Unlock the Secrets of the Best Blue Archive Raid Tier List – A Complete Guide

The Blue Archive Raid Tier List ranks raid bosses by difficulty and potential rewards.

Blue Archive Raid Tier List

The Blue Archive Raid Tier List is a comprehensive ranking of the best raiders in the world. It takes into account both natural skill and competitive record to create the ultimate list for anyone looking to gauge their strength. This list ranks raiders from S-tier (the highest) to D-tier (the lowest). Every detail about each raider’s performance in recent competitions is taken into account, as well as individual abilities. The tier list comprises hundreds of top players from around the world, so it’s essential for anyone wanting to make sure they measure up to the competition. Whether you’re a fan, an armchair analyst, or a professional player – this raid tier list has it all!

Blue Archive Raid Tier List – Easy Mode

The Blue Archive Raid Tier List is designed to help players determine which raid bosses are the best for them to fight. The list is broken down into two categories: Easy Mode and Elite Mode. In Easy Mode, players are encouraged to take on bosses that are more manageable and have fewer mechanics that require coordination between multiple players. The following list will detail the best raid bosses for Easy Mode:

King’s Pass

King’s Pass is a great raid for those looking for an easy start. It features a single boss with minimal mechanics, making it ideal for those who just want to get their feet wet in raiding. The boss in this dungeon is King Revenant, a powerful ghostly figure that will require some basic strategy to defeat. It should not be too difficult for most players as long as they have solid teamwork and communication skills.

Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra is another great entry-level raid with simple mechanics and one boss. This dungeon features the Frost King, an ice-based creature that can be defeated by using fire-based attacks and careful positioning of your team. Not only is it simple enough for new raiders, but it also rewards good teamwork with great loot drops.

Lunar Shrine

The Lunar Shrine is another easy introductory raid with one boss and relatively simple mechanics. This dungeon features the Silver Moon Witch, an arcane caster that must be brought down using a combination of physical attacks and magic spells. While this boss can be challenging at first, most groups should find it manageable once they get used to her attack pattern and strategies.

Blue Archive Raid Tier List – Elite Mode

Elite Mode of Blue Archive Raid Tier List is designed for experienced players who are looking to challenge themselves in raids with tougher bosses and more complex mechanics. The following list will detail the best raid bosses for Elite Mode:

Runic Palisade

Runic Palisade is a challenging dungeon featuring three powerful bosses who must be defeated as part of a single encounter. The first boss in this dungeon is Valfar, an ancient spirit who utilizes powerful magical attacks backed up by his minions which can make him difficult even for experienced groups if they’re not prepared properly. However, if your team has the knowledge and coordination needed to bring him down, then you will be rewarded handsomely with some great rewards from his loot table!

House of Fury

House of Fury is one of the toughest raids in Blue Archive due its multiple bosses that must all be brought down at once in order to complete the encounter successfully. This dungeon features three incredibly powerful foes: Magtheridon the Destroyer, Gorgon Queen Medusa, and Lord Erebus – all of whom must be taken on at once! While these foes can prove daunting even to experienced groups if they’re not properly prepared, those who manage to bring them down will reap some amazing rewards from their loot tables!

Blue Archive Raid Gear

In addition to tough bosses, Blue Archive also offers some amazing gear that can help you tackle even the toughest raids with ease! There are two types of gear available in this game: weapons and armours – each offering unique bonuses that can give you an edge over your opponents when facing off against tough foes! Let’s break each type down further:


Weapons are one of the most important types of gear available in Blue Archive as they can help you deal extra damage or provide defensive bonuses depending on what type you choose! For example, swords provide increased physical damage while wands provide increased magical damage – both great options depending on what type of character you’re playing as! Additionally, many weapons also come equipped with special abilities like fireballs or lightning bolts which can give your group an extra edge when tackling tough bosses!


Armour pieces are another important type of gear available in Blue Archive which provide defensive bonuses such as increased health or resistances against certain types of attacks like fire or ice magic! There are many different types of armour pieces available ranging from light armour pieces such as leathers which provide minimal protection but allow greater mobility; or heavier armours like plate mail which provide greater protection but reduce mobility significantly – so choose wisely depending on what kind of character you’re playing as!

< h2 >Blue Archive Raid Challenges

In addition to fighting tough bosses and acquiring powerful gear , there are also several challenges available in Blue Archive that offer unique rewards when completed ! These challenges are divided into two categories : General Challenges , which offer standard rewards such as gold , experience , or items ; and Battle Pass Challenges , which offer exclusive rewards such as cosmetics or Leaderboard points . Let’s take a closer look at each challenge category :

< h3 >General Challenges

General Challenges are tasks that any player can attempt regardless of their skill level . These challenges often involve completing certain objectives within dungeons such as defeating enemies within a certain time limit or collecting specific items . Completing these tasks usually reward players with gold , experience , or items . Some dungeons even feature exclusive rewards hidden behind these challenges so it’s always worth trying them out even if you don’t think you’ll succeed !

