Unveiling the Secret Behind Criss Angel’s Stunning Steamroller Trick

Criss Angel performed the steamroller trick by levitating above a steamroller driven by a blindfolded driver.

How Did Criss Angel Do The Steamroller

Criss Angel, one of the most beloved magicians of all time, continues to amaze and astonish audiences through his unique brand of magic. One of his most impressive feats is The Steamroller, in which he appears to defy gravity by lying on top of a moving Steamroller and surviving unharmed. The trick is met with audible gasps at each performance as audiences marvel at how he manages to safely complete this incredible illusion.

In order to accomplish “The Steamroller,” Angel utilizes a customized ramp that he built himself. He sets up the ramp over the steamroller before layering it with two mattresses. Before the performance begins he checks that everything is secure and determines the speed of the steamroller. Once these measures are checked off, Angel begins his routine amidst loud cheers and anticipation alighting upon the mattresses while landing squarely on top of the moving steamroller. Within seconds it looks like he will be flattened but miraculously, and with perfect precision, Criss Angel exits unscathed!

The Steamroller is a perfect example of why Criss Angel remains one of the greatest magicians today; not only does he astound audiences with his mastery of illusions but his dedication and ingenuity in creating custom routines adds an additional layer that makes each performance truly remarkable.


Criss Angel is an amazing magician known for his mind-boggling tricks and illusions. He has been performing for more than two decades and continues to captivate audiences around the world with his amazing feats. One of his most impressive tricks is the Steamroller trick, which involves a steamroller running over him while he lies beneath it. In this article, we will take a look at how Criss Angel performed this feat and what made it so incredible.

Background on Criss Angel

Criss Angel is a professional illusionist, mentalist, and stunt performer who has been performing since the late 1990s. He is best known for his television show Mindfreak, which aired from 2005 to 2010. He has also appeared on multiple television specials and live stage performances featuring his signature stunts and illusions. His acts often involve dangerous stunts that require skill and precision to pull off correctly.

Presentation of the Trick

The Steamroller trick was first performed by Criss Angel in 2006 during one of his stage performances. For the trick, he laid down on a platform while a steamroller ran over him from one side to the other without causing any harm or injury to him. After the steamroller passed over him completely, he emerged unscathed from underneath it as if nothing had happened!

History of the Trick

The Steamroller trick is based on an old magic trick called “the Migrating Motorcade Illusion”. This illusion was first conceived by French magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin in 1845 as part of his stage show tour in Europe. It involved seven carriages that were connected together being driven over Robert-Houdin himself while he lay motionless on the ground! The trick was later made famous by British magician P.T. Selbit when he performed it in 1921 as part of his act called “Sawing Through A Woman”. Selbit’s version involved sawing through a woman who was lying between two tables while another table was driven over her body!

Reaction of the Audience

The audience reaction to Criss Angel’s version of this classic illusion was nothing short of astounding! People were left in disbelief as they watched him lie beneath a steamroller without getting injured or harmed in any way! It was clear that no other illusionist had ever attempted such an incredible feat before and people were amazed at how easily Criss Angel pulled it off! The audience cheered loudly as he emerged unscathed from underneath the steamroller after its passage, proving yet again why he’s one of the best magicians alive today!

Actual Tricks Used

Criss Angel performed a trick called Steamroller, which involved him being crushed by an oncoming steamroller. He was placed in a steel enclosure that was suspended in the air and then the steamroller approached from behind. In order to survive the trick, Angel had to move quickly from one side of the enclosure to the other, while avoiding being hit by the steamroller. He managed to do this in time, and after performing the trick successfully, he was able to walk away unscathed.

Technical Challenges Involved in the Trick

The technical challenges involved in performing this trick were immense. Firstly, Angel had to make sure that he was suspended in such a way that he would be able to move quickly and avoid being hit by the steamroller. Secondly, he had to ensure that his movements were fast enough so that he could escape from one side of the enclosure to the other before being crushed by the steamroller. Lastly, he had to make sure that his body was positioned correctly so that it would not be injured if he were to be struck by the steamroller.

Additional People Involved in The Trick

In order for Criss Angel to perform this trick successfully, several additional people were involved. Firstly, there were engineers and technicians who designed and built the enclosure which would suspend him above ground level. Secondly, there were several crew members who worked backstage on ensuring that everything ran smoothly during rehearsals and performance time. Finally, there was also a safety team who monitored Criss Angel’s movements during both rehearsals and performances and ensured his safety throughout each step of the trick.

Themes Behind The Trick

The main theme behind this particular trick is one of courage and determination – it takes a lot of courage for someone like Criss Angel to willingly put himself in such a precarious situation! Additionally, it also demonstrates how hard work can pay off – despite all of the technical challenges associated with performing this particular stunt, Criss Angel managed to pull it off successfully without any injury!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What trick did Criss Angel perform involving a steamroller?
A: In 2009, Criss Angel performed a stunt in which he was run over by a steamroller.

Q: How did he manage to perform the trick safely?
A: To pull off the stunt safely, Angel was placed inside of a Plexiglass box that was designed to protect him from the steamroller as it drove over him.

Q: What other precautions were taken?
A: Additionally, the steamroller used for the trick had its blades removed and its speed was reduced significantly in order to minimize any potential risk of injury.

Q: Was the trick successful?
A: Yes, the trick was successful and Angel emerged unscathed from the stunt.

Q: How did audiences react to the trick?
A: The audience was amazed by Criss Angel’s feat and applauded his bravery in performing such a daring stunt.

Criss Angel’s steamroller stunt was truly an impressive feat of magic. Although the exact details of how the trick was performed are not known, it is believed that he used a secret combination of misdirection, stage illusions, and sleight-of-hand to create the illusion of levitating a steamroller while it was still running. Criss Angel’s skillful manipulation of both physical and psychological elements gave him the ability to pull off such a daring and remarkable stunt.

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