Unveiling the Mythology Behind the Four Knights of the Apocalypse: 85

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 is a fantasy adventure video game series by Velocity Games.

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85

Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 is a unique re-telling of an ancient Chinese myth entwined with modern-day coming-of-age themes. This fascinating story follows four young knights, who are linked together through fate and history, as they explore friendship, loyalty, endurance, and courage in a world filled with supernatural forces. As the knights confront evil forces along their journey, they must overcome immense physical and emotional obstacles to protect their comrades as well as their own destiny. With spectacular artistry and awe-inspiring storylines, each volume of Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 promises to leave readers in suspense until the very end.

Plot Summary

Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 is a 2020 Hong Kong-Chinese action fantasy film directed by Derek Kwok and produced by Wong Jing. It stars Donnie Yen, Ray Lui, Louis Koo, and Ng Man-Tat as four legendary knights from Chinese mythology who must reunite to save the world from an impending disaster.

Introduction: Set in the distant future, Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 follows a group of four ancient knights as they are resurrected in modern times. These knights Donnie Yen’s talented swordsman Xu Feng, Ray Lui’s wise sorcerer Ling Zhu, Louis Koo’s brave warrior Mu Guan, and Ng Man-Tat’s wise strategist Jiu An must come together to battle an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the world.

Story in Detail: The story begins with Xu Feng being revived from his slumber by Ling Zhu and Mu Guan. The three knights quickly discover that they are part of a prophecy foretelling the end of days. They set out on a quest to find their fourth comrade Jiu An and gather all four pieces of an ancient weapon that will help them defeat the powerful demon lord Mabuza and save the world from destruction. Along their journey they face many challenges, including an evil cult led by a powerful witch doctor known as The Dark One. With the help of their newfound allies they manage to overcome every obstacle until finally confronting Mabuza himself in an epic showdown. In the end, Xu Feng and his comrades succeed in destroying Mabuza and saving humanity from certain doom.


Main Characters: Donnie Yen plays Xu Feng, one of the four legendary knights who is awoken when danger threatens humanity. Ray Lui plays Ling Zhu, a wise sorcerer who helps guide Xu Feng on his quest. Louis Koo plays Mu Guan, a brave warrior who fights alongside Xu Feng against evil forces. Ng Man-Tat plays Jiu An, a wise strategist whose wisdom helps guide them through difficult times.
Additional Members: Other notable members include Shawn Yue as Mai Jie, a powerful witch doctor; Hu Jun as Rong Fangzhuo, leader of a cult; Ni Dahong as Mabuza; and Bruce Leung as Shi Yixin, an elderly swordsman who provides guidance along their journey.


Primary Setting: Most of the action takes place in modern day China where our heroes must battle various supernatural forces while searching for the four pieces of an ancient weapon necessary to defeat Mabuza and save humanity from destruction.
Secondary Settings: They also travel to various other locations including Hong Kong and South Korea during their mission to find all four pieces of this weapon before it falls into enemy hands.


Visual Effects: Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 features some impressive visual effects which help bring its fantasy setting to life with incredible detail and scale. A variety of computer generated creatures are used throughout the film adding depth and spectacle to every scene they appear in making it easy for viewers to become fully immersed in this fantastical world created by director Derek Kwok . Video Quality: The video quality is also excellent with vivid colors which really pop offscreen making it easy for viewers to appreciate every moment on screen regardless if its action or dialogue scenes alike .

Music Score

Instrumentation: The music score for Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 is composed by acclaimed composer Eric Watson who has worked on many other projects like Cloud Atlas (2012) and Snow White And The Huntsman (2012). His score for this film captures both its epic fantasy setting while complementing its action scenes perfectly with sweeping orchestral arrangements that add tension whenever necessary . Theme Song :The theme song Rise Up was composed by Eric Watson specifically for this film which serves as its main title track playing over various moments throughout its runtime providing listeners with an exciting musical backdrop that will surely stick with them long after viewing .


The production team for Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 had a lot of work to do in the filming process. Every aspect of the movie had to be carefully planned out and executed. This included the casting, location scouting, set building, costume design, and more. The team created a detailed shooting schedule that ensured each scene was filmed in the most efficient manner possible.

The biggest challenge for the production team was dealing with unexpected obstacles that came up during filming. Weather delays or technical issues could throw off an entire day’s worth of shooting if they weren’t handled properly. The team had to stay flexible and think on their feet in order to make sure filming stayed on track.

Editing & Post Production

Once all of the footage was shot, it was time for the editing and post-production process to begin. This is where all of the footage from filming gets put together into a cohesive movie. The editing process involved taking out all of the unnecessary shots and making sure every scene flowed together nicely. Part of this process also involved sound editing, which included selecting music and sound effects that enhanced each scene.

Color correction was another important part of post-production. This involved making sure that each shot had consistent color tones throughout the entire movie. Color correction also helped create a more visually appealing experience for audiences by tweaking colors so they popped off the screen more effectively.

Overall, both filming and post-production were essential components in creating Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone involved in order to make this movie a reality!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the plot of Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85?
A: Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 is a classic action-adventure film set during the Middle Ages. It follows four knights who unite to save the kingdom from an evil tyrant and his army of minions. Along the way, they must battle monsters, solve puzzles, and find allies in order to restore peace.

Q: Who are the main characters in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85?
A: The main characters in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 are Sir Arthur, Lady Catherine, Sir Bartholomew, and Sir Edward. They are all knights of different backgrounds with unique skillsets who come together to save their kingdom.

Q: Where does Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 take place?
A: Most of the action in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 takes place in a fictional kingdom called Throneland. However, there are also some scenes that take place in secondary settings such as forests and caves.

Q: What kind of visual effects were used in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85?
A: Special effects such as CGI and green screen were used extensively throughout Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85. These techniques were used to create realistic-looking monsters and environments as well as add an extra layer of excitement to the action sequences.

Q: How was the music score created for Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85?
A: A professional composer was hired to create an original soundtrack for Four Knights Of The Apocalypse 85 which featured both orchestral pieces as well as synthetic instruments. A theme song was also composed which served as the soundtrack’s centerpiece.

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse 85 is a mythological figure that has been referenced in various works of literature and art throughout history. It is believed to symbolize the four horsemen of the apocalypse as described in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. The knights are often depicted as four armored figures riding on horseback, with each knight representing a different element: fire, wind, water, and earth. This symbolism is meant to represent the destruction that will come when the end times come. Ultimately, this figure is a reminder of how quickly and drastically life can change in an instant.

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