Discovering the Meaning Behind When You Believe Hebrew Lyrics

” – Trust in me and you will see dreams come true.”

When You Believe Hebrew Lyrics


Understanding the Meaning of the Lyrics

The Hebrew lyrics of When You Believe can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The song is about faith and hope in the face of adversity and is a message of encouragement for those who are struggling. It speaks to the power of believing in something greater than ourselves, and the power that comes from having faith even in our darkest moments. The original meaning of the song was to encourage listeners to believe in themselves and have hope in times of difficulty.

Interpretation of the Hebrew Lyrics

The Hebrew lyrics are divided into two parts: Part One speaks about having hope even in difficult times, while Part Two speaks about being brave and trusting that everything will turn out alright. In Part One, Siedah Garrett and Stephen Schwartz sing Kulanu l’anashim yesh ma lahem which translates to we all have something that we believe in. This line speaks to the importance of having faith and trusting that things will eventually get better. The next line, Ve’im yachol nafshu b’yeshuah translates to and if we can only find salvation which speaks to finding inner peace even when things seem bleak.

Part Two talks about being brave and going after our dreams despite any obstacles or fears we may have. They sing Az yadati yafa kol she’od omrim lanu which translates to for I know beautiful things will come when they say they will not this conveys being strong and continuing on with our goals, no matter what anyone says or what odds may be stacked against us. Finally, they sing Ha’tikva sheli yaaminu/Titen li et ha’shamayim u’milu et hashamayim al ha’aretz which translates to my hope will never die/I will reach for the sky and bring down heaven on earth this speaks to never giving up on our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem, and having faith that anything is possible if we keep believing.

Translating into English

Translating Hebrew lyrics into English can be quite challenging due to the complexity of both languages as well as differences between their grammar structures. In order to effectively translate these lyrics into English, it is important to understand both languages thoroughly as well as have an understanding of cultural nuances that could be lost when translating from one language into another.

Words & Phrase Breakdown

In order to properly translate these lyrics into English, it is important to first break down each word or phrase individually before attempting a full translation. For example, one line from Part One reads: Kulanu l’anashim yesh ma lahem” which translates literally as “We all have something that we believe in”. Breaking down each word reveals additional meanings which can alter how one might interpret this line: “Kulanu” means “all”; “l’anashim” means “for people”; “yesh ma” means “there is something”; “lahem” means “for them”. With this breakdown it becomes clear that this line conveys a message encouraging listeners to hold onto their belief systems despite any challenges they may face – hence why it is translated as “We all have something that we believe in”.

Difficulties in Finding Proper Translations

Finding proper translations for some words or phrases can also prove difficult due to cultural differences between languages; for example certain words used by Israeli artists may not exist or carry different connotations when translated into English since there could be no exact equivalent for such words or phrases. Therefore it is important for translators not only to understand both languages but also have an understanding of cultural nuances so they can properly convey the original meaning without losing any important details through mistranslation.

Historical Context Behind The Song

The song ‘When You Believe’, released by American singer Mariah Carey alongside Israeli singer Ofra Haza in 1998 was composed by Siedah Garrett and Stephen Schwartz with production by Walter Afanasieff for Carey’s album ‘1s’. It was released at a time when Israel was going through a period of transition following Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination just months earlier – making its message about perseverance through difficult times particularly poignant at that time period for Israelis who were facing fear and uncertainty following his death.

The Impact Of Its Release

The release of this iconic duet had an immediate impact on Israeli culture; it became an anthem for peace during a tumultuous period where many were facing hardship both mentally and economically due its positive message about staying strong despite adversity – making its impact far-reaching beyond just music circles at home but also abroad where it was gaining attention from international audiences who resonated with its uplifting message during their own struggles worldwide .

Cultural Significance Of ‘When You Believe’ In Israel

Since its release ‘When You Believe’ has become deeply entrenched within Israeli culture; many artists such as Idan Raichel, Achinoam Nini (Noa) , Eyal Golan among others have recorded their own versions singing either entirely Hebrew or bilingual versions accompanied by audio-visuals featuring traditional Jewish imagery such as Shabbat dinners or historical landmarks – further cementing its status within Israeli culture .

Influence On Israeli Songs Since Its Release

Since its release ‘When You Believe’ has had a lasting influence on other Israeli songs; many artists frequently incorporate similar themes found within its lyrics such as faith, hope, perseverance etc – giving their own interpretations while still adhering closely enough thematically so listeners would recognize thematic elements derived from ‘When You Believe’. Additionally some artists go further by referencing lines found within ‘When You Believe’, thus paying homage directly while still putting their own spin on it – further highlighting its significance within Israeli music since 1998 .

