Solved: Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug – Here’s How to Find the Buried Treasure!

The ‘Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug’ is a bug that prevents players from receiving the buried treasures that they’ve unlocked.

Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

The ‘Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug’ is a troublesome game-breaking bug experienced by many players of the online video game, Fallout 76. It’s known to cause significant issues, such as stopping progress in certain areas of the game and preventing the collection of certain rewards. Players have reported being stuck on location markers and unable to obtain buried treasures. Generally, the bug occurs when a buried treasure is accessible from multiple nearby locations at once. This can result in players being unable to pick up rewards or unable to interact with automatic doors, both of which are essential for progress in the game. Fortunately, a patch was released soon after the bug was discovered, fixing this issue and allowing players to enjoy the buried treasures they’d been missing out on.

Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug


The Fallout 76 Buried Treasure bug is an issue that players have experienced when attempting to find buried treasure in the game. The bug prevents players from being able to locate and interact with the buried treasure, which can cause a variety of issues including being unable to progress in certain quests or activities. This issue has been reported by many players since the games release and can be a major hindrance to progressing in the game.


One example of the Fallout 76 Buried Treasure bug is when a player attempts to search for buried treasure, only to see nothing appear on the map. This can happen even if they have followed all of the necessary steps, such as having revealed all of the landmarks on the map and having completed all of the required objectives. Another example is when a player attempts to locate buried treasure but their character does not move at all, or moves very slowly.

Reasons Behind Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

The primary causes behind this bug are unresolved technical and server issues as well as programming code errors. Many server-related issues can arise due to insufficient bandwidth or inadequate hosting solutions, which can prevent players from being able to access certain features within the game. Additionally, programming code errors may cause unexpected behavior that could prevent players from interacting with certain objects or areas within the game world.

Preventative Measures To Address Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

To address this bug, developers should focus on software testing and quality assurance practices during development in order to identify any potential issues before they become serious problems. Additionally, system reconfiguration and debugging should be implemented in order to ensure that all necessary components are properly configured and functioning correctly so that players are able to experience an optimal gameplay experience without encountering any unexpected errors or glitches while playing.

Potential Issues With Buried Treasure Bug Fixes

Although implementing these measures may help reduce occurrences of this bug, there is still a chance that further compatibility issue development may arise due to changes made in future updates or expansions for Fallout 76. Additionally, introducing new fixes or content may also create security concerns if proper authentication processes are not taken into consideration during development.

Different Game Modes Affected By Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

This particular bug has been reported by players across several different game modes within Fallout 76 including gameplay challenges and quests, crafting systems as well as trading systems. As such, resolving this issue can help improve player enjoyment across all available modes within the game by ensuring that these features are functioning correctly without any unexpected errors preventing them from being used properly by players.

Challenges Experienced When Diagnosing Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

Diagnosing and resolving the Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug can be a difficult task due to the complexity of the game and its coding. One of the biggest challenges experienced when attempting to diagnose this bug is identifying patterns in error coding. This type of analysis requires an in-depth understanding of the programming language used in Fallout 76 and any other related coding that could be causing the bug. Additionally, finding solutions to resolve the problem can also be difficult as many different factors could be contributing to its occurrence.

Analytical Approach To Diagnosing Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

In order to properly diagnose this bug, an analytical approach must be taken. This means data must be collected from various sources such as performance monitoring devices and automation software solutions. Once all relevant data has been gathered, it must then be interpreted in order to identify any patterns or clues that may help pinpoint the source of the issue. By thoroughly analyzing this data, a diagnosis can be made and solutions can then be suggested for resolving the issue.

Strategies Implemented To Fix Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug

Once a diagnosis has been made, strategies must then be implemented in order to fix it. This often involves patching inefficient old code or installing updated release versions of software or hardware components that may have been causing issues with Fallout 76’s code. Additionally, some bugs may require more complex solutions such as rewriting code from scratch or utilizing third-party software applications for debugging purposes. Regardless of what strategies are used, it is important to ensure that all changes are properly tested before being released in order to minimize any potential problems that may arise from them.

Types of Tools Used To Detect Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bugs

In addition to analytical approaches, there are also a variety of tools available for detecting certain types of bugs within Fallout 76’s codebase. Performance monitoring devices such as profilers and debuggers can provide valuable insight into how certain parts of the game are functioning and where issues might lie within its codebase. Automation software solutions can also help by automating certain tasks and providing information about specific errors or problems found within particular parts of the codebase. Together, these tools can provide an overall picture of where problems within Fallout 76 might exist and how they should best be addressed in order to ensure a successful resolution process is achieved


The Fallout 76 Buried Treasure Bug is a major issue that is preventing players from accessing items they have earned. Fortunately, Bethesda has released a patch to address this issue, and players should now be able to find their buried treasure. While the bug can still occasionally occur, Bethesda is continuing to work on further updates and bug fixes to improve the game experience for all players.

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