Fix Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug: A Step-by-Step Guide

The ‘Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug’ refers to an issue with the game where the audio runs at a drastically slowed down tempo.

Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

The Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug is an issue found in the popular post-apocalyptic action role-playing game. Players may experience audio slowing down, echoing, and other disturbances during intense combat or cinematic sequences. This bug can be bothersome to navigate and limits the full atmosphere and experience offered by Fallout 4. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to alleviate the problem.

First, try disabling your hardware acceleration for sound. This should address any flaws or discrepancies between how your PC handles audio playback and how the game responds to it. Second, if youre running out of system memory, consider reducing the number of active processes and running programs in the background. Third, try closing non-essential applications that use audio such as Skype or Discord.

Finally, should these basic steps not work for you, try manually checking your Fallout 4 .ini files for any misconfigurations that could be causing trouble. In addition to these solutions, there is an official patch from Bethesda designed specifically to fix slow motion sound bug issue in Fallout 4. If all else fails, it may be worth downloading the patch and seeing if helps correct the issue in your game session!

Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

Fallout 4 is an incredibly popular game amongst fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. However, some players have experienced frustrating issues with the sound in the game, such as a slow motion sound bug. This issue can make it difficult to enjoy the game to its fullest potential, as well as create a potentially dangerous situation if not addressed properly. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, troubleshooting tips to fix this issue and preventative measures for avoiding it in the future.


The Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug is an audio issue that can occur in-game. It is characterized by a slow-motion effect on both audio and video playback during certain moments in gameplay, such as when firing weapons or during cutscenes. This issue can be extremely frustrating for players and can cause them to have difficulty enjoying the full experience of Fallout 4.


The most obvious symptom of this bug is a slow-motion effect on both audio and video playback during certain moments in gameplay. This can range from slight stuttering or muffled audio to complete silence or warped audio. Additionally, some players may experience lag or choppiness when trying to play online with others.

Causes of Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

There are several potential causes for this issue including incompatible audio drivers, strictly configured software & hardware settings, or an outdated game patch. Additionally, some players may experience this issue due to their PC’s graphics settings being set too high for their system’s resources.

Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

The first step in troubleshooting this issue is proper detection and diagnosis of the problem. This involves identifying which part of your system is causing the problem and then taking steps to resolve it accordingly. Uninstalling and reinstalling your audio driver updates may help resolve any compatibility issues that are causing the problem as well as updating your game patch if necessary. Additionally, reevaluating your system’s minimal requirements and modifying graphic settings to optimize performance may help address any resource-related issues that are causing this bug as well.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

To avoid experiencing this bug again in the future, it’s important to take preventative measures such as regularly checking for outdated audio driver updates or ensuring optimal system performance & upkeep by cleaning out any unnecessary files from your device that could be causing your system resources to be taxed excessively. Additionally, setting graphics settings at recommended levels for optimal gaming performance may also help reduce the chances of experiencing any further issues with Fallout 4’s sound bug.

Prompt Reporting of Unresolved Issues to Manufacturer Support Services

It is recommended to report any unresolved issues with Fallout 4 or its related hardware and software services to the manufacturer support services as soon as possible. This will help in timely resolution of the sound bug and other related issues. The manufacturer may ask for details such as the version of the software, type of hardware used, Operating System etc. It is important to provide accurate information to ensure proper resolution of the issue.

Restoring Default Settings of Fallout 4 Software Program

If the Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug persists, then it is recommended to restore default settings of the software program. To do this, open Fallout 4 and go to its ‘Options’ menu from the main menu and select ‘Reset All Settings’. This will reset all audio settings, language settings, resolution adjustment settings etc., back to their default values.

What to Do if Failure Occurs After Attempting Fixes for Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

If none of these solutions work in resolving the Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug then it is recommended to contact an authorized service technician for professional assistance. The technician will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues with the hardware or software that might be causing this issue.

Secondary Solutions for Troubleshooting Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug

If all else fails, it is advisable to consider third party utility support services that specialize in resolving game bugs and glitches. These services may be able to identify issues that are not easily detected by normal troubleshooting methods and can provide effective solutions for resolving these issues quickly and efficiently.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug?
A: The Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug is an issue that affects some players in which audio sounds like it’s playing in slow motion. This can occur randomly, and the effects can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Q: What causes the Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug?
A: The exact cause of this issue is unknown, but it appears to be related to conflicts between certain audio drivers and the game engine.

Q: How can I fix the Fallout 4 slow motion sound bug?
A: The best way to fix this issue is to update your audio drivers or reinstall them completely. Additionally, you can try verifying the game files through Steam or other digital distribution platforms.

Q: Are there any mods or patches that can help with this issue?
A: Unfortunately, there are no official mods or patches available for this issue at this time. If youre adventurous, there are some user-created fixes available online, although their effectiveness is uncertain.

Q: Is this issue exclusive to Fallout 4?
A: No, similar issues have been reported in other games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 1.

The Fallout 4 Slow Motion Sound Bug is a common issue that can cause sound in the game to slow down or even stop completely. While there are a few potential fixes for this bug, it is best to save your game often and make sure you have the latest updates installed to avoid any further issues. If these solutions do not work, it may be necessary to contact Bethesda for assistance with the issue.

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