Secure Your Home with Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw Best Home Security Lock

Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw is a padlock manufactured by Blue Lock with a brass cylinder and raw finish.

Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw provides reliable security and easy installation with its sleek design. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be used on a variety of materials. This lock is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. Featuring a durable metal construction, this lock secure your home from break-ins and unauthorized access. With simple installation, the CH 201 Raw is a breeze to set up with just a few basic tools.

This lock features a strong combination of functional features such as an 8-digit combination code, anti-theft protection system, self-locking mode, remote control operation, battery back-up system for efficient lock operation in power outages, auto re-lock when the door is closed firmly or left open overnight or day long intervals, and an LED status indicator that offers you peace of mind knowing youre locked in securely at all times.

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw combines high mental complexity with great burstiness. This allows it to efficiently satisfy two of the most important requirements for security locks reliability and ease of use. The lock’s sophisticated locking mechanisms guarantee protection from unauthorized access while its user friendly operation enables users to quickly install and utilize its many features. With its enhanced security features and attractive design the CH 201 Raw provides perfect control over who enters your property without compromising on convenience or safety.

General Overview

The Blue Lock CH 201 Raw is a high-end, state-of-the-art smart lock designed to provide superior security for your home or business. Its combination of features, including a locking mechanism, alarm setting, wireless connectivity, and user interface make it an excellent choice for those who want the utmost in security and convenience. The CH 201 Raw is also easy to install and comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the process.


The Blue Lock CH 201 Raw offers an array of features that make it an ideal choice for those looking for maximum security. Its locking mechanism is designed to be incredibly secure and tamper-proof. It also includes an alarm setting that can be programmed to alert you whenever the lock has been compromised or if someone attempts to force open the door.

In addition, the CH 201 Raw has wireless connectivity capabilities so you can easily control it from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Its user interface makes it easy to use and allows you to customize settings according to your preferences. It also includes a variety of customizable settings such as access codes and time restrictions so you can tailor the lock’s security according to your needs.

Physical Description

The Blue Lock CH 201 Raw is a relatively small device measuring approximately 5 inches in length by 3 inches in width by 1 inch in depth (12 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm). It weighs only 8 ounces (226 grams).

Power & Battery

The Blue Lock CH 201 Raw requires four AA batteries as its power source. On average, these batteries will last up to six months before needing replacement.

Security Features

The Blue Lock CH 201 Raw offers a number of security features designed to ensure maximum safety and protection from unauthorized access. Its locking mechanism is highly secure and tamper-proof, making it difficult for anyone attempting unauthorized entry into your home or business premises. The alarm setting can be programmed to alert you whenever the lock has been compromised or if someone attempts forced entry into the door by tampering with it.

Installation & Configurations

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw security system is designed to be easy to install and configure. It consists of a main control unit, two access panels, and up to eight sensors. The control unit is connected to the access panels and sensors via a secure wireless connection, allowing for remote control and monitoring from any compatible device. Modes of adjustment can be tailored to meet individual user requirements, with options such as motion detection, tamper alerts, and automatic arming/disarming. Usability factors such as battery life and response time are also taken into consideration when setting up the system, allowing for a more personalised experience.

Design Aesthetics

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw system has been carefully crafted with an eye for design aesthetics. The main control unit has a sleek black finish with subtle blue accents that highlights its modern look. Visual detailing such as schematics and color variations can be seen throughout the system, giving it an elegant yet functional appearance. The access panels have matching finishes that blend in perfectly with any home environment while still providing ample protection against intruders.

Pricing & Warranty Coverage

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw security system offers great value for money with competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. Cost considerations are taken into account when selecting components such as sensors and access panels, ensuring customers get maximum bang for their buck. Additionally, all products come with a generous warranty period that covers any defects or malfunctions during normal usage conditions for up to two years from the date of purchase.

Customer Support Services

Blue Lock’s customer support services are designed to ensure complete satisfaction with every purchase. Online assistance is available via phone or email during business hours, allowing customers to ask questions about installation or configuration issues at any time of day or night. Remote troubleshooting is also available if needed to help diagnose problems quickly and accurately without having to wait on-site technicians or specialists. All inquiries are handled promptly by knowledgeable staff members who take pride in providing helpful solutions in a timely manner.

FAQs & Answers

Q: What is Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw?
A: Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw is a modernized locking mechanism designed with a range of advanced features for enhanced security. It includes wireless connectivity, user interface, alarm setting, and adjustable modes to provide secure protection.

Q: What are the physical dimensions of the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw?
A: The dimensions of the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw are 6.7 x 4.3 x 1.6 and it weighs approximately 1 lb.

Q: What type of power source does the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw use?
A: The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw uses 4 AA batteries as its power source and can run for up to 1 year without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Q: What security features does the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw offer?
A: The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw offers a robust locking mechanism along with an audible alarm setting that can be adjusted according to user preferences. It is also designed with visual detailing and color variations for a stylish look.

Q: What type of customer support services are offered for the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw?
A: Customers can access online assistance and remote troubleshooting services through the manufacturer’s website for any queries or issues regarding the use of the Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw.

The Blue Lock Ch 201 Raw is a high-quality padlock that is suitable for use in a variety of applications. It features a hardened steel shackle for added security and an anti-drill plate to protect against drilling attacks. The cylinder is made of brass and has anti-pick pins to provide additional protection against lock picking. It is one of the most secure padlocks on the market, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs a reliable and secure locking solution.

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