How to Hide Medals on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

To stop medals from showing on Discord, turn off the ‘Display Activity Feed’ option in your User Settings.

How To Stop Medal From Showing On Discord

Discord allows users to customize their experience by turning off medals for specific conversations. This feature gives users more control over their conversations on the platform, allowing them to focus on whats important without the distraction of medals. To stop medals from showing up in your conversations, follow these easy steps:

1. Open Discord and log in with your credentials.
2. Navigate to the conversation where you wish to disable the medal notification.
3. Click on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of the conversation screen to open a menu with settings options.
4. Look for Turn Off Medals and click it to disable medal notifications from that particular conversation only.
5. Toggle this option off or on as desired for future conversations as needed.

By applying these steps, you now know how to stop medals from showing up in Discord chats! With this newfound knowledge, you can make sure your conversations are uninterrupted by pesky notifications and maximize your use of Discord!

Disable Discord Displaying Gaming Activity

There are two main ways to stop medals from showing on Discord, disabling in Windows and disabling on the mobile app.

Disable in Windows

Discords gaming activity feature can be disabled through its user settings. To do this, open the Discord application and go to User Settings. From there, select Games from the left-side menu and uncheck the Display currently running game as a status message checkbox. This will prevent Discord from displaying any gaming activity in your profile or chat messages.

Disable on Mobile App

The same process can be done for the mobile app. To disable gaming activity on the mobile app, open the app and go to Settings. From there, select Account and then Game Activity. Uncheck the box next to Display currently running game as a status message to prevent Discord from displaying any gaming activity in your profile or chat messages.

Block Medals From Showing In Your Server

In addition to disabling gaming activity at a user level, it is also possible to block medals from showing in your server by blocking bot permissions. To do this, go to your server settings and select Roles & Permissions from the left-side menu. Select the role of the bot you want to block permissions for (this is typically located at the bottom of the list) and then uncheck all of its permissions except for Read Messages and Send Messages. This will prevent it from being able to display any medals or other gaming activities in your server chat channel.

Disabling Rich Presence

Another way to stop medals from showing on Discord is by disabling Rich Presence. Rich Presence is a feature that allows users to show what game they are playing in their profile or post it directly into their server chat channel via bots such as MedalBot or GameStatsBot. To disable Rich Presence, go back into your user settings as described above and select Rich Presence from the left-side menu. Uncheck all of its options except for Read Messages and Send Messages so that no one can post any Rich Presence content into your server chat channel without permission from an admin or moderator first.

Hide Your Play Time

If you want complete control over what people see when they view your profile, you can choose to keep your play time hidden by setting your presence status as either private or invisible. To do this, go back into your user settings as described above and select Status & Activity from the left-side menu. Then set your presence status as either private or invisible depending on how much control you want over who can view it (private allows some people access while invisible does not).

Choose To Keep Chat History Off

Another way to keep medals out of sight is by choosing to keep chat history off when using Discord channels with multiple users such as servers or group chats. This will prevent others from viewing past conversations which could contain references or links related to medals earned while playing games with other people on Discord servers or groups chats. To do this, go back into User Settings again and select Privacy & Safetyfrom the left-side menu then check off both boxes nextto Keep Chat History Off under Privacy Settings section before saving changes made by clicking done once more at bottom right corner page .

Reduce Alerts And Notifications

To reduce alerts and notifications caused by medal activities on Discord servers, users should tweak their user settings for server notifications accordingly so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with too many notifications causedby medal activities that they don’t necessarily care about .To do this , users should navigate back into User Settings again , click Notifications tab , scroll down page till reach Server Notifications section , pick desired option between All Messages , Mentions Only , Nothing under default notification setting that suits best for them .

Manage App Messages And Push Notifications

Last but not least , users can also manage app messages sent through push notifications which may include mentions about medal activities if they have activated such option before .To disable this kind of notification ,users should open Mobile App version of discord once again , scroll down page until reach App Message section under Notification tab inside User Settings section .From there , uncheck option nextto Get notified about mentions when you’re offline before saving changes made by clicking Done button once more at bottom right corner page .

Change Online Status to Invisible

If you want to make sure that your online status is hidden from other people, one of the easiest ways to do this is by changing your Discord status to Invisible. This option can be found in the user settings menu, under the Status tab. When you set your status to invisible, it will only be visible to people who are on your friends list or those who have access to your server. This means that anyone else wont be able to see when you are online or when you are playing games.

Switch off Device Settings for Games

Another way to prevent Medal from showing up on Discord is by switching off the device settings for games. This can be done by going into the Privacy tab in the Settings menu and turning it off. This will prevent any game activity from being viewable by both friends or anyone else who has access to your account. It will also stop Discord from automatically connecting with any games that you have installed on your device.

How To Stop Sharing Pubg Rank In Discord

If you want to stop Medal from showing up in Discord, then one of the best things you can do is stop sharing your Pubg rank with others. You can do this by disabling the Pubg stats feature for guild members in the Pubg settings menu. Once this is disabled, no one else will be able to see what rank you are at in Pubg anymore and Medal wont show up on your profile anymore either.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I disable Discord displaying gaming activity?
A: You can disable Discord displaying gaming activity by disabling it in Windows or on mobile app, blocking bot permissions and disabling Rich Presence.

Q: How do I hide my play time?
A: You can hide your play time by setting your presence status to private or invisible.

Q: How do I reduce alerts and notifications?
A: You can reduce alerts and notifications by tweaking user settings for server notifications and managing app messages and push notifications.

Q: How do I change my online status to invisible?
A: To change your online status to invisible, pick an option for invisible status. Only some people will be able to see you online.

Q: How do I stop sharing my PUBG rank in Discord?
A: To stop sharing your PUBG rank in Discord, you can turn off the PUBG stats for guild members or gaming activity being viewable by friends or everyone, turn off device settings for games and manually stop connecting with the game through Discord.

The best way to stop a medal from showing on Discord is to disable the “Enable Medal Count” setting in your user settings. This will prevent any medals from appearing on the profile page or in any comments or messages you post. Additionally, moderators can also disable medals from appearing in their server if they so choose. By following these steps, you can easily stop your medal from showing on Discord.

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