Say Goodbye to the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit: What this Discontinuation Means

Cobb Tuning has discontinued the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit.

Cobb Flex Fuel Kit Discontinued

The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit has been discontinued, ending a successful run as an aftermarket tuning product that allowed enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicle’s fuel system. The kit was a popular choice for owners of Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Mazda vehicles, offering improved power production and increased fuel economy in some cases. With the discontinuation of the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, the automotive aftermarket loses a valuable option for those looking to get the most out of their vehicle. The kit combined a range of components to provide users with an easy-to-install solution that enabled them to modify the factory fuel delivery and ECU settings for optimized performance gains. Despite its popularity amongst homeowners, increasing emissions standards placed on vehicles necessitated Cobb’s decision to discontinue the Flex Fuel Kit. Alternatively, drivers can find other options in the aftermarket tuning market, such as COBB’s own Accessport or other similar options from different providers.

Cobb Flex Fuel Kit Discontinued

The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit is a popular and widely used product for customizing fuel delivery in a vehicle. Unfortunately, Cobb recently announced that they will be discontinuing the Cobb Flex Fuel kit. This has created some confusion and uncertainty for those who have been relying on this product and have been using it as part of their tuning solution.

What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel is a term that refers to fuel systems that are capable of using more than one fuel type – such as gasoline, ethanol, or methanol – in the same engine. This type of system allows the user to choose which type of fuel to run in their vehicle, depending on their desired performance requirements. It also provides the ability to make adjustments on the fly without having to completely replace the engine’s fuel system.

Advantages of Flex Fuel Kits

Flex Fuel kits offer a number of advantages over traditional fuel systems. They allow for better calibration and control over fuel delivery, which can improve engine performance and efficiency. Additionally, they provide greater flexibility in terms of what types of fuels can be used in an engine, allowing users to switch between different fuels depending on their needs. Finally, they can provide cost savings by allowing users to use cheaper alternatives when available.

Overview of Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit was designed specifically for those looking to take advantage of all these benefits offered by flex fuel systems. It was a comprehensive solution that included all necessary components needed for a complete installation, including injectors, pumps, hoses, clamps, filters and more. The kit was designed for easy installation and provided users with detailed instructions on how to properly set up the system.

Features of the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

The Cobb Flex Fuel kit had several features that made it an attractive choice for many tuners and enthusiasts alike. It included an adjustable ECU module that allowed users to accurately adjust air/fuel ratios as well as rev limits based on their specific needs. Additionally, it included an integrated data logger that allowed users to track key metrics such as intake air temperature (IAT) or exhaust gas temperature (EGT). This feature made it easy to diagnose any issues with the system and optimize its performance accordingly.

Installation Process for the Kit

Installation of the kit was relatively straightforward but still required some technical knowledge and experience with electrical wiring and other components related to automotive tuning solutions. The basic process involved connecting all necessary components according to instructions provided with the kit and then setting up any desired parameters via the adjustable ECU module that came with it.

Cobb Tune Solutions

Cobb also offered several tune solutions specifically designed for use with their flex fuel kits including off-the-shelf tunes as well as custom tunes tailored specifically for each individual vehicle’s setup and needs. These solutions allowed customers to get maximum performance out of their vehicles while still ensuring safe operation within manufacturer’s specifications.

Versatility in Tuning Options For The Kit

The versatility offered by Cobb’s flex fuel kits was one of its main selling points as it allowed customers to customize their tuning solution according to their needs without having to purchase additional products or services from third-party suppliers or installers . Customers could adjust air/fuel ratios as well as rev limits based on their specific requirements while still ensuring safe operation within manufacturer’s guidelines . This level of customization is not available with many other tuning solutions on the market today making this product stand out from its competitors .

Customizable Options With The Kit

In addition , customers were able take advantage of various customizable options available when using this kit . These included different injector sizes , pump sizes , hose lengths , filter types , etc . This level flexibility gave customers freedom customize their setup exactly how they wanted while still being able maintain factory safety standards .

Installation Complications To Consider

Compatibility Issues With The Kit Due its complexity , there were some compatibility issues associated with installing this product correctly . Specifically , certain vehicles had hardware incompatibilities due design changes over time from manufacturer resulting in incorrect connections resulting in improper operation or even failure entirely . Troubleshooting these problems could be quite complex requiring specialized tools or knowledge from experienced installers or tuners .

Troubleshooting Problems Related To The Kit

In addition potential compatibility issues , there were also numerous troubleshooting problems associated with this kit due its complexity . Customers often faced difficulties diagnosing issues due lack detailed instructions provided by manufacturer which resulted additional time spent trying figure out problem leading frustration among many users .

