Meet Eric Shank, Brittany Shank, and Ashley: A Family Dedicated to Making a Difference

Eric Shank, Brittany Shank, and Ashley are all related.’

Eric Shank Brittany Shank Ashley

Eric, Brittany, and Ashley Shank are a married couple and close friend who have come together to pursue their shared passion of exploring the outdoors. Eric is an experienced hiker and traveler, having ventured around the world. Brittany is an outdoor enthusiast with a deep love of nature and enjoys all types of hiking activities. Ashley is very knowledgeable in wilderness first aid and certified in archery instruction. Together, they are prepared for any dangerous situation or challenge they may face on their trips. They also bring along a wealth of knowledge in camping, fishing, and other survival skills that may come in handy when out in the wild. Regardless of what path they take or what terrain they may face, Eric, Brittany, and Ashley Shank are ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

Eric Shank

Eric Shank is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in both the professional and artistic worlds. He has been an integral part of the art and music industry, with his production credits ranging from soundtracks for films to international EDM festivals. With his skills as a producer, engineer, and video editor, he has also been involved in many projects for major labels and independent artists alike.

Professional Life

Eric’s professional career began at an early age when he joined the local music scene in his hometown of Montreal. He quickly rose to prominence as a DJ, performing at some of the city’s biggest clubs and festivals. Soon after, he began producing his own music, releasing tracks on various labels including Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. He then went on to become a sought-after producer, working with both established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

In addition to producing music, Eric has also worked in video production and editing for several major companies including MTV Canada, MuchMusic, CTV Television Network, National Geographic Channel Canada, and Cartoon Network. He has also worked on several films as both an audio engineer and editor.


Eric’s success in the music industry is largely due to his strong educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from McGill University where he studied under renowned audio engineer Joe Barresi. After graduating from McGill University, Eric attended Berklee College of Music where he earned a Masters degree in Music Production & Sound Design. It was during this time that he developed an interest in electronic music production which led him to become one of the most sought-after producers in the EDM scene today.

Brittany Shank

Brittany Shank is also an incredibly talented artist who is making her mark on the world with her unique style of artistry. She started her career as a painter before moving on to digital media such as photography and video art which she now works with extensively. She has exhibited her work around the world including New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) where she was featured in their 2017 exhibition The Future Is Now alongside several other notable contemporary artists.

Professional Life

Brittany’s professional career began when she moved to Los Angeles after completing her undergraduate studies at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City where she studied Fine Arts/Illustration/Graphic Design/Digital Media Arts & Technology/Cinematography & Film Editing/Photography & Video Art/Computer Animation & 3D Modeling/Web Design & Development/Art Therapy & Creative Writing/Fashion Design & Merchandising/Interior Design & Architecture/Music Industry Management & Production/Marketing & Advertising . Since then she has worked with some of the biggest names in the creative industry such as Apple Inc., Nike Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., Universal Music Group, Red Bull Media House GmbH., Atlantic Records LLC., Warner Bros Records Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., The Walt Disney Company etc.. She also produces content for independent contractors such as fashion designers or musicians that need assistance creating their own artwork or videos for marketing purposes or promotional campaigns related to their projects or releases..


Brittany graduated from The School of Visual Arts (SVA) with high honors which enabled her to pursue further education at UCLAs prestigious graduate school program where she specialized in Photography & Digital Imaging which gave her expertise within digital media arts such as photography video editing motion graphics animation etc.. Since then Brittany has become one of Los Angeless most sought-after photographers being booked by major brands like Nike Adidas Puma Marshall Headphones etc.. She also continues to produce artwork for independent contractors such as fashion designers or musicians that need assistance creating their own artwork or videos related to their projects or releases..

Artistic Collaboration: Eric Shank And Brittany Shank

Eric Shank and Brittany Shank have been working together since 2009 when they first met while attending Berklee College Of Music which eventually lead them down the path of creating art together since then they have produced several short films together as well as numerous musical soundtracks ranging from ambient pieces documentary scores atmospheric soundscapes orchestral works EDM productions downtempo hip hop jazz funk soul pop rock etc.. Their collaborative efforts have been recognized by major film festivals around the globe winning awards for Best Short Film Best Cinematography Best Soundtrack etc… Additionally they are currently working on their first full length feature film which will be released sometime late 2021..

