Kaido’s Reason for Visiting Marineford: Uncovering the Motives Behind His Trip

Kaido wanted to go to Marineford in order to make his statement of power, influence, and dominance known in the world of pirates.

Why Did Kaido Want To Go To Marineford

Kaido, one of the Yonko of the seas, had a deep-seated ambition to conquer the entirety of the world. To fulfill this grand plan, Kaido decided that his first step would be to establish a strong presence in Marineford. Kaido knew that Marineford was the central hub of the World Government, and by settling in this city he could easily take control of the entire world. Through capturing some high-ranking Marines or important items located there, Kaido could easily establish a strong foothold in Marineford and from there move forward with his plan. Additionally, along with an overwhelming battle power, which Kaido already possessed, he believed by taking over this crucial point he would gain privileges and bargaining powers that other groups wouldn’t be able to match. Therefore it is clear why Kaido wanted to take over Marineford; it would effectively aid him on his mission to dominate the world.

Kaido’s Intentions at Marineford

Kaido’s intentions for going to Marineford were two-fold: power struggles and the acquisition of ancient weapons. Kaido is a powerful pirate and is one of the four Yonko (four most powerful pirates in the world) and he was looking to increase his power even further. He was likely looking to challenge Whitebeard, another Yonko, for control of the seas. In addition, Kaido was also looking for ancient weapons that could help him gain a decisive advantage over his rivals.

One such weapon was Yamatos sword, an incredibly powerful weapon that would be able to cut through anything. Another ancient weapon that Kaido sought was Marcos Revive-Revive Devil Fruit, a fruit that could bring people back from the dead.

Feud between Kaido and Whitebeard Pirates

The feud between Kaido and Whitebeard Pirates is mainly due to conflicting interests. Both parties are looking to take control of the seas, leading them into direct competition with each other. The Marines were also involved in this power struggle as they saw both parties as threats to their authority and stability in the region.

Events Leading To The Battle Of Marineford

The events leading up to the battle at Marineford began with the arrival of Shanks, another Yonko who wanted to mediate between Whitebeard and Kaido so that a peace treaty could be signed. However, negotiations broke down when Kid and Big Mam Pirates invaded Marineford, leading both sides into battle against each other. This led to an all-out war between Whitebeard Pirates and Kaidos forces, which ended with Whitebeards death after an intense fight with Akainu, one of the Admirals of Marines.

Potential Aftermaths Of The Battle For Marineford

The aftermath of The Battle of Marineford could have serious repercussions on the future of piracy in the world. After Whitebeards death, it is possible that Kaido may attempt to establish a Demon Royalty plan for world domination by uniting all pirates under his banner. Another potential fallout from this conflict is war with Roger Pirates as they are currently allied with Shanks who attempted mediation during this conflict but failed due to Kid and Big Mams invasion of Marineford.

Flaws in Kaido’s Strategy at Marineford

Kaido’s ambition to take control of the world by invading Marineford was a risky move, and it was only natural that there were flaws in his strategy. Firstly, his attack was badly timed. It occurred at a time when the Whitebeard Pirates had already been weakened by the war against the Marines, and they were unable to respond with their full strength. Secondly, Kaido’s tactical formations were weak and easily penetrated by Whitebeard’s forces.

Sacrifices during The Battle of Marineford

The battle of Marineford was not without its sacrifices. Despite Kaido’s best efforts, there was an inevitability of casualties among his forces. Not only did his side suffer losses in terms of lives, but they also lost valuable resources and manpower which could have been used for future campaigns. Furthermore, Kaido and his allies were outmaneuvered by the Whitebeard Pirates in terms of intelligence gameplay during the battle.

Viewpoints From Other Characters on Marineford Battle

Shanks’ perspective on Kaido’s actions at Marineford is one worth considering. Shanks believed that Kaido had underestimated the Whitebeard Pirates and their influence in the world. He thought that it would be better for Kaido to focus on strengthening himself rather than attempting to take control of powerful organizations such as the Marines or Whitebeard Pirates.

Yamato and Marco also had their own view on Kaido’s ambitions for world domination. They questioned why someone as powerful as Kaido would want to take control of an organization like the Marines or Whitebeard Pirates when he could simply continue to rule over Wano Country with relative impunity.

Comparisons Between Yakuza and Whitebeard Pirates

When comparing the code of conduct between Yakuza and Whitebeard Pirates, it is clear that both groups have similar principles when it comes to loyalty and respect for their respective leaders. However, there are some differences between them in terms of how they handle disputes between rival gangs or clans within their respective organizations. The Yakuza are known for their violence while the Whitebeard Pirates prefer negotiation over violence whenever possible.

The symbolic representations in manga artwork concerning both piracies further highlight these differences between them. The Yakuza often use imagery associated with fear such as dragons or tigers while the Whitebeard Pirates tend to use symbols associated with loyalty such as swords or anchors. These symbols demonstrate how each group views themselves differently from one another when it comes to dealing with conflict within their ranks or outside adversaries alike.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What were Kaido’s intentions at Marineford?
A: Kaido’s intentions at Marineford were to gain power and acquire ancient weapons such as Yamato’s Sword and Marco’s Revive-Revive Devil Fruit.

Q: What was the feud between Kaido and Whitebeard Pirates?
A: The feud between Kaido and Whitebeard Pirates was a conflict of interests which culminated in the Battle of Marineford.

Q: What were the events leading up to the Battle of Marineford?
A: The events leading up to the Battle of Marineford included Shanks’ arrival, Kid and Big Mam Pirates’ invasion, and Whitebeard’s declaration of war.

Q: What were the potential aftermaths of the Battle for Marineford?
A: Potential aftermaths of the Battle for Marineford included a Demon Royalty plan for world domination, a war with Roger Pirates, and an increased tension in the world.

Q: What flaws were present in Kaido’s strategy at Marineford?
A: Flaws present in Kaido’s strategy at Marineford included a badly timed attack, weak tactical formations, and an underestimation of casualties.

In conclusion, Kaido’s desire to reach Marineford was motivated by his need to take revenge on the Whitebeard Pirates for their involvement in the death of Portgas D. Ace. He wanted to prove that he was strong enough to take on the strongest pirate in the world and make a name for himself as one of the Four Emperors. In doing so, he would have been able to establish himself as a powerful figure and gain control of the New World.

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