Why Do People Dislike Kylian Mbappe? Exploring the Reasons Behind Negative Public Opinion

People may not like Mbappe because he is seen as arrogant, abrasive, and too publicized in the media.

Why Do People Not Like Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most famous and talented footballers in the world, yet not everyone is a fan. There are several reasons why people dont like him, stemming from his style of play to his attitude off the pitch. People who are less enthusiastic about Mbappe criticize his alleged lack of work ethic; some say he takes too many risks, which often lead to defensive errors or risk-taking passes that rarely go as intended. Additionally, his perceived attitude has also been called into question; some say he is arrogant or doesnt appear to show respect for some opponents or teammates. However, it can be argued that critics tend to overlook the fact that Mbappe has achieved remarkable success in such a short time, winning multiple awards and championships for both club and country. While understanding why people arent fans of Mbappe can be complicated, it should always come back to how people view him as not only a footballer but a person.


Kylian Mbappe is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Paris Saint-Germain and the French national football team. He is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world and many consider him to be one of the best players of his generation. Born in Bondy, France on December 20, 1998, he began playing football at an early age and rose to prominence during his time with Monaco in 2017. He then moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2018 where he has become a key player for the club.

Early Life and Education

Mbappe was born in Bondy, France to parents Wilfried Mbappe and Fayza Lamari. At six years old, he joined AS Bondy’s youth academy where he quickly excelled at football. After spending three years at AS Bondy, he moved to Monaco’s youth team where he made his professional debut at 16 years old during the 2015-2016 season. After one season with Monaco’s senior squad, Mbappe transferred to Paris Saint-Germain in 2018 where he has since been a key figure for the club.

Professional Career

Mbappe has established himself as one of the top players in world football over his short career. In 2017, he became Monaco’s youngest ever goal scorer when he scored against Troyes at 17 years old. During his time with Monaco, Mbappe scored 26 goals and provided 16 assists across all competitions before transferring to Paris Saint-Germain that same year. In 2018, Mbappe won Ligue 1 Player of the Year award and helped lead PSG to their first ever UEFA Champions League final in 2020 before losing 1-0 to Bayern Munich.

Controversies and Criticisms

Mbappe has been subject to several controversies throughout his career thus far which have caused some people to dislike him or feel indifferent towards him. One particular incident involved accusations of tax evasion after it was revealed that Mbappe had allegedly evaded paying taxes on some of his earnings from Paris Saint-Germain which resulted in a heavy fine being imposed by French authorities. Additionally, there have been several instances where Mbappe has made disparaging cultural references which have been seen as offensive by some individuals.

Media Portrayal

Mbappe’s media portrayal is generally positive with many praising him for his talent and athleticism on the field while also recognizing him as one of the best players currently playing in world football today. However, there are some criticisms surrounding Mbappe’s attitude both on and off the field leading some people to believe that he should behave more maturely or take more responsibility for his actions both on and off the pitch.

Performance On The Field

Mbappe is widely considered one of the best players currently playing football today due to his incredible athleticism combined with technical ability on both attack and defense however there have been criticisms surrounding his attitude when playing which has led some people to question how serious he takes certain situations on the pitch such as not tracking back or not challenging opponents properly when defending set pieces or counter attacks . Additionally, there have been criticisms surrounding performance levels suggesting that despite having immense potential – it hasnt fully translated into consistent performances on a regular basis yet which may be why some fans are not satisfied with what they are seeing from him at times .

Fan Base

The fan base surrounding Kylian Mbappe is largely positive with many supporters regularly praising him for his incredible talent however there are still some detractors who feel indifferent towards him due largely because they do not believe that he fully understands what it means to play for a club like PSG or represent France at an international level . Additionally , there is an argument that suggests that much of Kylians popularity stems from social media followers rather than genuine support from fans who watch games regularly , thus leading some people feeling disconnected from Kylian if they do not follow him online .

Alleged Narcissism

Kylian Mbappe is one of the world’s most talented footballers, but he also has a reputation for being somewhat narcissistic. Many have accused him of having ‘diva tendencies’, suggesting that he expects to be treated differently to other players. This could be seen in his interactions with the media and the way he carries himself on the pitch, often demanding more attention than other players. It could also be seen in his spending habits, as he is known to purchase expensive cars and lavish holidays, suggesting that he has an inflated sense of self-importance. He has also been accused of egoism and arrogance, further fueling the perception of narcissism.

Financial Acquisitions

In addition to these diva tendencies, people are often critical of Mbappe’s financial acquisitions. His lifestyle spending is often deemed excessive, as he is known to purchase luxury items such as designer clothes and expensive cars. This could be interpreted as a sign that he does not care about his financial situation, or that money can buy him happiness. Furthermore, his transfer fees have been heavily criticized for being outrageously high, which adds to the perception that Mbappe does not value money or understand its value.

International Honour Achievements

One area where Mbappe has been praised is in his international honour achievements. At just 21 years old, he already has an impressive list of accomplishments for both youth gaming and senior teams. He has won numerous awards for both categories, including the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award in 2018 and the UEFA Champions League Player of the Year award in 2019. These successes have earned him respect from fans all over the world who appreciate his talent and dedication to football.

Views on Social Issues

However, many people take issue with Mbappe’s views on social issues or lack thereof. Unlike other professional athletes who have spoken out on important topics such as racism or LGBTQ+ rights, Mbappe has remained relatively quiet about these issues which leads some to believe that he does not care about them or their importance in society today. Additionally, despite being financially successful there are very few reports of him engaging in charity work which further decreases public opinion towards him as many view this type of work as an obligation for those who earn large amounts of money from their profession.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Mbappe’s Early Life and Education?
A: Kylian Mbappe was born on December 20, 1998 in Paris, France. He attended Bondy AS football club and completed his secondary education at the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education in Clairefontaine.

Q: What are some of the Controversies and Criticisms he has faced?
A: In 2018, Mbappe was accused of tax evasion by French authorities. He was also widely criticized for making disparaging cultural references in a post-match interview.

Q: How has Mbappe been portrayed in the media?
A: The media has both praised and criticized Mbappe’s performance on and off the field. His extravagant lifestyle spending and transfer fees have been met with both positive acclaim and negative criticism from various outlets.

Q: How has his fan base reacted to his presence?
A: Although he has amassed a huge social media following, he hasn’t received the same level of enthusiasm from his fan base as other players have. Some fans have criticized him for having a diva attitude and perceiving arrogance from him at times.

Q: What are some of his international honour achievements?
A: Throughout his career, Mbappe has won numerous awards including FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award (2018), Kopa Trophy (2018), Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year (2018) among others. He has also achieved success in youth gaming tournaments such as eNations Cup (2019).

In conclusion, people do not like Mbappe because he is seen as arrogant, his attitude and behavior can be perceived as disrespectful, and his success at such a young age can be intimidating. He also has a lot of media attention which can make people feel uncomfortable or jealous. However, while some people may not like the player, others recognize Mbappe’s talent and admire him for his achievements.

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