Comparing the Elegoo Mercury X and Xs: Which is the Best for Your Needs?

The Elegoo Mercury X features a larger build volume and greater portability than the Xs version, making it ideal for more complex 3D printing projects.

Elegoo Mercury X Vs Xs

The Elegoo Mercury X and Xs are two 3D printers from the same manufacturer and offer similar features. What separates them is their print area size, quality, and price. The Mercury X has a larger build volume at 155 x 155 x 155 mm, a patented pivot-driven filament feeding system, and offers more detailed prints compared to the Xs, which has a smaller printing area at 120 x 120 x 120 mm. Whats more, the Mercury X comes with an improved heatbed with adjustable quartz glass on top that helps prevent warping and improve 3D printing accuracy. Despite its higher price tag, its definitely well worth it if youre looking for a bigger printing area or higher print quality. On the other hand, the Elegoo Mercury Xs is an excellent choice for hobbyists as it produces great prints just like its more expensive counterpart but comes with a smaller and cheaper casing.


The Elegoo Mercury X and Xs are both 3D printers that offer a strong finish and professional-level performance. Both models feature an open frame design with a sturdy aluminum alloy construction, providing excellent stability during operation. The Xs model takes the design one step further, featuring an updated internal structure with added support for more efficient production.

When it comes to external features, both printers come with LCD displays for easy operation as well as a range of connectors and ports for connecting to other devices or accessories. The Xs also includes additional ports for USB connections and wireless communication.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of both models is relatively low, making them suitable for general home use. The Mercury X uses around 250 watts while the Mercury Xs has an improved power efficiency rating of 220 watts. This allows users to save on electricity costs in the long run while still enjoying great performance from their 3D printer.

Usages and Battery Timings

The Elegoo Mercury X is capable of printing objects up to 25 cm in size, while the larger Xs can print objects up to 35 cm in size. Both models have an average battery life of around 8 hours when used continuously, but this can vary depending on the type of filament being used and how long the print job lasts.

Overall Performance

When it comes to overall performance, both models offer great results thanks to their high-quality components and reliable software control systems. The Mercury X has a maximum printing speed of 150 mm/sec while the upgraded Xs model offers a faster speed of 200 mm/sec, making it ideal for fast-paced projects or large-scale printing jobs. Both models also feature heated build plates, allowing them to work with a wide variety of filaments without issue.

Pros and Cons of Mercury Xs Over Mercury X

One major advantage that the Elegoo Mercury Xs has over its predecessor is its improved power efficiency rating, which allows users to save money on electricity costs in the long run while still enjoying great performance from their 3D printer. Additionally, it also offers a faster maximum printing speed than its predecessor as well as additional ports for USB connections and wireless communication – features which are not available on the original model.

On the downside, however, the upgraded model does come with a slightly higher price tag than its predecessor – something that may put off some prospective buyers who are looking for an affordable 3D printing solution. Additionally, some users have reported that they experienced minor issues with certain types of filament when using this printer – something which may be worth keeping in mind before making your purchase decision.

Technicalities of Mercury Xs

The technical specifications of both printers are nearly identical; however there are some slight differences between them which could potentially affect your decision when choosing between them. For example, while both models support dual extruders (the ability to use two filaments at once), only the upgraded version supports three-way filament switching (the ability to switch between three filaments). Additionally, both models feature heated build plates but only the upgraded version supports adjustable temperatures ranging from 20C100C – allowing you to work with even more types of filaments without issue!

Quality Compared

When it comes to quality results from 3D printed objects produced by either printer model there isnt much difference between them; however some users have reported that they experienced slightly better results from prints produced by the upgraded version compared to those produced by its predecessor due to its improved internal structure which provides better stability during operation and ensures precise layer alignment when printing complex shapes or objects with intricate details!


Both printers offer excellent accuracy when it comes creating detailed prints; however some users have reported that they experienced slightly better results from prints produced by the upgraded version due to its improved internal structure which ensures precise layer alignment when printing complex shapes or objects with intricate details! Additionally, both models have adjustable nozzle heights so you can fine tune your prints according to your specific needs!

Thrust & Stability Under Pressure

The Elegoo Mercury series offers excellent thrust power thanks to its strong stepper motor system which provides consistent torque throughout each print job – ensuring reliable stability under pressure even when producing large or complex prints! Additionally, both models feature adjustable flow rates so you can adjust how quickly material is extruded depending on your project’s requirements!