Alternatives To The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

Since discontinuation Cobbs flex fuel kit there are now several alternatives available market offering similar features at competitive prices . Some notable kits include AEMs Infinity Series EFI System , Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EFI Controller System , Holley EFI HP EFI System among others offering comparable features different price points depending budget needs customer may have .

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Alternatives Kits

While these alternative kits offer similar features compared original cobb flex fuel kit there are few pros cons consider when looking into them before making decision purchase one particular model over another . Generally speaking most alternative kits offer better value money due lower price points but may lack certain features found original cobb model such data logging capabilities adjustable ECU modules which could affect overall performance end user depending application intended use . Therefore it important understand each individual models features order make informed decision selecting best option suit own unique needs before making purchase any alternatives mentioned above

Research Prior to Purchase

When it comes to researching and purchasing a Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, it is important to make sure that all the necessary components and tools are compatible with the vehicle. Investigating compatibility options is essential, as well as gathering customer reviews about other kits. This will ensure that the kit purchased is an ideal fit for the car and its needs.

Accessories and Equipment Needed For Successful Installation

In order to have a successful installation of the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, there are some necessary parts and tools that need to be purchased. Sources for purchasing equipment can be found online, as well as in local stores. It is important to note that some of these items may be more expensive than others, depending on the specific needs of the car being serviced.

Upgrading from Cobb Flex Fuel Kit After Discontinuance

If the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit has been discontinued, then upgrading with other manufacturing companies may be necessary in order to maintain performance levels. Different product specifications should be taken into consideration when making this upgrade decision in order to ensure that the vehicle is operating at optimal performance levels.

Performance of Alternative Kits After Upgrading from Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

The performance of alternative kits after upgrading from a Cobb Flex Fuel Kit can vary depending on their product specifications and compatibility issues with newer model cars. Modes supported by these alternative kits should also be taken into consideration before making any purchase decisions. Furthermore, consequences of unsuccessful upgradation should also be looked into in order to avoid any potential problems resulting from using incompatible parts or tools with newer vehicles.

Compatibility Issues with Newer Modeled Kits

When upgrading from a Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, it is important to ensure that any new parts or equipment purchased are compatible with newer models of cars. This will help reduce potential complications down the line when attempting to install or use these products on a vehicle not designed for them. Additionally, costs of conversion should also be factored into any purchase decision in order to ensure that all costs associated with an upgrade are covered properly.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit?
A: The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit is a complete fuel management system designed to allow users to switch between gasoline and ethanol fuels. It offers a variety of features, including adjustable fueling strategies, an optimized fuel enrichment circuit, and the ability to tune for either fuel type.

Q: What are the advantages of using a Flex Fuel Kit?
A: The main advantage of using a Flex Fuel Kit is that it allows users to switch between gasoline and ethanol fuels without having to install additional components or make modifications to their vehicles. This provides greater flexibility when it comes to choosing a fuel source. Additionally, the kit can provide improved performance by allowing for more efficient tuning and better fuel enrichment when compared to running on gasoline alone.

Q: How difficult is it to install the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit?
A: The installation process for the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit is relatively straightforward, but it does require some mechanical knowledge. The kit includes detailed instructions which should be followed closely during the installation process. Additionally, some specialized tools may be needed in order to properly install the kit, such as an OBD-II scanner or flex fuel sensor wrench.

Q: Are there any alternatives to the Cobb Flex Fuel Kit?
A: Yes, there are several alternative flex fuel kits available on the market which offer comparable features and performance as the Cobb kit. It’s important to research these kits prior to purchase in order to ensure compatibility with your vehicle as well as obtain customer reviews about their performance.

Q: Can I upgrade from my existing Cobb Flex Fuel Kit after it has been discontinued?
A: Yes, you can upgrade from your existing Cobb Flex Fuel Kit after it has been discontinued by purchasing an alternative flex fuel kit from another manufacturing company. When upgrading, however, you should consider different product specifications and modes supported by other kits in order to ensure that they will work properly with your vehicle and provide satisfactory performance after installation.

The Cobb Flex Fuel Kit has been discontinued due to the complexity of the kit and the limited availability of E85 fuel. This kit was intended to allow vehicle owners to convert their vehicles to run on a blend of gasoline and ethanol, but this option is no longer available. For those still interested in running their vehicle on an ethanol blend, there are other options available such as E85 conversion kits or even aftermarket ECU tuning.

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