How to Get Wish-Ender Catalyst: A Step-by-Step Guide

To obtain the Wish-Ender Exotic Catalyst, players must complete the Exotic Quest “The Corrupted” from interacting with the corrupted egg at the Trostland Scavenger in the European Dead Zone.

How To Get Wish Ender Catalyst

Getting your hands on the Wish Ender Catalyst is an exciting, but difficult journey! This guide will help you understand the steps you’ll need to take in order to get the powerful item. First, youll need to find yourself a Cryptolith Lure which will spawn special enemies that can drop the Catalyst. Secondly, defeat those enemies and pick up their valuable loot. Finally, combine the parts to create your Wish Ender Catalyst. With some luck and skill, youll soon have this powerful weapon in your possession! Good luck!

How To Get Wish Ender Catalyst

The Wish Ender Catalyst is an exotic weapon in the game Destiny 2. It is obtained through a combination of various activities, such as Raids, Exotic Weapon Quests, the Menagerie event, and Escalation Protocol. The Catalyst unlocks powerful abilities when used with the Wish Ender Exotic Bow.


Raids are one of the most reliable ways to get your hands on a Wish Ender Catalyst. Raids are grueling and difficult activities that require a group of six players to complete them. During a raid, players will face off against powerful enemies and bosses that drop rewards including loot caches, upgrade materials, and sometimes even exotic weapons such as the Wish Ender Catalyst.

Exotic Weapons Quests

Another way to acquire the Wish Ender Catalyst is through exotic weapon quests. These quests involve completing various tasks to unlock exotic weapons or weapon mods. Completing these quests can be very rewarding as they usually give out powerful rewards such as legendary shards, upgrade materials, or even exotics such as the Wish Ender Catalyst.

Menagerie Event

The Menagerie event is a weekly event that takes place in the Tower. During this event, players will be able to engage in a variety of challenges and activities to earn rewards such as upgrade materials and legendary shards. The Menagerie event also has a chance of dropping exotics such as the Wish Ender Catalyst.

Escalation Protocol Event

The Escalation Protocol event is another weekly event that takes place in the Tower. This event requires teams of three players to complete various tasks in order to earn rewards including legendary shards and upgrade materials. The Escalation Protocol event also has a chance of dropping exotics such as the Wish Ender Catalyst.

Armory Black Armory Weapons Upgrade Requirements for Wish Ender Catalyst

In order to upgrade your weapons using the Armory Black Armory Weapons Upgrade system you will need certain materials such as Weapon Frames and Power Surge Bounties. These materials can either be crafted or purchased from vendors in the Tower or from other players who have them for sale on their kiosks or through other methods like trading with other players online or on console networks like Xbox Live or Playstation Network (PSN).

Power Level Needed for Menagerie & Escalation Protocol Events To Acquire Wish Ender Catalyst

In order to participate in either Menagerie or Escalation Protocol events you will need at least 750 Power Level which can be checked by going into your character screen then selecting Check Power button next to your character portrait at top right corner of your screen; this will show you what type of gear you currently have equipped that contributes towards your current power level value (for example: 615/750). Additionally you should also be aware of any activity modifiers imposed by either Menagerie or Escalation Protocol which could potentially make it more difficult for you depending on which modifier it is so it’s important for you to check this before starting either activity if you want an easier time completing them both!

Rewards From Deep Stone Crypt & Other Raids For Farming Wish Ender Catalyst

Acquiring the Wish-Ender Catalyst in Destiny 2 requires some effort and dedication. The best and most reliable way of farming for it is by participating in raids, particularly the Deep Stone Crypt. Raids offer players many rewards, including weekly challenges which can provide a guaranteed drop of the coveted Catalyst when completed. Raid friends link up is also an effective way to increase your chances, as there are extra rewards for completing raids with friends.

Accessing Dreaming City Content For Farming Experience & Gear

Once youve completed the raid, you can look into Dreaming City content for additional farming experience and gear. Dreaming City is a special location filled with secrets, chests and activities that can reward players with powerful loot. Keep an eye out for secret chests hidden within Lost Sectors, as they have a chance to contain rare items that can be dismantled to obtain a Mastery Badge one of the requirements to upgrade Xenophage Machinegun to Masterwork and unlock the Catalyst.

Izanagi’s Burden Potentials For Acquiring Wish-ender Catalyst

Another way of acquiring Wish-Ender Catalyst is through Izanagis Burden a powerful Exotic Sniper Rifle which has its own set of Obtainable Quests. Completing these quests can reward players with unique buffs which can then be used in conjunction with other actions like dismantling rare items to obtain Mastery Badges. These buffs will further increase players chances of getting their hands on the coveted Wish-Ender Catalyst.

Requirement To Upgrade Xenophage Machinegun To Masterwork That Unlocks The Catalyst

The final requirement to upgrade Xenophage Machinegun to Masterwork and unlock the Wish-Ender Catalyst is collecting Forge Embers within Scourge of the Past raid. Players must collect at least three embers from each encounter in order to complete this task. Once all embers are collected, youll be able to upgrade your weapon and finally unlock the coveted Wish-Ender Catalyst!

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I get the Wish Ender Catalyst?
A: You can obtain the Wish Ender Catalyst by participating in Raids, Exotic Weapons Quests, Escalation Protocol Events, and Menagerie Events.

Q: How do I farm the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun?
A: You can farm the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun by participating in Destiny 2 major events and upgrading guns to Masterwork level.

Q: What activities unlock the Wish Ender Exotic Bow?
A: The Wish Ender Exotic Bow can be unlocked by participating in Escalation Protocol Events and Menagerie Events.

Q: What are the Armory Black Armory weapons upgrade requirements for Wish Ender Catalyst?
A: To upgrade your Armory Black Armory weapons to acquire the Wish Ender Catalyst, you will need Weapon Frames and Power Surge Bounties.

Q: What is the power level needed for Menagerie & Escalation Protocol events to acquire Wish Ender Catalyst?
A: The power level needed for Menagerie & Escalation Protocol events to acquire the Wish Ender Catalyst will depend on your current power level and activity modifiers. It is best to check your current power level before attempting these activities.

The Wish Ender Catalyst is a powerful weapon in Destiny 2, and it can be attained by completing the Shattered Throne dungeon. While it is a difficult challenge, the rewards that come with obtaining the Wish Ender Catalyst make it well worth the effort. With its unique abilities and its ability to pierce through enemies, the Wish Ender Catalyst is sure to remain a staple in players’ arsenals for years to come.

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