Response Time

When it comes response times during print jobs both printers offer great results; however some users have reported that they experienced faster response times from prints produced by the upgraded version due their improved internal structure which allows data transfers between components such as stepper motors and drivers at faster speeds than those found in previous models!

Customizable Programmability
In terms of customizability both versions offer excellent options; however only the upgraded version supports programmable macros (pre-defined commands) allowing youto create complex functions without writing code manually – perfect for advanced users lookingto take their projects one step further! Additionally, both versions come with adjustable acceleration settings so you can tweak how quickly each axis moves during use – perfectfor optimizing response times during operations such as homing or probing without sacrificing accuracy!

< H 2 >Upgradability Options When it comes upgradability options there aren’t many differences between either printer model; however onlythe upgraded version supports firmware upgrades via USB connectivity allowing advanced usersto take advantageof new features such as improved calibration algorithmsor enhanced slicing profiles without havingto manually update each component separately via computer software programs! This makes upgradingboth simplerand faster than ever before – perfectfor those who wantsto keep upwiththe latest technologywithout breakingthe bank!

Ability To Change Firmware Whenit comesto changing firmwareboth versionsoffer excellentoptions;howeveronlytheupgradedversion supportsfirmwareupgradesviaUSBconnectivityallowingadvanceduserstotakeadvantageofnewfeatures suchasimprovedcalibrationalgorithmsorenhancedslicingprofileswithouthavingtomanuallyupdateeachcomponentseparatelyviacomputersoftwareprograms!Thismakesupgradingbothsimplerandfasterthaneverbefore-perfectforthosewhowantstokeepupthelatesttechnologywithoutbreakingthebank!

Connectivity Aspect

When comparing the Elegoo Mercury X and the Xs, it is important to consider their connectivity aspect. Both models offer wireless controllability, which means that you can control them from a laptop, PC or Mac. The X model has a USB interface and the Xs has a Bluetooth connection, giving the user more flexibility when it comes to control. The range of connection is also better with the Xs model, offering up to 20 meters of coverage compared with 2 meters for the X.

Maintenance Requirements and Procedures

The maintenance requirements for both models are fairly similar, though there is a slight difference in terms of checkup timings and advice comparison. Generally speaking, both models should be checked up every 6 months to ensure that they are operating properly and all components are in good working order. Cleaning practices should be done regularly as well, particularly after each use to prevent dust or dirt build-up from affecting its performance.

Cost Consideration & Warranty Deals

When it comes to cost consideration and warranty deals, there is a noticeable difference between the two models. The Elegoo Mercury X generally offers better quality at a more affordable price than its counterpart, while the Xs tends to come with a longer warranty period (usually 1 year). Ultimately it will depend on your budget and what features you want from your 3D printer as to which one you choose.

Durability Overviews

In terms of durability overviews, both models have been tested for vibration resistance and momentum endurance results. The Elegoo Mercury X has found to have excellent performance in these areas while the Xs has good results as well. Both models also have good heat resistance factor due to their material construction and engineering design.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the exterior features of Elegoo Mercury X and Xs?
A: The exterior features of Elegoo Mercury X and Xs are almost the same. Both have a sleek design, with the same size and shape. The main difference is that Mercury Xs has a glossy finish while Mercury X has a matte finish.

Q: What is the power consumption of Elegoo Mercury X and Xs?
A: Both models have a low power consumption rate, with approximately 5-10 watts when in operation.

Q: How do the usability and battery timings compare between Elegoo Mercury X and Xs?
A: With similar power consumption rates, both models provide excellent battery life. Depending on your usage, you can expect up to 8 hours of battery life for both models.

Q: What are the customizable programmability options for Elegoo Mercury Xs?
A: The Elegoo Mercury Xs offers several custom programmability features such as changing firmware, upgradability options, and ability to interface with PC/Mac/Laptop. It offers wireless control capabilities as well.

Q: What is the cost consideration for different models of Elegoo Mercury?
A: The cost of different models can vary depending on their features, quality, warranty deals, etc. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $50-$100 for an entry-level model and up to $200-$300 for a higher-end model.

The Elegoo Mercury X and XS are both great 3D printers for anyone looking to get started in 3D printing. The Mercury X is a great option if you are looking for a more budget friendly option compared to the XS. The XS offers more advanced features such as dual extruders and an all-metal frame, but comes with a higher price tag. Ultimately, the decision of which one to choose will depend on your needs and budget.

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