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1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho is located in Latah County.

1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho is a beautiful historic address located in the heart of the City of Palouse. This city, which boasts some of Idaho’s most picturesque landscapes, offers its residents a unique opportunity to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with numerous attractions, such as restaurants, shopping centers and parks. Located near 1501 Levick St are several schools including the University of Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College and Washington State University. As with much of Moscow Idaho, Levick Street features historic buildings with Victorian architecture amidst its quiet country setting. The area offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities such as camping in nearby national forests or riding on the Latah Trail. 1501 Levick Street is an ideal place to start your journey into discovering all that Moscow has to offer.

Location of 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho is located in Latah County, Idaho, United States. It is situated at latitude 46.7314 and longitude -116.9920. To reach 1501 Levick Street, Moscow Idaho from any location, the quickest way is to take Interstate 90 towards Spokane and then take US Highway 95 north to Moscow.

Arrangements to Reach 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

The most direct way to reach 1501 Levick Street is by road as it is situated close to the highway network of the region. The nearest airport is Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport located just 8 miles southwest of 1501 Levick Street, while Spokane International Airport is an additional 100 miles away from the destination.

Historical Context of 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

Events before 1950 have a significant impact on the historical context of 1501 Levick Street, Moscow Idaho. The area was first settled in 1866 by a group of settlers from Iowa led by David Thompson who was a fur trader and explorer in the region during that time period. During this time period, Latah County was founded and it became one of six original counties in 1889 when Idaho became an official state in July 1890.

Events after 1950 also had a great effect on the history of 1501 Levick Street, Moscow Idaho. In 1976, Washington State University opened its branch campus in Pullman which enhanced educational opportunities for students living around the area. Since then several other educational institutions have been set up around 1501 Levick Street such as University of Idaho College of Law and Northwest Nazarene University both located within 10 miles radius from the destination location.

Technology Used For 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

At present satellite maps are used widely for locations like 1501 Levick Street, Moscow Idaho due to its high accuracy and detailed information provided for locations all over the world with just one click of a button. Ground based surveys are also used extensively to provide information about specific features such as topography or land use within a certain area which can be beneficial for planning purposes or for economic development decisions made by local government or private businesses near a particular location like that of1501 Levick Streets vicinity.

Shopping Options Near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

There are many shopping options available near1501LevickStreetMoscowIdaho ranging from grocery stores providing fresh produce and other items needed for daily life needs such as clothing outlets offering stylish garments at affordable prices all within easy access from the destination location making shopping convenient for locals living nearby as well as visitors who may be staying in accommodation close by like hotels or bed and breakfasts situated nearby.

Restaurants Near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

Moscow Idaho is home to a variety of restaurants ranging from fast food joints to high-end dining establishments. Fast food joints such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell are all available near 1501 Levick St. For those looking for something more upscale, some nearby options include The Iron Horse Bar & Grill, The Westside Brick Oven Bistro, and The Palouse Grille. Each of these offers a unique menu featuring locally sourced ingredients from the region. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an elegant night out, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes in Moscow Idaho.

Recreation Near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

Recreational opportunities abound in Moscow Idaho and the surrounding area. Parks & Reserves such as the Paradise Ridge Trailhead and the Palouse Falls State Park offer plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and much more. Additionally, there are several Outdoor Facilities in the area including golf courses and tennis courts for those looking for a more organized recreation experience. With so many options nearby, there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy near 1501 Levick St in Moscow Idaho.

Attractions Near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

In addition to its recreational offerings, Moscow Idaho also boasts a wide variety of attractions for visitors to explore. Museums and galleries such as the Latah County Historical Museum and the University of Idaho Art Museum offer visitors an opportunity to learn about local history and culture through art exhibitions and other interactive displays. For those looking for a more exciting experience there are also several Entertainment Venues nearby including the Kibbie Dome Arena which hosts concerts and sporting events year-round. No matter what kind of activity youre interested in participating in during your stay at 1501 Levick St in Moscow Idaho there is sure to be something that will make your trip memorable.

Healthcare Services Near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho

Finally, healthcare services are readily available near 1501 Levick St in Moscow Idaho. Hospitals and Clinics such as Gritman Medical Center provide quality healthcare services that cater to all kinds of needs with specialized departments like neonatal care or emergency services available 24/7 if needed. Additionally, Healthcare Providers like doctors’ offices are located throughout the city so that residents can access preventative care or treatment on an ongoing basis should they need it. With so many healthcare options nearby it is easy for everyone living at or visiting 1501 Levick Street in Moscow Idaho to get quality care when needed without having to travel too far from home

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the location of 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho?
A: 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho is located at geographic coordinates 46.7328 N, 116.9843 W.

Q: How can I reach 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho?
A: 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho can be reached by road or by air.

Q: What are the historical events related to 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho?
A: There have been various events associated with 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho before 1950 and after 1950.

Q: What are the technology used for 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho?
A: Satellite Maps and Ground Based Surveys are some of the technologies used for 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho.

Q: What recreation options are available near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho?
A: There are parks and reserves as well as outdoor facilities near 1501 Levick St Moscow Idaho for recreation purposes.

1501 Levick St in Moscow, Idaho is an address located in the city of Moscow. Located in Latah County, the address is close to local attractions such as the University of Idaho and the City Park. It is also conveniently located near shops and restaurants. This address provides a great opportunity for those looking for a place to live or visit in Moscow, Idaho.

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