but may contain some reddish or bluish shades depending on what type of lettuce or other vegetables you choose to use for your salad mix. Additionally, various dressings such as balsamic vinegar or olive oil offer more shades of color to complete the dishs look.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is black and blue and red all over?
A: This is a common riddle with many possible answers. It could be a joke, a sweater, a football, a hockey player, beer, wine, music genres or artists, gadgets, machines, pizza or salad.

Q: What clothing item is black and blue and red all over?
A: A jacket or sweater could be black and blue and red all over.

Q: What sports are black and blue and red all over?
A: Football or hockey players often have protective equipment that is black and blue and red all over.

Q: What drinks are black and blue and red all over?
A: Beer or wine can be black and blue and red all over depending on the brand or label.

Q: What food dishes are black and blue and red all over?
A: Pizza or salad can have toppings that are black (olives) blue (blue cheese) or red (tomatoes).

The answer to the age-old riddle “What’s black and blue and red all over?” is a newspaper! Newspapers are typically printed in black ink on a white page with sections divided by red lines. The combination of colors makes for a unique, recognizable look.

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