Comparing the XDJ RR and XDJ RX3: Which DJ Controller Is the Best?

The XDJ Rx3 is superior to the XDJ RR.

Xdj Rx3 Vs Xdj Rr

The XDJ RX3 and XDJ RR are two fantastic digital DJing systems from Pioneer DJ. Both are tailored for professional and entry-level DJs who require straightforward yet flexible solutions. But how do they compare? Let’s go into more detail and compare the features of each.

The XDJ RX3 is a comprehensive AI-enabled all-in-one system that makes DJing easier than ever before. It features a comprehensive range of performance controls, including Beat FX, Hot Cues, Looper, Sound Color FX, Slip Mode, Beat Sync, and Master Tempo. Furthermore, the combination of an intuitive user interface with its built-in technologies gives it an edge over other systems in its class.

On the other hand, the XDJ RR is great for those looking for a simple yet reliable system. It comes with two large jog wheels, 8-wide pad performance controls and dedicated hardware to browse and select tracks in Rekordbox DJ library. It also has a headphone cue point so you can hear your next track before you start mixing. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in sound card perfectly suited for club environments plus powerful magnetic paddles for efficient data transmission from either device to speakers or headphones.

Despite being aimed at different types of DJs, both offer great performance capabilities that make them ideal for clubs and live shows alike. Thus depending on what you are looking for both are exceptional choices but if you want something more advanced the XDJ RX3 offers more options to customise your sets and is better suited for experienced Dj’s whereas if you’re just entering the world of Digital Djing then the XDJ RR might be just what you need; simple but powerful digital mixing solution .

Design and Build Quality

The Xdj RX3 is a four-channel, two-deck DJ controller built to professional standards. It features a rugged metal chassis and a robust design that ensures durability and reliability. The Xdj Rr, on the other hand, is a two-channel, two-deck DJ controller with a more lightweight and portable design. It has an all-plastic construction that helps keep its weight down but does not offer the same level of durability as the Xdj RX3.


The Xdj RX3 has more connectivity options than the Rr model. It has four line inputs for connecting turntables or CDJs, as well as four USB ports for connecting to computers, smartphones, and other devices. The Rr model has only two line inputs and one USB port. Both models have RCA outputs for connecting to speakers or external sound systems.


The Xdj RX3 is not as portable as the Rr model due to its larger size and heavier weight. The Rr model is smaller in size and lighter in weight, making it easier to transport from one location to another. However, both models have built-in carrying handles which make them easy to move around if needed.

Display and Controls

In terms of display and controls, both models offer similar features but there are some differences between them. The Xdj RX3 has larger jog wheels than the Rr model which makes it easier to control tracks while mixing. It also has eight performance pads for triggering samples or loops while performing live sets. The Rr model only has four performance pads but it does offer an LED display which can be used for displaying track information such as BPM or elapsed time.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the XDJ RX3 and XDJ RR is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a DJ controller. Both controllers have powerful sound cards that offer high-quality audio playback with minimal distortion. The XDJ RX3 has an integrated four-channel sound card that can be used to mix and scratch with ease, while the XDJ RR features an upgraded four-channel sound card for even better performance. Both controllers are equipped with a 24-bit/44.1 kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to ensure that audio is reproduced accurately and in full clarity.

Performance Features

Both the XDJ RX3 and XDJ RR come with a range of performance features designed to make mixing, scratching, and beatmatching easier. The XDJ RX3 has an 8-pad sampler, allowing you to quickly trigger samples from your computer or tablet. It also comes with two jog wheels for precise scratching and beatmatching, as well as an RGB waveform display that shows you exactly where each track is located in the mix.

The XDJ RR offers even more performance features, including eight hot cue points for easy access to specific parts of a track, as well as four dedicated effects buttons for adding creativity during your sets. It also has two touchstrips that can be used for pitch bending and track searching, allowing you to find samples and tracks quickly during your sets.


Both the XDJ RX3 and XDJ RR come with access to Rekordbox DJ software, allowing you to prepare mixes before hitting the decks or use it as a standalone mixer without needing additional software or hardware. Rekordbox provides DJs with all the tools they need for organizing their music library, creating playlists, analyzing tracks for beatmatching accuracy, performing creative effects, building up their set list on the fly and more.

Compatibility With Other Gear

When it comes to compatibility with other gear, both controllers are compatible only with Rekordbox DJ software; they cannot be used with any other software or hardware solutions. This makes them ideal for those who want to use just one piece of gear without having to worry about compatibility issues or buying extra accessories such as MIDI controllers or audio interfaces.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the difference between Xdj Rx3 and Xdj Rr?
A: The XDJ-RX3 is a two-channel all-in-one DJ system that includes features from the popular XDJ-RX2. It has a built-in mixer, media player, performance pads, and other features. The XDJ-RR is a two channel controller that works with Rekordbox DJ and other DJ software. It has a full mixer section, performance pads, and other features.

Q: What are the design and build quality of the two systems?
A: The XDJ-RX3 has an all-metal chassis for durability and stability. It also has an improved jog wheel with more precise control over scratching and mixing. The XDJ-RR has a lightweight plastic chassis for portability. It also has an improved jog wheel with more precise control than the previous model.

Q: What type of connectivity do the two systems offer?
A: Both systems offer USB connections for computers or laptops to access Rekordbox DJ software or other compatible programs. The XDJ-RX3 also includes inputs for external sources such as CD players or turntables, as well as outputs to connect to PA systems or recording devices. The XDJ-RR offers only USB connections for computers or laptops and does not include any additional inputs or outputs.

Q: How portable are these systems?
A: Both the XDJ-RX3 and the XDJ-RR are designed to be portable with their lightweight construction and small size. The XDJ-RX3 weighs 10 kg (22 lbs), while the XDJ-RR weighs 5 kg (11 lbs).

Q: What type of display/controls do they have?
A: Both systems have a full color 7 inch touch screen display that allows you to access menus, settings, media library, waveforms, etc., while controlling your mix with tactile knobs and buttons. The XDJ RX3 also includes 8 multi functional performance pads while the XDJ RR includes 16 multi functional performance pads for added creative possibilities when mixing and scratching.

The XDJ RX3 and XDJ RR are both excellent DJ controllers, but each has its own unique features that make it best suited to different types of DJs. The XDJ RX3 is great for those who want a more advanced set up, with multiple inputs, effects and mixers. The XDJ RR is great for those who want a simpler setup with the same features in a smaller size. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two models.

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