Israeli Artists Singing ‘When You Believe’
Israel has seen various cover versions sung by various popular local artists including Idan Raichel , Achinoam Nini (Noa) , Eyal Golan among others – further cementing its place within local culture over two decades after first released . These covers often feature traditional Jewish imagery such as Shabbat dinners or historical landmarks along with audio-visuals accompanying these performances helping make these songs more accessible outside musical circles thus broadening their reach beyond music fans .

< h 2 >Significance Beyond Israel
Since its release ‘When You Believe’ has spread across Europe & America becoming popular worldwide; earning itself multiple awards including two Grammy Awards & Golden Globe Award among others while simultaneously becoming firmly entrenched within religious & spiritual practices thanks largely due its uplifting message about faith & perseverance regardless what odds may stacked against us . This global reach has made it particularly significant not just Israel but also other countries around world whose citizens resonate with similar themes present throughout song’s lyrics .

Awards Given to When You Believe and its Writers

The song When You Believe, written by Stephen Schwartz and sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for the 1998 animated movie The Prince of Egypt, has been recognized widely by the music industry for its power and beauty. It received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, an Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically & Lyrically, a BMI Film & TV Awards award for Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture, and two ASCAP Awards. In addition to receiving recognition from the music industry, it has also become an iconic cultural symbol of hope and belief in times of difficulty.

Musical Arrangement for Different Versions of the Song

The musical arrangement of When You Believe has been adapted to suit different versions of the song. Instrumental versions have been created using instruments like piano, guitar, organ or orchestral arrangements. A capella (vocal) versions have also been created which feature solo singers or groups harmonizing together without accompaniment. Live performances featuring both vocal and instrumental versions have been performed around the world to great acclaim.

Videos Related to When You Believe Hebrew Lyrics and Interpretations

When You Believe Hebrew lyrics are featured in many videos that are available on YouTube and other streaming services. There are tutorials available that teach beginners how to sing in Hebrew as well as karaoke videos featuring both English and Hebrew lyrics. These videos provide helpful interpretations of the songs meaning as well as practical tips on how to pronounce each syllable correctly when singing in Hebrew.

Covers Performed by Different Artistes Worldwide

The song When You Believe has been covered by many talented artists all over the world in different languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and German. Professional cover versions can be found on various streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music while there are also affordable cover versions available through various YouTube channels. No matter what language is used or what type of version is performed each artiste puts their own unique spin on the classic hit making it enjoyable to hear over and over again.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the original meaning of the song When You Believe?
A: The song was originally written to evoke a sense of hope and faith in its listeners, encouraging them to trust in a higher power to deliver them from their trials and tribulations. The lyrics focus on the power of believing in something greater than oneself, and believing that anything is possible with faith.

Q: Who composed ‘When You Believe’?
A: ‘When You Believe’ was composed by Siedah Garrett and Stephen Schwartz. It was released in 1998 as part of the soundtrack for the animated film The Prince of Egypt.

Q: What awards were given to ‘When You Believe’ and its writers?
A: ‘When You Believe’ won numerous awards from the music industry, including an Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, and an American Music Award for Favorite Adult Contemporary Single. It also earned two BMI Film Music Awards.

Q: What are some videos related to When You Believe Hebrew Lyrics and Interpretations?
A: There are numerous videos available online related to When You Believe Hebrew lyrics and interpretations, including tutorials for beginners learning Hebrew, karaoke videos teaching how to sing in Hebrew, and covers performed by different artistes worldwide in different languages.

Q: What is the cultural significance of ‘When You Believe’ in Israel?
A: When You Believe had a significant impact on Israeli culture when it was released in 1998. It quickly became popular amongst Israelis due to its uplifting message about faith and hope, becoming an anthem of sorts amongst many Jewish communities worldwide. Its influence can still be heard today in various Israeli songs released since then.

In conclusion, the lyrics of the song “When You Believe” are both powerful and inspirational. It speaks to the power of faith and hope that can help us achieve our dreams, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. The Hebrew lyrics include a message of perseverance and strength in the face of adversity. This message is universal and can be found in many cultures around the world. Ultimately, this song reminds us that when we believe in ourselves and strive for what we want to achieve, anything is possible.

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