< h3 >Battle Pass Challenges

Battle Pass Challenges require players to complete specific objectives within game modes such as PvP matches , dungeons , or raids . Completing these tasks reward players with exclusive cosmetics such as skins , emotes , banners , etc . Additionally , Battle Pass Challenges also reward Leaderboard points for those trying to compete on the Global Leaderboards ! So if you’re looking for something extra special then make sure you try out these challenges !

< h 2 >Blue Archive Nearest Bosses

Players looking for quick access to raid bosses should check out nearby Gridsiron Nearest Bosses or Runic Palisade Nearest Bosses . Both locations feature multiple unique bosses located close together so it’s easy to jump right into combat without having to travel across large areas . Each location also offers its own unique rewards so make sure you check them out before heading off into other areas !

< h 2 >Blue Archive Dungeon Guides

If you’re new to raiding then don’t worry – there are plenty of guides out there that can help walk you through step by step ! For starters we recommend checking out our guides on House Of Fury Dungeon Guide & Oblivion Cleft Dungeon Guide . Both guides feature detailed information about each boss’ abilities & strategies needed defeat them so make sure read them before jumping into battle !

Blue Archive Raid Tier List

Raids are one of the most challenging activities in Blue Archive and require a well-coordinated party to succeed. Therefore, it is important to know which raids are the most difficult and require the most skill and strategy in order to have an enjoyable experience. This Blue Archive Raid Tier List provides a quick overview of all raid tiers and their respective difficulty ranking from easiest to hardest.

Difficult Quests

At the top of the list is the Above the Clouds Quest Guide, which is considered to be one of the hardest raids in Blue Archive. This quest requires a well-coordinated group of players with high levels of skill and knowledge about the games mechanics. The Den of the Beast Quest Guide follows closely behind, as it tasks players with navigating a deadly dungeon filled with powerful enemies that must be defeated before progressing further.

Crafting Recipes

The next tier on our Blue Archive Raid Tier List consists of crafting recipes for armor and weapon upgrades, which can provide powerful boosts to your characters stats if done correctly. Crafting these items requires extensive knowledge about how each item works, as well as a knack for finding materials necessary for crafting them. It is also important to note that some recipes may be more difficult than others depending on their rarity or type.

Best Characters Builds

Ranking lower on our list are character builds that are designed to maximize certain stats or attributes in order to make your character stronger overall. For example, a Fighter Character Build focuses on increasing strength, while a Mage Character Build focuses on boosting magic capabilities. While these builds may not be as difficult as some other tiers on our list, they still require careful planning and execution in order for them to be effective.

Best Party Combinations

Finally, at the bottom of our list are party combinations that allow players to combine their strengths in order to defeat challenging enemies or bosses. Finding the right combination of characters is essential in order for your team to succeed, and it requires careful planning and communication between each member of your party in order for them all to work together effectively.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Blue Archive Raid Tier List?
A: The Blue Archive Raid Tier List is a list that ranks the difficulty of raid bosses in both Easy Mode and Elite Mode. It includes information on which weapons, armors, and challenges are available for each boss.

Q: How do I find the nearest Blue Archive raid bosses?
A: You can find the nearest raid bosses by checking out the Gridsiron Nearest Bosses and Runic Palisade Nearest Bosses listings in the Blue Archive.

Q: What Blue Archive dungeons are available?
A: The Blue Archive currently offers two dungeons – House of Fury Dungeon Guide and Oblivion Cleft Dungeon Guide. Both dungeons offer challenging quests and crafting recipes.

Q: What are some of the difficult quests in Blue Archive?
A: Some of the more difficult quests in Blue Archive include Above the Clouds Quest Guide and Den of the Beast Quest Guide. These quests require special gear, weapons, and armor upgrades to complete.

Q: How do I create a character build for Blue Archive?
A: To create a character build for Blue Archive, youll need to consider both your characters strengths and weaknesses as well as what gear, weapon upgrades, armor upgrades, and party combinations will best suit your play style. There are also various guides available that can help you create a strong character build.

The Blue Archive Raid Tier List is a great resource for players who are looking to get the most out of their raiding experience. It provides a comprehensive ranking of raid bosses from easiest to hardest, making it easy for players to find the raid that best suits their skill level. With this information, players can have an enjoyable and successful experience while participating in raids and maximizing their rewards.

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