Why Is the Pokemon White 2 Game So Expensive? Here’s What You Need to Know

Pokemon White 2 is expensive due to its rarity and popularity.

Why Is Pokemon White 2 So Expensive

Pokemon White 2 is a game from the popular Pokemon franchise, released by The Pokemon Company in 2012. It has become increasingly popular since its initial release, and is now one of the most sought-after titles by fans of the franchise. This demand has caused prices to skyrocket as copies of the game become harder to find. Its scarcity alone makes it a valuable item, but there are a few other factors that contribute to making Pokemon White 2 so expensive.

The game itself offers an expansive journey across two regions and features some of the rarest Pokemon species, such as White Kyurem and Tornadus and Thundurus. Additionally, it features a handful of exclusive storylines, such as N’s Castle and Rival Challenges, which give players more chances to explore Inter-regional battles with Kanto Pokemon species. Moreover, it contains new post-game unlockable content adding even more to discover after completing the main story arc. With so much for players to experience, its no surprise that dedicated fans are willing to invest top dollar to get their hands on the game.

Another contributing factor in driving up prices is the lack of production for new copies of Pokemon White 2; once supplies run out they are not being replaced in stores. This makes gaining access to a copy much more difficult and necessitates turning towards online sources – often at significantly inflated prices compared with retail pricing due to rarity – in order to find them.

All these factors converge together creating an environment where buying Pokemon White 2 can be quite expensive compared with other console titles released at that time; however this does not deter hardcore fans looking for a new challenge within the beloved series from investing their money in this game.

Increased Demand

Pokemon White 2 is an incredibly popular video game, so the demand for the game is high. This means that there are more people wanting to purchase the game than there are games available, creating a situation where the price of the game increases due to limited supply. As more people want to purchase Pokemon White 2, retailers have to increase the price in order to maintain their profits.

High Consumer Appeal

The popularity of Pokemon White 2 is not just due to its limited supply, but also because it appeals to a wide range of consumers. The game has received numerous awards and has been praised by critics for its engaging gameplay and immersive story-telling. This has led to increased demand for the game from both existing and potential consumers, further driving up its price.

Price Comparisons to Other Versions of Pokemon

When comparing Pokemon White 2’s price with other versions of Pokemon games, it’s clear that it is one of the most expensive options available. The original Red, Blue and Yellow versions were all released at a much lower cost than that of Pokemon White 2. Similarly, when Gold, Silver and Crystal were released they were also significantly cheaper than White 2.

Economic Factors Involved in Cost

In order to get an accurate understanding of why Pokemon White 2 is so expensive, one must take into account various economic factors involved in setting prices for the game. Retail cost analysis helps determine how much businesses should charge customers for their products based on their overhead costs such as rent or salaries. Exchange rates and taxes also play a role in determining prices as these costs vary from country to country or region to region.

Distributors & Manufacturers Responsible for Pricing

Ultimately, it is up to Nintendo and third party providers such as GameStop or Amazon who are responsible for setting prices for Pokemon White 2. These companies have a variety of factors which influence pricing including design costs, purchase costs and manufacturing costs which all contribute towards determining how much consumers will have to pay for the product. In addition, these companies may be subject to certain restrictions imposed by regional governments which could affect pricing as well.

What Makes Up the Price Tag of Pokeman White 2?

The price tag of Pokemon White 2 is determined by various components. These components include the cartridge and console requirements, as well as fees such as licensing and maintenance. The cartridge and console requirements refer to the type of hardware necessary to run the game, which can be costly depending on the platform. Additionally, licensing and maintenance fees are often added on top of the base price by the manufacturer or distributor.

Does the Price Reflect the Quality of Pokeman White 2?

The price tag associated with Pokemon White 2 is reflective of its quality. This means that players are paying for attention to detail in terms of visuals, storyline, and gameplay performance. It also means that developers have put in extra effort to ensure that it runs smoothly on different platforms, which can be expensive depending on what type of hardware is required.

Insights Into the Pricing Decisions on Pokaemon White 2

When it comes to pricing decisions for Pokemon White 2, retailers often take into consideration their profits margin. Additionally, discounts are often provided by manufacturers or distributors in order to entice customers into purchasing their products. This allows them to make a profit while still providing customers with an affordable product.

Common Cheaper Alternatives to Pokaemon White 2

For those looking for cheaper alternatives to Pokemon White 2, there are several options available. One option is online used game purchases; these games may have been previously owned but still provide a good experience at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, video game rental services can be a great way to save money when renting out games for a short period of time.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What factors have led to the increased price of Pokemon White 2?
A: The price of Pokemon White 2 has been driven up due to increased demand from consumers, limited supply, and economic factors such as exchange rates and taxes. Additionally, the cost of manufacturing and licensing fees also contribute to the cost of the game.

Q: How does the price of Pokemon White 2 compare to other versions?
A: The prices of Pokemon White 2 generally tend to be higher than earlier versions such as Red, Blue and Yellow. However, it may be priced similarly or lower than Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Q: Who is responsible for setting the prices of Pokemon White 2?
A: Nintendo and third party providers are primarily responsible for setting the prices of Pokemon White 2. This includes taking into account components such as cartridges and console requirements, as well as fees related to licensing and maintenance.

Q: Does the price reflect the quality of Pokemon White 2?
A: Yes, in many ways. Attention to detail in game design and performance are taken into account when deciding on a price point. Generally speaking, higher quality games will have a higher cost associated with them.

Q: What are some cheaper alternatives for purchasing Pokemon White 2? A: Purchasing used games online is one option for finding cheaper alternatives to buying new copies of Pokemon White 2. Additionally, there are also various video game rental services that can offer more cost-effective options for obtaining this game.

The reason why Pokemon White 2 is so expensive is because it is a rare game and there are only a limited number of copies available on the market. It is a highly sought after title, so demand for it is high and it has become increasingly difficult to find. Additionally, as the game becomes more popular, prices increase due to demand. As such, Pokemon White 2 remains one of the most expensive games on the market.

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