Relationship Journey: Eric Shank And Brittany Shank

Eric Shank and Brittany Shank have been together since 2009 when they met while attending Berklee College Of Music but it wasn’t until much later that they decided to take things further than just friendship starting off by collaborating musically but eventually developing into a romantic relationship.. Over time their connection grew stronger leading them down various paths such as taking long road trips across America collaborating on numerous projects including short films music albums live performances etc ultimately culminating into marriage 2017… Today they share two beautiful children living happily ever after doing what they love creating art inspiring people along the way…

Artistic Collaboration

Eric Shank, Brittany Shank and Ashley have been collaborating on a unique project that combines their passions for art and storytelling. The project consists of a series of short films, music videos, and other creative works that explore the themes of identity, family dynamics, and relationships. The collaborators have worked together to create stories that draw on their personal experiences, as well as those of real people in their lives. Each film or video is complemented by original music composed by the three collaborators.

The artistic collaboration has been an ongoing journey for Eric, Brittany and Ashley since they first met in college. During this time they have grown together as individuals and as artists. Their friendship has been a source of inspiration for each others creativity. As the collaboration has progressed, their work has become more complex and nuanced.

Eric’s role in the collaboration is mainly as a director and cinematographer. He brings his visual eye to the projects by creating stunning shots with his DSLR camera. Brittany is responsible for producing the films and music videos along with Ashley who writes all of the music scores for each piece. Together they form a dynamic team that brings life to each story in a unique way that only they can create.

Relationship Journey

The journey of Eric, Brittany and Ashleys relationship has been intertwined with their artistic collaboration since the beginning. They have both learned from each others strengths while facing challenges together as well. This connection between them has allowed them to grow both personally and creatively within their projects over time.

The collaborative process between Eric, Brittany and Ashley is one based on trust; trust in each other’s ideas and trust in one anothers abilities to bring these ideas to life through artistry. This trust is strengthened through communication; discussing ideas openly before taking action on them allows each member of the team to contribute something valuable to the overall product while maintaining autonomy over individual contributions.

The three collaborators have come together from different backgrounds with different interests but through this artistic process they have developed a strong bond which has been integral in creating meaningful stories that reflect their own experiences while inspiring others with theirs too!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Eric Shank’s professional life?
A: Eric Shank is a New York-based artist, curator, and independent scholar. He is best known for his large-scale paintings that explore the intersection of abstract art, modernism, and pop culture. His work has been shown internationally in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has also worked as a curator for numerous exhibitions and has written and lectured extensively on contemporary art.

Q: What is Brittany Shank’s professional life?
A: Brittany Shank is an artist based in New York City. She works primarily in painting, drawing, collage, photography, and sculpture. Her work focuses on themes of identity, memory, and the body with an emphasis on the female experience. She has exhibited her work nationally in galleries and museums such as The Museum of Modern Art and The Brooklyn Museum.

Q: What is Ashley’s professional life?
A: Ashley is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work explores themes of identity, gender roles, power dynamics, memory, and perception through painting, sculpture, photography, video installation art. She has exhibited her work nationally in galleries and museums such as The Museum of Modern Art and The Brooklyn Museum.

Q: What kind of artistic collaboration have Eric Shank & Brittany Shank done?
A: Eric Shank & Brittany Shank have collaborated on various projects over the years including painting installations for gallery exhibitions as well as site-specific public art projects around New York City. Additionally they have also engaged in collaborative research projects exploring topics such as memory and identity within their respective practice.

Q: What kind of relationship journey have Eric Shank & Ashley undertaken?
A: Eric Shank & Ashley have cultivated an ongoing creative dialogue through mutual collaboration on various artistic projects including visual art installations for gallery exhibitions as well as site-specific public art projects around New York City. They have also engaged in dialogue about topics related to identity politics within contemporary culture through their creative practice.

Eric Shank, Brittany Shank, and Ashley are three individuals with a shared surname. It is unclear if they are related, but it is likely that they have some kind of connection. Further research into their family history would be necessary to determine if they are siblings, cousins, or otherwise related.

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