Unlock Crafting Time Multiplier in Conan Exiles to Speed Up Your Gameplay

The Conan Exiles Crafting Time Multiplier is a tool used to decrease the time it takes to craft items in game.

Conan Exiles Crafting Time Multiplier

Conan Exiles Crafting Time Multiplier is an important feature that allows players to increase their crafting speed in the game. It multiplies the amount of time it takes to craft an object by a customized factor, so that players can experience faster and easier crafting. The multiplier can be set between 0.2x and 5x, depending on the player’s needs and preferences. This feature allows players to craft items quickly and easily, without having to waste precious time waiting for items to craft. With this feature, Conan Exiles has truly brought crafting into the 21st century!


The Crafting Time Multiplier in Conan Exiles is an important tool for players to speed up the crafting process. It is a factor that multiplies the amount of time it takes to craft an item and can be used to make the most of your resources and time. This multiplier can be used on all crafting recipes, including weapons, armor, building components, and more. The higher the multiplier, the faster the crafting process is.

Types of Crafting Time Multipliers

Location-based multipliers are determined by where you are crafting. For example, if you are crafting in a high-level area such as a dungeon or a city, then you will receive a higher multiplier than if you were crafting in a low-level area such as a camp or the wilderness. Building component multipliers depend on what type of items you are using to craft with. For example, if you are using rare materials such as animal products or mineral products then you will receive a higher multiplier than if you were using common materials such as wood or stone.

Ingredients Used to Craft

When it comes to ingredients used for crafting, there are two main types – animal products and mineral products. Animal products come from hunting animals and include items like leather and fur that can be used in armor and weapon recipes. Mineral products come from mining ore veins and include items like iron ore that can be used for weapons and tools.

Tools Required for Crafting

In order to craft most items in Conan Exiles, players need some basic tools: pickaxe and hammer for mining ore veins; armorsmiths table for making armor; blacksmiths table for making weapons; carpentry table for making furniture; etc. These tools all require resources to build but can make crafting much easier when they have been constructed properly.

Unique Weapons That Can Be Created

Players who use their Crafting Time Multiplier wisely can create some truly unique weapons in Conan Exiles weapons that cannot be obtained elsewhere in the game world! Examples of these special weapons include the Western Sword of the Reaver Lord, which has an incredibly fast attack speed; and Koboldic Dagger of Fire, which deals additional fire damage on top of its base damage output! Both of these weapons can only be crafted through use of the Crafting Time Multiplier.

Crafting Speed Enhancements

Crafting in Conan Exiles can be a slow process, but with the use of the Crafting Time Multiplier, players can speed up their progress significantly. The Crafting Time Multiplier can be used to increase the speed at which crafting items are completed. There are several ways to maximize this effect, such as Adventuring Gear Modifications for Skill Points Increases, Thrall Enhancers and Mastery Levels Upgrades.

Benefits of Crafting Time Multiplier

The benefits of using the Crafting Time Multiplier are manifold. Firstly, players will gain experience faster as crafting times are reduced, allowing them to level up faster and progress further in the game. Additionally, players will have access to higher level resource nodes and recipes that they may not have had access to previously.

Strategies to Maximize Benefits from Crafting Time Multiplier

Players can maximize the benefits from their Crafting Time Multiplier by utilizing a few simple strategies. Pre-gathering components and upgrading buildings will help speed up crafting times significantly. Additionally, its important for players to learn quickly and level up their thrall skills so that they can craft more efficiently with fewer resources wasted.

Cheat Codes to Modify Crafting Times

Lastly, there are certain cheat codes that players can use to modify their crafting times even further. These include God mode activation for overriding restrictions as well as spawn any object codes for sourcing resources quickly. With these cheat codes, players should be able to craft items faster than ever before!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Crafting Time Multiplier in Conan Exiles?
A: The Crafting Time Multiplier is a feature in Conan Exiles that allows players to craft items faster than normal. It is based on the location where the crafting process takes place, as well as the type of components used, tool required and unique items crafted.

Q: How is it Used?
A: The Crafting Time Multiplier can be used to increase experience gain from crafting and access to high-level resources and recipes. Players can maximize its benefits by pre-gathering components, upgrading buildings, learning quickly and leveling up Thrall skills.

Q: What Types of Crafting Time Multipliers Are Available?
A: There are two types of Crafting Time Multipliers available in Conan Exiles – Location Based Multipliers and Building Component Multipliers. Location Based Multipliers are determined by where the crafting process takes place while Building Component Multipliers are based on the type of components used when crafting.

Q: What Ingredients Are Used To Craft Items?
A: Ingredients used to craft items in Conan Exiles include animal products such as leathers, hides, fur, feathers, wool and oils; as well as mineral products like wood planks, stone blocks and bricks.

Q: What Tools Are Required for Crafting?
A: In order to craft items in Conan Exiles players must have a pickaxe and hammer at their disposal. Additionally they must also have an Armorsmiths Table installed so that they can create unique weapons such as Western Sword of the Reaver Lord or Koboldic Dagger of Fire.

In conclusion, the Conan Exiles Crafting Time Multiplier is a useful tool to help players craft items faster. It allows them to craft items in significantly less time than without the multiplier, making it a great way to speed up crafting times. It also helps players save resources and materials that would have otherwise been used up in crafting. Players can also use the multiplier to make more complex items and complete their builds faster.

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