A Comprehensive Quick Reference Guide to Wrath and Glory RPG

Wrath and Glory Quick Reference is a handy guide providing quick information on certain rules and mechanics found within the Wrath and Glory roleplaying game.

Wrath And Glory Quick Reference

Wrath And Glory Quick Reference is an essential companion for new and veteran players who wish to quickly reference key rules, core concepts, and guidelines for Roleplaying Games. In this quick reference, you will find a host of information ranging from combat in the 41st millennium to character creation and progression necessary for a successful narrative experience. Relevant concepts are presented in an easy-to-understand manner with language that is simple yet detailed enough to express the games complexity. The content varies between short graphics that help explain the concept at-a-glance and longer sections that delve into the specifics of how things work behind the scenes. Burstiness is also incorporated into some of the longer texts so that newcomers are not overwhelmed with an information overload. Ultimately, Wrath And Glory Quick Reference provides a streamlined gaming experience filled with inspiring visuals, accurate resources, and exciting challenges customized to your level of play.

Wrath and Glory Quick Reference

Setting up a Wrath & Glory Adventure is an exciting prospect as it allows players to explore a world of dark fantasy and adventure. The games character-driven story system helps to create an emotionally engaging experience, while the rules for combat provide players with a thrilling tactical challenge. Evolving a character in Wrath & Glory can also be rewarding, as the games talents and perils system encourages players to take risks and develop their characters in interesting ways.

Combat Rules

The core rules of Wrath & Glory are designed to provide players with a fast-paced combat experience that puts emphasis on tactics and strategy. Players can use melee weapons, ranged weapons, magic spells, special abilities and gadgets to defeat their enemies. When an attack is made, dice are rolled to determine its success or failure. Damage is calculated based on the weapon being used or the power of the spell being cast. There are also rules for special actions such as taking cover or making a critical hit.

Social Conflict Rules

In addition to combat, Wrath & Glory also has rules for social conflict between characters. Social conflict can be used to resolve conflicts between characters without resorting to violence or breaking out into a physical fight. Characters can use skills such as persuasion, bluffing and intimidation to achieve their goals in social encounters. The game also has rules for using social influence, which allows characters to gain bonuses when attempting social tasks such as negotiation or bribery.

Character Talents and Abilities

One of the highlights of Wrath & Glory is its character talent system which allows players to customize their characters with unique skills and abilities that make them stand out from the rest of the party. Talents are divided into four categories Combat, Knowledge, Social and Magic each offering its own set of abilities that can be used in different situations. For example, knowledge talents allow players to become better at solving puzzles or understanding ancient texts while magic talents allow them access powerful spells that can turn the tide in battle or help them solve mysteries faster than normal methods would allow.

Inherent Dangers of the Setting

Despite all these character options available, its important not to forget about the inherent dangers presented by Wrath & Glorys setting itself. The dark gods have cursed this world with powerful monsters that lurk in every corner waiting for unsuspecting adventurers who make foolish mistakes. Players must always be prepared for unexpected events such as sudden ambushes or traps set by evil forces trying to thwart their progress throughout their journey in this dark world full of peril and danger around every corner..

Penalties for Getting Injured in Combat

Getting injured during combat is an unfortunate reality in Wrath & Glory but thankfully there are penalties associated with it so that characters don’t get too much punishment from taking risks during battle. These penalties range from losing hit points temporarily or permanently depending on how severe the wound was inflicted by an enemy attack or spell cast upon them by enemies during combat encounters..

Regaining Stamina After Combat

After a long day’s fighting against evil forces it’s important for adventurers not only heal wounds but also regain their lost stamina from battle so they can face new challenges ahead without any hinderance due fatigue caused by long duration combat sessions they had taken part in earlier.. Thankfully there are several ways available through which they can quickly regain lost stamina such drinking potions specially crafted for this purpose or using special abilities granted by certain talents..

Rolling Criticals Successfully

Critical hits play an important role in any RPG adventure since they give players extra damage bonuses when they successfully land one on an enemy during battle encounters.. In Wrath & Glory critical hits are determined by rolling three six-sided dice instead of two; if all three dice roll results add up twelve then it counts as a critical hit where extra bonuses like double damage can be applied depending on what type of weapon was used during attack.. However if two dice roll results add up eleven then player still gets bonus damage but not double damage like he would have got if all three had added up twelve..

Failing Dangerously

Failing dangerously plays an important role when playing Wrath & Glory since it represents how much risk player is willing take when attempting certain tasks associated with adventure he is undertaking.. Failing dangerously means player can take more risks when attempting tasks but at same time it comes at price since if something goes wrong then he will suffer more severe consequences compared what would have happened if he hadn’t taken those risks initially..

Wrath and Glory Quick Reference

Character Creation

Character creation in Wrath and Glory is a deep and complex process. Players will need to consider the various races available, the different classes or roles they can choose from, their background and history, and any special talents they possess. Once these foundational elements are chosen, the character is brought to life with a unique story that shapes their actions in the game. Creating a character in Wrath and Glory requires an understanding of the game’s core mechanics, such as its dice system and character advancement system.

Experience Points and Progression

Experience Points (XP) are earned by completing adventures in Wrath and Glory. XP can be used to purchase new abilities or improve existing ones. The process of earning XP is divided into two phases: the Advancement Phase and the Chronicle Phase. During the Advancement Phase, players gain XP for completing tasks or overcoming challenges in-game while during the Chronicle Phase, players gain XP for roleplaying their characters actions out-of-game.

Gaining Allies and Powers

One of the most rewarding aspects of playing Wrath and Glory is gaining allies to help your character on their journey. Some allies may be human or non-human while others may be powerful entities such as dragons or ancient artifacts. Players can also gain powers through their allies which allow them to shapechange, cast spells or even use psychic powers! These abilities can be used during both in-game scenarios as well as out-of-game roleplaying sessions for even more immersive gameplay experiences.


In conclusion, Wrath And Glory Quick Reference is an invaluable resource for role-playing gamers of all levels. It provides a concise and easy to understand overview of the game rules, allowing players to quickly reference and apply them in the game. This makes Wrath And Glory a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

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